Friday, August 6, 2010

In my Mailbox

This week has been a great mail week. I received 2 separate Target giftcards from different product testing. One was worth $20 and the other was worth $30!!!! I'll have to start looking at those sales for Target again. I'm wishing I had a Target with a full grocery section, because I could really use this for groceries this week. But I am also thinking it would be nice for some back to school shopping.... I cannot believe I just admitted to having been thinking about going back to work...ugh... I'm going to cry.

Back to the mail... My son received a package from Sprinklings, a group for moms from Poptarts. It was for his half birthday. It included poptarts, a card, and a banner. I also got 2 different Snikkidy snacks. The kids loved these!!! I finally got my check from Inbox Dollars. I will explain this company in another post. I also got a package from NASA that included some DVDs and teaching materials. I love astronomy. And there is so much math involved that I like to incorporate it in with my curriculum. So this package in my mailbox was much appreciated.

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