Friday, August 6, 2010

Being Frugal

I wrote in July about how living a frugal life means that you have to be patient. You can't get what you want the second you want it. I think that a frigal life is also filled with finding ways to reuse what you already have. We frugalistas have to be creative. I don't think of it as living without, but living with purpose. Anyways,...

I know that many people already do this example. We resue our ziploc bags. I have tried store brands and other brands, but nothing compares to ziploc when you want to freeze something. BUT with the amount that we freeze, we'd use up a huge portion of our grocery budget just in bags. So I am constantly washing and reusing these bags.

My great grandmother, who lived through the depression, even reused her paper towels. I try to use hand towels whenever I can so that I don't have to do that....

What kinds of things do you reuse to save money?

Plus, if you are in need of freezer bags, hopefully you got that great $1.50 off two coupon from Right at Home a little while back to use at Rite Aid next week when they will be BOGO Free.

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