Friday, October 28, 2011

A few late Tops deals

Did anyone else get the $5 off $50 purchase on the front of a little weekend adviretisement last week? I usually get the Tops ad in my mailbox on Thursday or Friday and it has a Lowes and Rite Aid ad as well. The cover had this nice little Tops coupon. I might atually make a trip this week if I can make that $50 worth it!

Bison Dip $1.19
Super coupon (must make $20 purchase)
and use $0.50/1 from 10/2 SS
doubles to make it $0.19
(look for a later exp date and save for football parties!!! or get-togethers)

Tombstone Original Pizza $2.99
with Super coupon (must make $20 purchase)

Prego 3/$5
depending on your areas coupon $1/3, $0.75/2, $0.40/2 in 9/11 and 10/16 SS
Could be as low as $0.92 per jar

WhoNu Cookies 2/$5
use $1/1 from 10/23 SS
makes this $1.50 each

I have to be honest and say that I haven't shopped at Tops since the summer. It is kind of far away from me. And my lunch break isn't as long, so I can't go there then anymore either. So if I miss anything that is really good and you want it added, send me an email!

Wegmans Subs

I just want to share now that in no way did Wegmans ask me to write this. This is all my own opinion.

I personally, LOVE Wegmans subs. I think that the bread is incredible and the toppings are fresh. Even after 6 years of making subs in a pizzeria, I still love to go to Wegmans and get one of their subs. They are decently priced and will either feed more than one or make more than one meal. I can take a large sub and feed me (dinner and lunch the next day) and both of my kids (dinner). We just add some sides like chips/french fries and veggies.

So I am really excited that a Wegmans sub coupon is out there. The only bad part is that is EXPIRES tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Early Halloween

I haven't forgotten about you all. I just haven't had a free moment. In preparation for the new baby I have taken on more classes in my evening job on top of my day classes in my full time job. So life is crazy.

Anyways, here is a festive pic to get you in the mood for Halloween. I will share their real costumes on Monday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A start to some current Wegmans deals

I started to do some match-ups and then found that the Wegmans website was not cooperating with my computer. I will try again from home tonight...

I usually make several posts about Wegmans deals. And I do this for a couple reasons.
Some of my posts are because the items are on sale. And others are just great coupons that come up and math up well with the great prices that my Wegmans has in comparison to nearby stores.

So here we go with some fresh posts from the new coupons that are available.

Flatout bread $3.49
use $0.55/1 from
doubles to make it $2.39

Lucky Charms $3.19
use $0.50/1 from
doubles to make it $2.19

Phill. Cream Cheese Tubs $2.69
use $1/2 from
makes these $2.19 each

Old el paso products
psa $0.89 or so and go up
use $0.75/4 from
doubles to make it $0.52 or so each

Book Reivew - Desiring God : Revised Edition

I have shared many times that Waterbrook Multnomah through "Blogging for Books" sends bloggers books for free and in return I share my honest opinions. The latest book I received was Desiring God : The revised edition by John Piper.

Desiring God, Revised Edition: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist

I have to tell you that this book took me a long time to get through. I started in early summer and just couldn't find the time to pick it up and keep going. It wasn't that it was poorly written or not interesting, it just wasn't what I was looking for that moment. However, now that  I have finished the book I think that it is a very interesting take on faith and God that you might not typically get when sitting in a church pew.

In the title it mentioned hedonists, or people that are in the constant pursuit of pleasure and happiness. Typically, from my religion classes and Christian background, it seems that anyone that believes in God and wants to do his will is basically led to believe that life will be full of sacrifice and some even paint our futures to look miserable for rest of outr lives as we "do God's will". However, Piper explains that life should be the pursuit of happiness in God. he basically says that God is most glorified when we are the most satisfied in our lives with Him. And to me this makes much more sense than previous teachings that were used when I was younger.  That  being said, I think that there are many people out there that could take pieces of this book and twist and turn it to sound selfish and not at all what was intended from the author.  So do be careful if you are given exerpts or sentences at a time. This book could be very misconstrued if you do not read the entire piece.

This is a great book for non-believers and for anyone straying from their belief. It is refreshing and compelling and it will force you to rethink about your faith and how you do God's will in your own life. I really encourage you to try it out if it fits your life and needs at this time! 

Tops week of Oct 2 - Oct 8

Here are what I consider the best of the Tops items on sale this week. Be sure to check out your ad for more items on sale that you might need that I did not post.

Remember that there are Tops Doubler Coupons this week. So you can pair it up with one of you $1 off coupons to make $2 off something. I love those doublers... (just wish my Wegmans still took them :(  )

Planter's Peanut Butter $1.88
the coupons from SS already expired, but you may still have one from an email that one of the big companies sent out. Mine was for $2 off.

Margerhita Sliced Pepperoni $2
use $1/1 from 9/11 SS and $1/1 doubler from the ad
makes this free

Snikkidy All Baked Fries $2.29
use $1/1 from here after you sign up and $1/1 doubler from Tops ad
makes this $0.29

There are a bunch of drinks on sale this week:
lipton tea $4/4
use $1/4 from the 10/2 Pepsi insert (and you could also use a doubler)
makes this $0.75 each (or $0.50 each)

Minute maid juice boxes and sobe life water have a similar deal, but I was not able to get to coupons for either one. They are out there, but you may have already needed to print them....

Libby's Canned Veggies 3/$2
use $1/4 from 8/28 RP and could pair with a Tops doubler as well
could be as low as $0.17 per can!!!!! (time to stock up)

(Be careful here though. The $2 off instantly is for the Libby's fruit, not the veggies!!!)

There is also a deal where you save $5 when you buy 10 of the participating Keebler and Kelloggs items. I am still looking that over to see if it is anything worth doing. I'll get back to you.

Great coupons to print...

You can go here to get Pepsi and other snack coupons for your football or other get-togethers.
These include Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Fritos, Cheetos, Sunchips, etc. They look similar to a small insert that was in Sunday's paper!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My week in review

Here are some of the things I got for free last week:

Oral B toothbrush and toothpaste at Rite Aid using coupons and +ups

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner at Wegmans using coupons I got in the mail for free products. (not sure how I got two coupons... but both came in my mailbox to me???)

Rachel Ray dog food sample and coupons from a sign up

Swiffer Duster and coupons from Vocalpoint

Skin care cream from a survey

How was your week?

Motts for Tots coupon

If you haven't already printed your coupons from Vocalpoint, head on over here to get the $0.55/1 Motts for Tots coupon. These will be great to use at a store that doubles!!!

And be sure to sign up for Vocalpoint as well so that you can get great freebies in the mail too.