Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peeled Snacks

Here is another Gaggle of Chicks deal that I thought might interest you:

Head on over to gaggle of chicks to "buy" these tasty treats. You'll get $40 worth of organic fruit snacks for $20 and the shipping is free. I believe that you will click "buy now" on the gaggle of chicks website to get your code and then head over to the Peeled Snacks website to use the code and order.

If you have the $10 credit this deal becomes 75% off instead of 50%

I have heard that they have these snacks at Starbucks. Anyone tried them???

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cover Girl Natureluxe

I received a great little bzzkit the other day in the mail. Somedays it is just so great to open that mail box....

Anyways, inside was my Cover Girl Natureluxe samples and some coupons.

Here are some facts that were included in my bzzkit.

Silk Foundation:
provides smooth, silky feel
contains refreshing cucumber water to help balance the creaminess on application
made with hints of jojoba and rosehip extracts
available in 14 shades ranging from light to dark tones
oil-free, SPF 10 and dermatologically tested

Gloss Balm
combines sheer color and shine of a gloss with a soft moisturization of a balm
available in 16 versatile beautiful shades
formulated with SPF 15 for added protection

So what did I think?

I tried the foundation first. It was the perfect shade for me. And I was nervous about that because I had to pick over the computer instead of in front of a mirror in the store. I loved that it felt so natural. I have seen a ton of products claim that you would feel like you had no make up on and never actually found one that was true until now. It really felt light and as if it wasn't there. But there is a down side to being so light. It did not cover up the circles under my eyes. Personally, I would rather have it feel lighter and cover up less because I won't wear the foundations that feel like you have a mask on. And if I'm wearing the lighter one and looking a little better that must be better than not wearing one at all?!?!?

I also tried the Gloss Balm. This was my fav of the two. I need a little color but also need the protection. I am outside alot and I lick my lips when I am teaching. I don't even realize I am doing it and then my lips get all crazy. So anyways, this was the perfect combination of a gloss and a balm. I lvoe it!!

All opinions are 100% mine. I was not compensated for my review. I was sent free samples and coupons to share.

Quick stop at Wegmans

I stopped for a couple of veggies tonight (and used that lovely $1 off $5 coupon that Wegmans sent out). And while I was there I decided to grab a couple other items.

Band aids $0.99
use $0.50/1 from 4/17 SS
*doubled* to make it free

Pantene $2.99
used $2/1 from P&G booklet
used $1/1 Wegmans coupon (summer booklet)
made this free

Oral B advantage $0.99
used $0.75/1 from P&G mailer (exp in June)
*doubled* to make it free

Aquafresh kids toothpaste $1.99
used $1/1 from 4/17
used $1/1 Wegmans coupon from summer booklet
made this free

Crest Toothpaste $1.99
used $0.75 from P&G mailer (exp June)
*doubled* to make it $0.49

Olay bar soap $0.49
used $1/1 from P&G mailer (exp in June)
made this free

Pampers $8.99
used $3/1 from 4/3 P&G
made these $5.99

This is some of the best that I could find for free or near free right now. And if you don't want to have to try and play the drug store game it is an easy way to get some cheap toiletries.

Rite Aid Stop

So I haven't found too much to be excited about at Rite Aid, but that can change...

Here is the plan:

First Transaction:

2 Peanut Butter Snickers $0.88 each
used BOGO coupon I found at a store (tear pad)
spent $0.88 plus tax
got back 2 - $0.88 +ups

Transaction #2:

6 Orajel BOGO Free ($4.49 x 3)
used 6 - $1/1 coupons (from 3/13 insert and printable)

2 Purex $5.99 BOGO Free
used 2 - $1/1 coupons

Subtotal: $19.46
I used $8 in coupons
Makes it $11.46
I also used a $5 +up and a $3/$15 coupon from my receipt and the 2 $0.88 +ups from the snickers.

So my grand total was $1.70 plus tax. And then I got back the $5 plus up for spending $10 on orajel.

Do you see anything else exciting????

The Big Giver

For any local readers, I found a site called The Big Giver. It has a link to coupons from and also to local area restaurants, pizza joints, burger joints, auto places, and even golf. If you are going out you may want to check if there is a coupon to make it more affordable.

Anyone used this site or entered the contests? I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Gaggle of Chicks:

Have you joined Gaggle of Chicks yet?

So basically, they offer deals. If enough people choose to purchase the deal then it "hatches" and everyone gets the great price. They were offering $10 and $5 credits a few months back.

If you have the credit from before then this scarf deal gets even better for you. Right now they are offering 50% off. You spend $30 but only pay $15. You buy first through gaggle of chicks and then they send you a code to use at You do still have to pay shipping, but I think the discount can be applied to shipping as well.

Has anyone used Gaggle of Chicks yet? I was going to order the paper forts months ago, but they sold out... I'd love to hear how it went!

$5 off Tylenol Precise

If you use this product I would hurry on over to print your $5 off coupon. These prodcuts are priced around $6.69 at Wegmans. And this coupon will probably make a great deal at one of the drug stores too!!

GUM Softpicks

Have you joined smiley360? I know, I know... Yet another thing to sign up for. Well, smiley360 is another word of mouth company that lets you in on new products, new brands, and new online content. You get the chance to try things out and then all they ask is that you spread the word. Share what you like or even what you didn't like.

I was lucky enough to be asked to try G.U.M. softpicks. They are kind of like toothpicks and floss, but better. They came with this great little plastic holder that was small enough to hide in a pocket or purse. They are soft enough that I even used them on my kids. And they were very effective. I believe that they were even clinically proven to remove plaque from between your teeth. I love knowing that they are in my pocket so that I am not teaching my 7th graders with food in my teeth. I am sure that they wouldn't let me live that down!!!

For those couponers out there: grab the $0.75 coupon in the April edition of More Magazine. Or you can go here for a $0.55/1 coupon!!! I love coupons that will double:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

She Speaks: Biolage Salon Program

I received an email from She Speaks (another WOM company) that they are looking for people in the NY, PA, VA, NJ, NC, and SC to take part in a Biolage Salon Program. There are select cities in each state that have salons taking part in this program. You can see the locations here.

If you sign up to join you will get a discount on services, $30 in free Biolage products, and I believe some complimentary samples.

There are openings in the Rochester area for any local readers out there. But if you are interested, I'd hurry because this may fill up fast. You can sign up here.

***Plus I can invite a couple friends to go that live near a participating salon. If you would like me to add you as one of my "friends" leave a comment below. But please do so quickly. I am sending out my list this evening!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wegmans Coupons...

The wording on the Wegmans Summer coupon booklet says "Cannot be combined with any other offer." But the coupon policy says that you can combine a Wegmans coupon with a manufacturer's coupon. So if we are able to do this here are some match-ups. I will try these out and see if some of them work.

Pantene 12.6 fl oz $2.99
use $1 off Wegmans coupon
use $2/1 from P&G mailer
makes this free

John Frieda psa $4.49
use $1/2 Wegmans coupon
use $2/1 from 3/6???
makes this $1.99 each

Olay Pro X Cleanser $17.99
use $7 off Wegmans coupon
use $5/1 from 4/3 P&G
makes this $5.99

Pampers Wipes 64-72 ct $2.49
use $1/1 Wegmans coupon
some of the packages had $1/1 coupons
could be as low $0.49

Crest Pro Health Rinse 1Liter $4.99
use $1 Wegmans coupon
use $2 from 4/3 P&G
makes this $1.99

Aquafresh Kids $1.99
use $1 off Wegmans (if kids is included)
use $1 from 4/17 RP
makes this free

Zegerid 14ct $9.99
use $3 off Wegmans coupon
use $3 from 4/13 SS
makes this $3.99

Always Infinity $4.29
use $1 Wegmans coupon
use $2 from 4/3 P&G
makes $1.29 each

Has anyone tried pairing these together yet? I know I have in the past without a problem, but would love to hear from you!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recipe: Meatball Soup

Here is a quick meal that I make on week night's:

I keep homemade meatballs in the freezer to keep this quick after work.

You'll need:

2 small onions chopped
italian seasoning
orzo (half a box)
frozen chopped spinach (I use the bird's eye box)
2 large cans of chicken broth (48oz each)
Here's what you do:

Boil the chicken broth, onions, seasoning, and spinach for about 20 minutes. I add the orzo about 15 minutes in. When the orzo seems to be about half way done I add the meatballs to the mix. Once the pasta has finished cooking I just let it simmer.

This meal is really cheap and super fast. And even my hubby loved it... and he is picky. It makes more than enough for 2 meals for my family of 4.

Do you have any cheap and fast work night meals?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wegmans: Free Band Aids

You can get free band aids now at Wegmans with the $0.50/1 coupon in the smartsource insert this morning. They are on sale for $0.99 each. So after the coupon doubles it is free!!!

Rite Aid $30 cleansers deal

(Not everything is pictured)

This was one of those crazy Rite Aid days where I am not sure that I believe my receipts. According to the receipts I saved $172.67!!!! And I spent $6.70 plus tax. I also came home with $15 in +ups for the next time....

The cleansers deal is tracking what you buy. So I could have broken this up into a couple of transactions to make it work out better. But you know what, I am glad to have only done two transactions, gotten it done, and gotten back home to the family.

So here is what I got:

Transaction #1

2 Natural Instincts hair color $2.24 clearance

1 Got2b hair cream

2 ester c to-go bogo free - $5.99

for the cleansers deal:

6 ziploc freezer bags 2/$5 ($15)

2 baking sodas $0.59 each

2 Finish dish washer detergent bogo free- $4.49

2 Purex crystal bogo $5.99

4 Dixie (3 of the ultra) bogo free- $3.99/2

And here is what I used:

$1 off any purchase VV April
$5/2 natural instinct 3/13 RP
$2 off got2b VV April
$2 off got2b All You Magazine
2 - $3 off Ester C vitamins from RP
$2 off Ester C Video Values
3- $1/2 Ziploc Bags from last week's inserts
$1 off Ziploc RA Video Values April
$1 off any Finish RA VV March
$1 off Purex Crystals RA VV March
Free ($5.99) Purex Crystal - mailed to me
$5/3 Dixie RA VV March
$2/$10 CLEANSERS from RA VV April
$10 +up from the John Frieda deal last week

So then I paid $5.30 plus tax and got back $10+up for cleansers and $2+up for got2b. (Please note that I bought over the $30 needed. So your oop can be lower. I know that our family needs the ziploc bags for the harvest season to save our produce. So I stock up when ever possible!)

Transaction #2

6 - 5 gum $1 each
6 - Natural Instincts Hair color -(if you read this mom you should have plenty to last you and any color you could want :))
4 Nivea Body Washes (2 women's and 2 men's)

I used:
$1 off $1 from RA VV
3 - $1/2 gum printables from
2-$3 off Natural Instincts from this mornings paper RP
2 - $5/2 Natural Instincts from 3/13 RP
4 - $3 off Nivea coupons
$2 +up from got2b

I paid $1.40 plus tax and then got back another $5 +up from the Nivea deal.

How did you do?

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Wegmans Coupon Booklet

Do you remember the Spring coupon booklet that Wegmans had with the sweet $3 off diapers coupon??????

Well, there is a new Summer edition. I found it in my store in the same location (near pharmacy and meds.)

Here is what is inside:

$7 off any Olay Pro X
$1 off Olay facial cleanser
$1 off pantene, herbal essences, or aussie hair care
$1/2 john frieda
$2 off John Frieda Foam Hair Color
$1 off any topcare facial skin care
$5 off $15 any professional hair care product
$1 off any biore skin care product
$3/2 coppertone sun care products
$1 off Wegmans Sunscreen Continuous Spray
$1 off any Neutrogena Suncare Products
$1 off any Jergens Natural Glow Products
$1 off Curel Lotion 3.5 -13oz
$1 off any revlon lipstick
$1 off maybelline mascara
$1 off L'Oreal face make-up
$1 off Crest Pro Rinse 1 liter
$1 off Crest 3D white Advanced Vivid toothpaste
$1 off Crest gentle glide dental floss
$1 off aquafresh or sensodyne
$1 off tums 72-150ct
$3 off zegerid 14 or 42ct
$1 off always infinity
$15 off Nicorette
$10/2 Enfamil refills
$5 off Wegmans Club Pack Diapers (100 - 160ct)
$1 off Pampers Wipes
$1 off any Claritin
$2 off any Allegra
$1 off Allegra Children's
$1 off Wegmasn Daily Vitamins
$1 off Wegmans Vitamin D-3

There was also a smaller LPGA coupon booklet that I got in the mail. Some are reporting that they found it by customer service. I'll post those soon too.

Cheap Chocolate Chips

My hubby loves homemade chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip zucchini muffins. I don't know if you've noticed, but some of the area stores have chocolate chips at almost $3 per bag!!! That is why we use the "buy ahead principal." That means that I buy as many as I can when they are on sale with a coupon and store for future uses.

Right now Tops Friendly Market has Toll House Morsels on sale for $1.68.

Pair this with $1/2 or $1.50/2 from this past Sunday's coupon inserts to make them $1.18 to $0.93 each!!!!!

If you didn't get these coupons you can print one here. Tops will double coupons under $0.99.

Free things to do this weekend

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Chris at Free Stuff Times has a list of a some free activities that you might enjoy. You can check them out here.

Please note: You may want to check with your local store to see if they are participating!

Rite Aid Clearance

I stopped at a couple Rite Aid stores to see if I could find the clearance items Shannon mentioned over at For the Mommas. I really wanted to see if I could find the Extra Virgin Olive Oil she mentioned because we use that a lot when cooking here and it is very expensive. I still haven't found a way to get that cheap, so I was excited to think I may be able to get it for under $1.

Anyways, each store I stopped at was different. Some had clearance signs posted but were already out of the Kashi, Simply Asia, and Hellman's Mayo. Most stores had Yuban, Folgers, and various other teas and coffees on clearance. Some stores had no signs at all and I price checked.... some not on clearance at all with no sign, and some at 50% with no sign. So, for Rochester area stores it is really hit or miss. You'll have to check. And don't think that no sign means no sale. I found the markers above on 50% clearance without a sign when I price checked.

So here is how I got them for free:

Bic Mark Its $5.99
50% off makes it $2.99
used $2 Bic coupon from Facebook
used $1 off any purchase coupon from Rite Aid Video Values
I just paid tax!

If I find any more local deals I'll let you know. For now, keep your eyes out in the food, office supplies, crafts, and toy areas!

Today is FRIDAY which means it is a mega swagbucks day! So that means you can earn more points today while you are searching. With the coupons section of the website my points have been adding up a lot faster than usual. All the coupons can be printed from the swagbucks website and redeemed for 10 swagbucks each. It is really that easy. You print the coupons that you were going to print anyways. Use them at the store, and a couple weeks later points pop up in your account.

You can also score swagbucks by taking surveys, watching videos, searching like you would on google, and finding swag codes.

I just used my swagbucks to order my hubby a gift: A water proof Bible. It has arrived. I was able to snag this freebie by converting my swagbucks into Amazon gift cards and then ordering what I need or want through

You can see it is perfect for my hubby: camouflage and waterproof

Have you signed up yet? It is free and it is easy. Go here to get started.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New 50pt code for Pampers Gifts to Grow

From knowing exactly when they want teddy to comforting them at 3am, the list of love is endless. Gifts to Grow gives parents the rewards they deserve, simply by buying Pampers diapers and wipes. Join now and get 100 Free Points.
Today ONLY you can get 50 points in your Pampers Gifts to Grow account by using the code happybdaypamprs.

Come Join BzzAgent

I got an email today from Bzzagent that they are looking for moms of children ages 2 to 9 to join some of the ongoing campaigns. Bzzagent is a WOM (Word of Mouth) company where they send you products to try and you bzz about them to people that you know. There are sometimes coupons to share with friends as well.

I have been sent many bzz kits over the past year or two and they have been great. I love the chance to voice my opinion and share products with the people I interact with for FREE!! I have tried cover girl make up, different online tutoring products, cottage cheese, and many others. You can go here to sign up.

(I would sign up now even if you don't have children in that age group to be ready for future campaigns!!!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Couple More Wegmans Posts

So here are just a couple more match-ups:

So Delicious Coconut Milk 32oz $2.49
use $1/1 from
makes this $1.49

Ball Park Franks 2/$4
use $0.55/1
*doubles* to make it $0.90 each

1 dozen eggs $1.29
use $0.55/1 from
*doubles to make it $0.74 each

American Consumer Opinion Panel

I posted this once before, but thought some of the new folks might find it helpful!

To make a little extra money I like to take surveys. I can do it whenever I want... mostly the middle of the night or on lunch. I save the money up until summer when I don't get paid and Christmas time when we need help with presents. I wanted to share with you another company that I take surveys for today. My favorite company is American Consumer Opinion Panel (acop). I love them because they make it worth your time. I just finished a survey that took 15 minutes and got paid $6. Although I love Ipsos and Synovate, the time I put in never returns that much. Acop will not send as many surveys, but you'll make more and get interesting product test as well. Plus they send surveys that they are almost 100% sure that you will qualify for. So you don't have to waste your time with screener questions to find out you don't qualify. The best part is that when you request your money they send it right away. Other companies can take months to send you the check, where ACOP took less than 5 days to get my check to me. You won't get rich, but maybe you'll be able to make things a little nicer at birthdays, Christmas, or maybe a date night. I feel that every little bit helps!!

5 Free Scholastic Books

You can download a form here and fill out to get 5 free books.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Coupons

There is a $1/2 Coke Products coupon here.

And there is $0.55/2 egg coupons that works on any brand and will double to make for cheap eggs!!

If you are new to coupons, you can use the back button to print a second coupon. The coupons will have different codes making them valid. You should never make photo copies of the coupons!!!

Some Wegmans Match-ups

Here are some current Wegmans deals. Remember that these prices are based on Rochester, NY area stores where coupons $0.99 or less can be doubled. Please check with for your local store's coupon policy.

Wegmans Brand
Milk 1 gal $1.99
Pasta (Penne, shells, etc.) $0.79
Cotton Sbaby wipes 375ct $1.50
Condensed Tomato Soup 2/$1
Wegmans Soups 4/$5
8pk paper towels $4.99
Wegmans Waffles $1.79
Wegmans Antiseptic Oral Rinse $1.25
Chicken Club Packs $1.99/lb
Ground Beef 80% $1.99/lb

Other Deals

Health & Beauty

vo5 Shampoos and Conditioners $0.77

Oral B Advantage $0.99
use 1 - $2 off from P&G insert to make these free

Crest w/ Scope 6.2ox $1.99
use $1 off from 4/2 P&G
makes this $0.99 each

Colgate Total $1.99
use $1/1 from 4/3 SS
$0.99 each after coupon

Olay Bar Soap 2 pk $2.69
use $2/1 from 4/3 P&G
makes this $0.69


Goldfish $1.79
use $0.35/1 from
*doubles* to make it $1.09
you may have needed to already print this

Doritos $1.99

Toll House Morsels $2.29
use $1/2 from 4/10 SS
makes these $1.79 each

Wonka Jelly Beans $1.99
use $0.55/1 from (not sure if still aval)
*doubles* to make it $1.24 each

Zone Perfect Bars $1.29
use $0.55/1 from ??? Insert
*doubles* to make it $0.19 each


Bird's Eye Chopped Spinach (and other varieties) $0.99
use $1/3 from
makes this about $0.66 each

Lean Pockets $1.99
use $1.50/3 from facebook when you "like them"
makes these $1.49 each

Mrs T. Pierogies $2.49
use $1/1 (zip 19543)
makes this $1.49 each

Stouffer's crave able recipes $1.99
use $1.10/3 from couponnetwork
makes these about $1.36 each

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $1.99
use $0.60/2 Smartsource printable *doubled*
There are some $0.50/2 and there was $1/1 on April first that went fast
$0.99 - $1.49 each after coupon depending on coupon


Oscar Mayer Bologna 16oz $2.49
use $1/1 from (zip 20905)
makes this $1.49 per pound

Ball Park Franks 2/$4
use $1/2 from 3/27 RP
makes this $1.50 each

Egglands Best 18ct $2.99
use $.35/1 from
$2.29 after *doubles*

Pillsbury Pie Crusts $2.49
use $0.50/2 from
*doubles to make it $1.99 each

Pillsbury Crescents $1.99
use $0.50/2 from
*doubles to make it $1.49 each

Philly Cooking Cream 2/$4
if you printed the $1.50 coupon already...or got one from Kraft first tastes this is a great time to try. I think there are other coupons out there too.
$0.50 each

Phily Cream Cheese $0.99

Go-gurt $1.99
use $0.75/2 from
*doubles to make it $1.49 each


Morton's Seasonal $1.99
use $0.60/1 from
*doubles* to make it $0.79

Select Cereals 2/$5

Cinn Toast Crunch
use $0.55/1 from
*doubles to make it $1.40 each

Honey Nut Cheerios
use $1/2 from 3/20 SS
makes these $2 each

Special K (many flavors)
use $1/2 from
makes these $2 each

Mom's Best $1.99
use $0.75 from moms best website
*doubles* to make it $0.49

Similac Sensitive $3.77
use $5 off from 4/3 SS

Or other Similac $5.49?
use $5 off from 4/3 SS
pay $0.49 each

Comet 14oz $0.79
use $0.25/1
*doubles* to make it $0.29 each

Chore Boy Cloth $1.69
use $0.55/1 from
*doubles* to make it $0.59

Lunch is over... More match-ups are coming....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rite Aid Stop - free John Frieda

Well, I had so many plans, but since I didn't go this weekend, RA was already out of some things.

I started with $5 in +ups.

I was going to do this first:

2 Gillette Body Washes $2.99 each
2 M&Ms 2/$5

use $1/1 from Video Values
use Bogo Gillette coupons
use $1/2 Mars coupon from 4/10
use $5 in +ups

Pay $0.99 plus tax

get back $1 in +up for M&Ms
get back $4 in +ups for Gillete Body Wash

Then I was going to do the following:

Transaction #1

Buy 4 John Frieda products 4/$20
use $3 off $15 from receipt survey
use 4 - $2 John Frieda coupons from 3/6 SS
use $5 in +ups

pay $4 plus tax
get back $10 in +ups

Transaction #2

Buy 4 more John Frieda (this time Full repair items)
2 Snickers mini eggs $1 each

used 2 - $1 off shampoo/conditioner from 3/6
used 2 - $2 off full repair styling
used $1 off Full Repair from March Video Values
used $2/$10 from April Video Values$2/2 Mars candy
used $10 +up

Paid $1 plus tax and got back another $10 +up for next time.

I wasn't able to get the body wash because they were out, but I may try another store. So I only did Transaction #1 and #2. How did you do?

Disney Movie Rewards

My love insisted on being in the picture... and being silly. I just wanted to remind you to enter your Disney Movie Reward Codes. There are tons of codes that pop up so that you can earn enough to get great freebies even without buying movies. And if you do buy Disney movies then you will be able to get freebies even faster. Around Christmas I used my points to make free Christmas photo cards. Just this week, this adorable Tangled lunch tote came in the mail. My little sweetie was very excited!!!

You can go here to get started. Then be sure to look for free codes inside movies, surveys you can take on the website, and the codes that seem to pop up here and there. I believe that you can enter the code SURPRISE to get three points right now.

Update: Here is another 5 point code: J5RN24XPV9

Took the Weekend Off

Normally I do most of my big couponing during the weekend, but it was just too beautiful outside to be shopping and chasing deals. So, I will have more match-ups soon. For now, I hope that you too got some quality time with your loved ones.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Today is FRIDAY which means it is a mega swagbucks day! So that means you can earn more points today while you are searching. With the coupons section of the website my points have been adding up alot faster than usual. All the coupons can be printed from the swagbucks website and redeemed for 10 swagbucks each. It is really that easy. You print the coupons that you were going to print anyways. Use them at the store, and a couple weeks later points pop up in your account.

I just used my swagbucks to order my hubby a gift: A water proof Bible. It should arrive early next week. I'll be sure to show you a pic! And I will have enough swagbucks again today to order another gift card.

Have you signed up yet? It is free and it is easy. Go here to get started.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A couple more Wegmans deals

Comet 14oz $0.79
use $0.25 printable from
*doubles* to make it $0.29

Eggland's Best 18 pk $2.99
use $0.35 printable from
*doubles* to make it $2.29

If the hard boiled ones are included in coupon they are $1.99
Or they would be $1.29 after coupon

Mom's Best Hot Cereal $1
use $0.75 from signing up on their website
*doubles* to make it free

Pantene $2.99
use $2/1 in special P&G mailer
makes this $0.99

Newman's Own Product (psa $1.49 and so on)
use $0.50/1 any product printable on
*doubles* to make prices start around $0.49

Second Trip to Rite Aid

Yep, I went back as soon as I got a third set of coupons. I only buy 2 papers and then get the rest of my coupons from other sources to increase the amount of money I save. And I needed a third set to complete these deals.

Deal #1

2 Halls Cough Drops 2/$3
used $1/2 from 3/27 SS
and $0.50/1 from March Video Values
and $0.50/1 from April Video Values
paid $1 and then got back $1 in +ups

2 NYC Nail Polish $0.60 each
used $1.50/2 printable
made both free

9 bags of hershey or reeses easter candy $2.44 each ($21.96)
used 3 - $1/3 from 4/3 SS
got back 4-$1 +ups and $10 +up for spending $20 or more on Easter Candy

I also used a $3/$15 from taking a survey at the bottom of my last receipt. I used a $10+up that I had from some vitamins in February and both $1.99 +ups I got last time from the scunci. ($16.98 in more coupons)

So I literally paid $2.66 plus tax in cash and then got back $15 in +ups from halls and candy.

So then I got the 3 packs of Pampers I mentioned earlier in the week. I used another $3 off $15 and the $15+ups. I handed over $4.47 plus tax and got back another $5 +up for next time. (Remember - if your babe wears size 3 or 4 diapers you can use the $3 off couponto make this deal even better!!!)

So I paid $7.13 plus tax for all pictured above and have another $5 to spend for free. Not too bad. :)

Getting ready for Easter baskets

Any holiday can become expensive if you let it. So to keep Easter expenses low I have been searching for quality items to include in my children's baskets this year. Plus, I am trying to talk my hubby into running an Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard this year with me. So I have been trying to collect some goodies as prizes.

So with that in mind, I ran to Walgreen's for the first time ever. I did this because I had heard they had Color Wonder "On the Go" kits for $1.50. I used the $1/1 Color Wonder coupong from the 4/3 SS insert to make these $0.50 each. Please note: They only come with 2 markers (red and blue) and 5 coloring sheets. And when I checked out the coupon wouldn't even scan and they couldn't just type in the numbers either. It was a bit of a pain...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Next Week: Rite Aid

Here is a deal coming up next week (4/10 - 4/16) that just might interest you...

There is a month long $10 +up printing when you spend $20 on Biore, John Frieda, Ban, etc. Next week there will also be a sale on John Frieda: Buy 4 for $20. There are a number of coupons out there from the Video Values from Rite Aid and the 3/6 SS. You may even be able to print a few.

Here is a basic scenario:

Buy 4 for $20
use 4- $2 off from 3/6 SS (any full size product)
use a $3 off $15 from receipt survey.
Pay $9 and get $10 back.

(If you have +ups left over from this week it gets even better!)

If you use the Full Repair you may want to check out the Video Values Coupons and try to make the deal a little sweeter! I can't see in the ad if styling products are included. When I get an actual ad in my hands I'll give some more scenarios!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wegmans Shopping Trip

I did great at Wegmans today. I spent $75 for everything I got and saved over $35. The picture is just a highlight of some of the best deals.

Cinn Toast Crunch 2/$5
used 2 - $0.55/1 from
these doubled to make it $1.40 each

Phily Cooking Creme $2/4
used 2- $1.50/1 from 3/6 SS
made these $0.50 each

Almay make-up removers $1.29
used $2/1 from 3/6 SS
makes this free

Oral B Advantage $0.99
used $2/1 from today's P&G
makes this free

Goldfish $1.79
use $0.35 from
doubles to make it $1.09

Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes $1.79
used $0.75 from
doubles to make it $0.29 each

Snikkidy Snacks 2/$4
used $0.75 from
doubles to make these $0.50 each

Similac Sensitive $3.77
used $5 off from 4/3 SS
makes this free - great to donate!!!!

Morton Season All $1.99
used $0.60 from
doubles to make $0.79 each
(I use this to make home fries for Sunday Breakfast... yum)

Snapple 6-pack $4.99
used $1/1 from 4/3SS
then I will submit try me free rebate
makes this either free or a $1 money maker
(not sure if they'll send me $4.99 or $3.99 back)

milk 1 gal $1.89

Rite Aid Stop (Saved over $117???)

Well, I knew that I did well today, but I don't know about the receipt savings total. I also went with the idea that I needed to prove that this "dog sitting" thing wasn't going to put us over our budget.

I grabbed two of the Scunci elastic bands $1.99
got back 2 - $1.99 +ups
made these free

Pedigree dog food $3.99
used $3 off from 3/6 insert
made these $0.99 each

7 Pup Peroni Treats
$1.99 used 7 - $1 off coupons
made these $0.99 each

8 edge shaving gels $0.99
used 8 - $1 coupons
made these free

3 skintimate shaving gels $0.99
used 3 - $1 off coupons
made these free

8 - Right Guard Deodorants BOGO Free
used 4 BOGO free coupons
made both free

First of all, I did not clear any shelves. I went to two different Rite Aids to ensure that there was some for all. Second, no we are not keeping all of this. Most of the toiletries are going to a couple that I am trying to convince to use coupons. (he he he)

So I had to pay $9 for the dog stuff plus tax and I had to pay initially for the Scunci bands. I used $39.96 in coupons and saved $77.16 just by handing over my wellness card. I was out of $3 off $15 coupons from taking the receipt survey and haven't watched my video values.... I know, how bad of me. So now I have some plus ups to go towards my next plan.

So here is my next idea that I'll do later this week:

Buy 3 packs of Pampers $8.99 (Total $26.97)
use 3 - $3 off from today's P&G
use $3 off $15 from survey

Total before plus ups $14.97
get back $5 in +ups
It is like paying $9.97 for all or $3.32 per package.

If you have +ups the deal will be even better!!!! Now I have to use the $1.50 off each because my son does not fit into the size requirements for the coupon, but I also have about $14 in +ups to go towards the purchase to lower my out of pocket cost!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Extra Rite Aid Ads

I continue to receive these little extra ads that say, "We want to be your family's pharmacy." And there are some great deals in store for this coming week if you got it too. (April 3 - April 9).

Here are some of the math-ups that I am most excited about. But please be sure to check with your store. My ad has certain addressess that it is good for...

Charmin Ultra Soft 4 Pack $1.88

Colgates Toothpaste 6.4oz $0.99
if advanced is included use coupon from 3/27 SS
makes this free

Right Guard BOGO Free
use 3/13RP BOGO coupon
makes both free

Skintimate and Edge 7 oz. $0.99
use $1/1 off edge from 3/20 SS
use $1/1 off skintimate from 3/27 SS
makes this free

Pup Peroni Snacks $1.99
use $1/1 from 3/13 RP
makes this $1 each

Milk Bone Dog Snacks $1.99
use $1.50/2 from 2/6 RP
makes these $1.24 each

Pedigree Dog Food 4.4lb $3.99
use $3/1 from 3/6 RP
makes this $0.99 per bag

Rite Aid brand envelopes and tape 2/$1

Finish Powerball Tabs 20ct $2.77
use $0.75 off from 3/6 SS
and also use $1 off from Rite Aid Video Values (March)
makes this $1.02 each

Xtra laundry Detergent 68.75oz $1.88
use $1/1 printable to make it $0.88
(you may have needed to already have printed this one)

And there are many deals in the regular ad... I'll update with my favorites.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Great Coupons

It is the first of the month, which to me means time for new coupons. And boy are there some great ones popping up today.

Go on over to and use zip 07039 to get $1/1 Pillsburt Toaster Srudel and $1/2 off 5 gum. The gum coupon should work well with the BOGO free sale at Rite Aid if they have one in te future....

Free at Rite Aid: Scunci

I am going to try this out tonight: Buy Scuni headbands $2.29 and get a $2 +up. If you have a rewards card that allows the 10% or 20% discount this is basically free after the +up. Next week: Scunci elastic hair bands $1.99 and you get back $1.99 +up. These would be great in a little girl's Easter basket!!!

New Pampers Gifts to Grow Code

Here is the newest code. I am not sure when it expires. CesarChavez2011 Update on 4/1/11 Yet another new code: Springhassprung. Remember that you can enter these codes to get some great prizes, like the bike that just came for my little love. There are even some photo gifts that wouldn't take long to sign up for.