Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wegmans Shop

This week was much better than last, and a good thing too because we are almost out of meat in the freezer. With my hubby working a very labor intensive job, he needs all the food he can get including some great proteins.

Like last week, I didn't use very many coupons. I am basically getting necessities because our budget is so tight right now. We grow our own produce and my hubby is very particular about brands. Luckily he will agree to eating and using Wegmans brand products which helps our budget, but there are very few coupons to help.

What did we get????

I used $10 at the farm market to get corn, red potatoes, lots of onions for freezing and using, and tons of peaches!!!

So then the rest of our budget was spent at Wegmans. Using the menu I planned, I knew exactly which items we needed to complete the meals.

The only items that I had coupons for were:

Folgers Coffee $1.99 (on sale with SCC)
used $1/2 to make them $1.49 each

Kraft 100 calorie cheese
used freebie coupon from Kraft First Taste

Deli meat
used freebie coupon from Kraft First Taste

I scored some great chicken at $1.99 per lb and gallons of milk at $1.98 each as well. And we splurged on some ice cream priced at $1.99 as well.

My stockpile is quickly disappearing, so I am looking forward to getting a paycheck again and starting to rebuild my pantry. Just stinks that I have to be away from my loves. Oh well, I am blessed to have a job right now!!!!

You might be wondering why I would use some of our money to get sooooo many coffees. Here is were couponing saves you big time. The coffee is at a decent price and there are coupons for Folgers that are expiring 8/21. So here I wanted to buy as many as I could at the lowest price so that I won't run out until it is at that great price again. I plan to go and get more on Saturday after the hubby gets another paycheck!

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