Friday, April 30, 2010

Second Rite Aid Scenario

After pouring over the May SCRs I think I may have another deal I am going to try today. Some of my coupons expire today, so sorry for late notice.

I'll get:
2 pairs of sunglasses prices at $17.99 reg (-$10 off)
- I'll get one Style Science and one Foster & Grant
- use 2 $5 off Video Value Coupons
- submit for 2 SCR ($2 each)
4 Renuzit pearls or spray (B1G1 free right now)
- I'll use 1 - B2G1 Free from 4/25 redplum
- I'll use 3 $1 off spray or pearls - depending on what I can find
And I'll use $5 off $20

I am not certain of rpice on pearls, but I believe the spray is around $3
Depending on prices, after the SCR, this should be close to free or may even be a money maker.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Rite Aid Trip

Well I was able to pick up my pantene scenario and it worked out just like I planned. However, what I witnessed as I patiently waited in line has had me going ever since. The woman in front of me was telling the cashier how she had purchased coupons from ebay for the Biore B1G1. I was excited! Another couponer. I wasn't the only one. Then she turns to me and offers me one. I said no thank you, knowing I already had 5 in my binder. I told her I would be more excited if everything was free after both Bogos, but since it wasn't, I wasn't going to do that deal. Then she says, but it is all free. Which is when I had to try and explain that the coupon for free cleanser and the Rite Aid deal for free cleanser did not make her strips free. Instead, she should have paid for the strips and gotten two cleansers for free. Both the cashier and the woman looked at me like I was crazy. The cashier finally understood what I was saying after trying to explain three different ways, but said the register took it so it must be ok.

Does this bother anyone else? Am I just the coupon cop, not wanting to see misuse of the way I make ends meet? I feel silly for being so bothered by this... Let me know what you think.

Wegmans Deals for 4/25 - 5/1

Here are some of the higlights of what's on sale this week at Wegmans

** New York stores usally double a coupon with a value less than a dollar. So $0.75 becomes $1.50 off*

1- gal milk $1.68- $1.89

Wegmans facial tissue $0.79

Weg paper towels 8 count $4.99

Weg 2 - liter soda $0.69

Weg laundry Detergent 50 fl. oz $3.49

Arnold Sandwich thins $2.50 ( I really thought that there was a coupon but I couldn't find)

Chey Boyardee $0.79

Maxwell House coffee 11.5oz $1.99 - there is a coupon Walmart site but it won't come in for a while thru snail mail (tHe walmart link takes you to

Goldfish $1.79 (I found 55 cent coupons inside my last packages that I bought making them $.69)

Dannon Activia 160z $1.99 use $1 off coupon that has been in Sun papers to amke it $.99

Garden of Eatin Tortillas 2/$4 - there is a $1 coupon on their webpage - makes the $1 per bag

Tribe Hummus $1.99 - coupon at for 55 cents - makes this $.89

Bandaids 60ct 2/$3 - use $1 off from 4/25 paper makes them $0.50 each

Rinaldi pasta sauce $1.29

McCormick Gravy 2/$1 or McCormick Chili $0.99 - there are $1 printables to make these free

Tombstone Pizzas $2.99

Degree Deodorant 1.6 oz $0.99 - get this free if you got $1 off coupon in the paper
(Limit 2 per customer!)

Old El Paso refired beans $0.99 - I'm still looking for a coupon - I'd check bettycrocker website to see if they will post one

Boudreaux's Lip and Cheek $2.99 - use $2 off coupon to get it for $.99

Stonyfield Yogurt $0.60 Printable $.50 off 2 to make these 10 cents each after doubled

Stouffer's entrees $1.99 Sign up with Stouffer's Dinner Club to get B1G1 coupon... but hurry... only while supplies last on Facebook

Ball Park Franks $1.50
use $.75 /2 from 3/14 RP to make these 75 cents each after it's doubled.

Pampers Cruisers $8.99 there are $2 off that expire 4/30 to make these $6.99
And I think that the Huggies are the same price, but you could use a $3 printable to make them $5.99

no yolks $1.89 use $0.75 printable to make it $.39

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

So far I haven't seen much on sale that my family needs. But there are some good deals. Here is my first plan:

8 Pantene shampoos & conditioners psa $4.99 and B1G1 Free (about $20)
3 Stayfree maxipads $1.99 (about $6)

I'll use:
$5 off 25
$2 off stayfree from 3/28 rp (x3)
$3/2 pantene from3/7 p&g (x4)
$26-23 = $3 total

I know many like to get this stuff for free, but my family's hair really is better with Pantene, so I would be excited to get it this cheap. ~ $0.38 per bottle

saving green by being green

It is garden time again. With my husband hurt I will be doing most of the work. But I don't care. I love our garden and the gifts it brings us at harvest time. Here is step one:

Walmart stop

My husband had surgery on Friday. So my normal grocery shopping trip was postponed. I did stop and pick up a few freebies though.

5 travel sized tide ($0.97 each)
2 reach floss (0.97 each)

I used coupons from this months P&G inserts and the reach coupons they are always putting in paper. Some might think the tide is silly, but the coupons were expiring and would make the little ones free. So I figure why not use them up until another good deal on tide rolls around.

I will have to grocery shop with new deals this week.

Rite Aid Trip 4/22

This week I stopped at Rite Aid three times. I know it is kind of silly....
Only first two trips are in picture, minus the beer.

First trip:

6 BOXES of cereal (frosted flakes, apple jacks, froot loops) 1.99 each
2 Benevia B1G1 Free ($8.99)
2 dixie ultra plates 1.99 each

Then I used
2 $3 off Benevia from 3/7 paper
2 $2 off Benevia video values
2 $1 off cereal from paper (2 weeks ago)
$1 off dixie plates
$2 off dixie from video values
$5 off $25

I ended up paying about $5 for all...

Second Trip:
My husband needed beer-

18 pack Budweiser $13 plus tax and deposit
2 Benevia B1G1 free ($8.99)
Sunchips $2.79
box of freezepops $1

I used:
same benevia coupons from above to save $10
free sunchips coupons
$5 off $25

paid about $8 for all

Third trip:

2 boxes of ricew crispies ($1.99 each)
4 mentos gum $0.99 each
1 frizzease serum 50% OFF $4.99
2 dixie ultra plates $1.99 each
2 benevia b1g1 free $8.99

I used:
same benevia coupons from above
same dixie coupons from above
1 printable john freida coupon $2.50 off from signing up with them
1 video value for John Frieda $1.00 off
1 $1 off 2 boxes of cereal coupon from paper two weeks ago
2 $1 off two bottles of mentos gum
$5 off 25

In the end I paid about $2 for all.

So I paid $15 total for about $76 dollars worth of stuff!!! To me that is a win.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break is such a blessing. My husband was hurt at work and has been forced to stay home and spend time with us. Although it really stinks that he was hurt, it has been such a blessing to spend time together. I feel like I have fallen in love with my family all again. I love them and always love them. But it is amazing how my heart has filled up with an indescribable feeling. All I can say is that it makes me feel like my heart will just burst with love. I am so blessed in so many ways. I have to stop complaining about the things that happen and start making new wonderful moments happen everyday. Yes, my husband is out of work and our financial life will suffer. But, look at all the other blessings we have been given. We have a home, I have a good job with decent benfits, we have two healthy, smart, and beautiful children. And my husband and I have each other. The Lord has smiled upon us. And I feel like these days off during Spring Break have really helped open my eyes and remind me of all the belssings around us.

Wegmans & Walmart Stops

So here is a picture of my favorite cheap items from Wegmans and Walmart. I couldn't get a picture of everything because I had already put it away before I even thought about taking a picture.

Here are the highlights.
Benadryl Anti Itch Stick $2.38 x 2 - $5 coupon from 3/11 paper (means it made me money)
McCain Smile Potatoes $1.92 x 4 - 2 $1 coupons (makes each bag $1.42)
Mini Wheels $1.28 x 2 - $1 off coupon (Fusili) $.78 per box of pasta
Seapak Shrimp Poppers $1.58 x 4 - 4 $1 coupons (makes it $.58 per box)
Yoplus yogurt $1.68 x 2 - 2 $1 coupons (Makes a 4 pack of yogurt only 68 cents!)
Coke 24 pack on price cut for $5!!!!!!!
Sargento Reduced Sodium Cheese $2.83 x 2 - 2 $1 coupons (shredded cheese for only $1.83 - this is a good deal)

Ballpark angus beef hotdogs $3.49 - $.75 coupon doubled ($1.99)
2% milk with SC $1.89
French's Fried Onions with SC $2.99 - $1 off coupons
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $1.49 (Free after 3/11 coupons for 75 cents)
Dominio Brown Sugar $1.99 - $.40 coupons printable (redplum) = $1.19 when doubled
Boudreaux's Baby Lip and Cheek Cream $2.99 - $2 coupons

So, I can't come home with hundred's of dollars for of free food with these deals, but in the end I did save $45 dollars in coupons. My pantry is getting well stocked for the summer months. So I am getting better at this than I was before.