Monday, August 9, 2010

Rite Aid Trip 8/7

So I had a $7 +up that was expiring on the seventh. So I decided to try another Rite Aid for the mouthwash deal. And luckily I found four mouthwashes that qualify for the rebate.

So I got:

4 Crest mouthwashes 4/$20
1 pampers Cruisers $8.99
1 Pampers Wipes $3.69
1 Neutrogena Lip Gloss $4.37 (on sale 40% off... was $7.29)

Total $37.05

I used:

$5 off $25
3 - $2 off Crest mouthwash (all I could find after going to recycle bin)
1 - $1.50 off papers from 8/1 P&G
1 - free wipes from P&G 8/1
$3 off Neutrogena from all you (august)

Now my new total was $18.05 + taxes so that I owed $20.25
So I handed over my $7 +up reward
And then I used $12.99 from a SCR that I received in June. I don't ever owe this much, so I don't tend to use the SCRs when they are this big. But it worked out great this time.

I paid $0.26 OOP (out of pocket)

I got back $2 +up for pampers
I will get back $10 for Crest Mouthwash and I am now qualifying for $10 gift card from oral care rebate!!!!!

I think this was a great deal...

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  1. Found you on Making Friends Monday, and am now following hope to see you at my blog too!

    I also just took a class on couponing and am very interesting in learning from you!
    Nichole @