Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rite Aid - where are all the razors???

Well, I tried two different Rite Aids today. My town has two, one on each end. And neither one had any Schick Hydro razors left. I don't have the gas or the desire to chase down the deal this week. Once I got there I saw that the Ziploc Freezer bags are $3.99 each, so it wasn't forth just picking these up by themselves without the entire scenario. However, I did ask for a rain check on the razors so that I can incorporate that great price into my deals for next week.

I think that it is important not to buy things just because they are on sale that you don't really need. I also think it is vital to not force a "deal" to happen. Getting $40 worth of stuff for $15 sounds like a great deal, but if it is stuff you really didn't need and you had to take the $15 out of much needed grocery money it isn't really all that helpful.

I had to learn this the hard way. I would get such a high out of watching the total drop and feeling like I helped my family by saving money. Then I'd get home, look in the bag, and realize that nothing I got was anything we'd use. Now, I still will get the item that we don't really need, but may be pivotal to the deal or scenario. However, I try to make sure that every trip has a goal and a purpose. That way I'm not wasting our money on so called deals, I'm not wasting our space in our little bitty house, and I'm not wasting precious time running from store to store grabbing everything I can possibly get for free.

Sorry this was so wordy, but wanted to share with you.


  1. New follower from friday blog hop!

  2. I needed the razor this week because I procrastinated on the Gillette deal last week and missed out. My husbands razor broke! So Monday I went to Rite Aid to get the Schick. They were out. The manager said he would be getting a delivery on Wednesday and to come back Thursday. I went in around noon on Thursday and got the LAST one!! $0.34 after I used my coupon and an +UP reward! Score!! Good for you on the rain check though, too good a deal to pass up!! O agree on not buying things you dont need. If I could work up deals I have seen where you can get $60 worth of food for $3 and then donate it to a shelf ... I would do that. I can spare the $3 and I may keep 1 jar of peanut bitter and a box of frozen waffles... but I dont need 20 boxes of frozen waffles lol