Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Cust with Whole Grain

For those of you that really know me, you know that I LOVE football. Now combine the love of football with the love of pizza and you have a match made in heaven.
I was sent this super cool prize pack from Blog Spark. (Yes, that is a football shaped cutting board - so fun!) The kids and I had a ton of fun using our new tools. I usually like to start off Super Bowl Sunday right, so we tried out a breakfast pizza in our new pizza pan.

I keep the breakfast pizza pretty simple. Plus, this was a spontaneous decision one morning to try out the pan and crust before the big game. So I didn't have potatoes planned and ready. I actually used tater tots. I know, I know,.... It's so wrong.

Check it out:

Doesn't it look delicious? And with 16 grams of whole grain per serving, I don't feel so bad about having the little ones start their day with a little pizza.
It is really easy to make a breakfast pizza with just about any toppings you like. I used sausage, the tater tots I mentioned, 5 eggs beaten with 1/4 cup of milk, and lots of cheese. I wanted to add some peppers and mushrooms instead, but was out voted.
You can check it all out here and print  a coupon for $1.50 off our own crust.

Disclosure: The product, gift pack, information have been provided by Pillsbury through Blog Spark.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Buying the newspaper

Have you been buying the paper to get your coupons? I was too. And some weeks I would buy several copies as well. However, my local paper is now $3. Some weeks there isn't even $3 worth of coupons. And it always seems like another area of the country was getting the coupons that I really wanted anyways. So, how to fix this??? Well, I started trying out the clipping services. These are companies that clip the coupons and mail them to you. You do not pay for the coupons, but the service that they are providing. There are pros and cons to ordering your coupons.

#1) I love getting the coupons on Sunday so that I can take part in sales early in the week. (con)

#2) I also love getting coupons that I will actually use and already clipped (pro)

#3) You have to use paypal or a credit card to order (con)

#4) The service/clipping fee can be very minimal (pro)

#5) The popular coupons can sell out very quickly (con)

#6) You can order exactly what you need in quantity and not have to dispose of all the papers (pro)

So I have been buying one paper each week and checking out the coupons and seeing if it will make back my $3 as an experiment. And I have also been ordering coupons. This week I got 52 coupons for under $5 when I ordered. And most of the coupons will double making my savings way higher than they would be if I had spent that money on a newspaper.

However, ordering can be kind of tricky. It is hard to know exactly what you will use, how many, and when. If you order you have to wait for the envelope to show up in the mail before you can take part in the sale. Plus you have to know or try to predict if sales will come up before the coupon is out of stock.

I have made lots of mistakes as a new person ordering.

#1) I ordered a coupon that was about to expire and didn't get it in the mail quick enough
#2) I ordered a coupon without reading the details and they were for the wrong product
#3) I have ordered too many coupons and wasn't able to use all of them before the sale ended or coupons expired (great time to share with friends or leave at store for others)

Overall, I have really liked ordering my coupons. I have saved way more money and had the chance to start stocking up again after depleting many of our resources.

Here are the sites I have been using:

West Coast Clipping Services (no minimum and ship really fast)

Coupon DeDe's (there is a minimum purchase amount but they have a wonderful selection and always ship really fast)

Kuntry Klippers (I believe you order in multiples of only use this one if you really need lots of a coupon)

What do you think? Have you tried any other companies that we should add to the list?

More recent pic of Love #3

Here he is with all of his chubby wonderful self showing.

Book Review: I Love You To God and Back

Before baby #3 arrived, I received this book from Book Sneeze in return for my honest review.

I chose I Love You to God and Back by Amanda Lamb. On the website, I thought the book looked like a children's book. So I  thought I would get the book and read it with my loves before we did our prayers. However, the book was really more for mommies in my point of view. The mother that wrote this started to copy down the prayers that her little Chloe said each night. I believe that Chloe was about six at the time. I could feel a real connection listening to hear prayers since I have a six year old my self. Each prayer was then followed by the thoughts from the mother which we refreshing to read as well since this whole mommy thing is really an adventure.

The book might not have been what I expected, but it was fun to read. Plus, when I got to the end there were some great tips for doing your own prayers with the babes at night. Overall, I really did enjoy this book.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little Love #3

Here is a picture of my Love at three days old. Now, this picture is many weeks old now, but I feel like I just haven't had time to share or post much of anything. I took on too many jobs when I should have been resting and healing (and couponing and blogging and ...) Anyways, I am still hoping that life will slow down a little and give me a chance to take a breath. I hope you are all doing well.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A few current Wegmans deals

I am sorry that my posts are so few and far between.  With a new born and several part time jobs that don't give maternity leaves, I am finding it hard to find time to even get dressed. But I am trying to keep up with my couponing and have started to make a few trips to my Wegmans. Here are a couple that I noticed.

Dove chocolate bars $0.69
use $0.50/2 from
doubles to make each $0.19 wyb 2

Yoplait Granola Parfait $1.99 until 5/26/12
use $0.75/1 from or
doubles to make it $0.49 each

Keebler Cookies $1.99
use $0.75/2 from 4/15 RP
doubles to make it $1.24 each wyb 2

Chewy Granola Bars 2/$4
use $0.75/2 from 4/29 Pepsi Moments
doubles to make it $1.25 each wyb 2

I know there are more that I am forgetting. So as I go through my coupons I will post.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Review: My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy

Here is my latest free book, sent in return for my hones review. I received My Own Worst Enemy by Janet Davis from the Bethany House Publishers.

I loved the quote on the back of this book, "Sometimes your biggest obstacle is yourself."

This book was about women's struggle with feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, fear, etc. and how these feelings get in our way of doing great things.

One of the things I loved about this book was that it connected present day women with their current struggles and women from the Bible that faced similar obstacles. It was so encouraging to read from the Bible that God does have great purposes for all of us and that it is ok to use the gifts He gave us to do His will.

Each section of the book ends with questions as well. So this book makes a perfect addition to a Bible Study or Women's Group. The questions are great platforms to get discussion and growing started. 

I encourage you to check out this book. See if you might be part of an unlived life, the unworthy live, or the unimagined life. And then see how you can make the change to live your life to the fullest and accomplish all the great things you are capable and worthy of doing.