Friday, August 20, 2010

My Rite Aid Trip

I went to both nearby Rite Aid stores this week and have to still go back.

My first trip:

Went to our favorite store first. My daughter loves the managers there and calls them by name when she asks for hugs. It is cute.

They were still out of the Schick Hydro razors, but did have Tide on clearance.

So I got 1 small bottle of Tide for a little over $3
I used $1/1 Tide from 8/1 P&G
and I used $2 +up. I paid $0.34 oop for remainder of cost and mostly tax.

My second trip:

So then we headed to the "other" Rite Aid. They did have the razors in stock, but they did not have the Tide on clearance.

So here is what we did:

2 Schick Hydro Razors $5.99 each with rain check (11.98)
1 Veet Hair Remover $6.69
1 Palmolive $0.99
1 bottle of water $0.50 (I forgot our water and we were about to go running in 85 degrees and humid weather....ugh....)
1 fun size pack of twix $1 (treat for little loves)
Last 2 items are not pictured because they were already consumed!

Total $21.16

I used $5/$20 from last months video values
2 - $5 off Schick
1 - $3 Rite Aid in ad coupon for veet
1 - $3 printable for Veet

I was left to pay $0.19 and tax

So we did really well, but I still have $3.50 in +ups that expire Saturday. I will not let free money go to waste. So I will post again after the next trip. It probably won't be anything too exciting.... most likely more Tide!

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  1. I was going to run up to get the Veet, but we dont have a veet coupon in my ad!