Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rite Aid stop 8/30

I went to Rite Aid a little earlier in the week in hope that they would still have things in stock this time.

I did two transactions and the cashier was awesome!!!

Transaction #1
3 12pks of Coke $9.99
1 Nivea lip gloss $2.99
2 Pantene shampoos and conditioners $8
1 Bourdeaux Butt Paste $3.99
2 Pepsi Max $2.18

$27.15 plus tax and deposit

I used $5 off $25
free coke coupon $3.33
VV coke coupon $1
Nivea coupon $1
2 - Pantene coupons $4 total
Butt Paste $2
Butt Paste VV $3
bogo pepsi max coupon $1.09
bogo VV pepsi coupon $1.09
$1 +up from last week

saved $22.51 or paid $4.64 plus tax and deposit.

I got back $7 ($2 for coke 2-$2 for pantene, and $1 for Nivea) in +ups and will get $1.99 back for Nivea lip gloss. So this was to me a great deal.

Transaction #2

I used those +ups to get the following:

2 Pampers Diapers $8.99 each
2 Pampers Wipes $3.69 each

Total $25.36

I used $5 off $25
2- $1.50 off Pampers
2 - free wipes (up to $3.50)
$7 in +ups that I just got!

So I saved $22 in coupons to pay $3 plux tax.
Then I received $4 in plus ups ($2 for each pack of diapers).

So it took $7.64 out of pocket plus tax and deposit. I got back $11 in +ups and will get $1.99 back in SCR. Technically this was a great money maker. I was very surprised to see that the register was printing more than one +up for items that I bought. I thought there was a limit of 1!!!!!!! Nice:)

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  1. Hey I just wanted to say make sure you take a moment to look at Rite Aid this week! Awesome deals! I paid $5.80 OOP (more than half of that was sales tax) and saved over $90. Started with $5 + ups and left with $8 + ups!

    Have fun! Here is my scenario!