Friday, March 26, 2010

Wegmans List of Deals

Here are just a few deals that I have matched up for Wegmans.
Deals at Wegmans will often last longer than a week. So keep an eye out for them when you shop. For coupons I often go to, then click on coupons and search for whatever brand I need. You can get the links thru that site quickly. Or you can go directly to the website for a particular brand. I use that method often as well.

Milk - 1 gallon - depends on type - $1.68 - 1.89
Wegmans Paper Towels - 8 pack - $4.99
2 liter of Coke 4/$5
Phil Cream Cheese 99 cents (there is a coupon out there for $.55 off two, making these about 45 cents each)
Wegmans Pasta Sauce 99 cents
Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies 99 cents Arm & Hammer Detergent 50 fl oz. 1.99 - go to the website for a $1/2 coupon - $1.50 each
Cambell's tomato soup - $1/2 - their website has $1/2 coupon - free
Cheezits $1.99 - roint the coupon for $.75 off - doubled to make it 50 cents
Wegmans canned veggies 39 cents!!!!!

french's mustard 8oz $1.39 or 14oz $1.59 - use the 50 cent coupon off their site to make it 39 or 59 cents!
Irish Spring Deodorant Soap 6.4oz 88cents
Frnch's Fried Onions 6 oz $2.99 with SC use either $1.00 from past Sunday paper or I have seen 75 cent coupons in many magazines to make it either $1.99 or $1.50 - great deal while the 2.8oz is still $2.19

You can still get free ronzoni (smart taste $1) with printable coupons from their site or the coupons from many magazines

Free Reeses dark chocolate peanut butter cups with 55 cents coupons from Sunday paper

Remember that most New York stores will double any coupon with a face value of 99 cents of less. So a 75 cent coupon becomes $1.50 off. You can not get overage . The computers will ensure that you do not save more than the price of the item.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Target Trip 3/20

Well, after careful planning I didn't do too bad at Target this weekend. I ended up spending just under $15 for the following:

1 package of Pampers Sensitive Diaper Wipes ($5.99)
2 boxes of Clever Kids Fruit Snacks ($1.88 each)
2 Reach Flosses ($.97)
2 Travel Size Bop Its ($9.99 each)
2 Dove Shampoos ($3.44 each)
2 Wonka Gummies ($1.39 each)
4 boxes of Ronzoni Healthy harvest ($1.19 each)
1 Crest Kids toothpaste ($1.59)
1 Oral B kids toothbrush ($1.99)
1 Airwick i-motion ($6)
2 decks of monopoly playing cards ($5.24 each)

SO here is what I brought to make it worth while:
$.20 off wipes
$1.50 from vocal point in mail and $1.00 off printed for fruit snacks
2 - $1 off reach
2 - $3 off target and 2- $5 off hasbro Qs for bop-it both printed
2 - $1 off target Qs and 2 -$2 off printed Dove Qs
2 - $1 wonka MQs printed
2 - $1 off ronzoni printed from their website
1 - $1 off from target and $1 from p&g for toothpaste
1 - $1 off from target and $1 from p&g for toothbrush
1 - $1 off target and $5 off from sunday paper for airwick
2 - $5 off monopoly games for cards -printed from hasbro

I also used a $5 GC from the last trip's razor and olay deals!!!!!

Rite Aid Trip 3/22

Well, here is the first trip that I made this week. My husband helped put the items away before I could get a picture. I spent $5.21 and saved $22 in coupons.

Here is what I got:
2 boxes of apple jacks ($1.88 each - $1.50 Q)

2 boxes of fruit loops (same as above)

2 packs of dixie ultra paper plates ($1.99 each - $1.00 MQ from old paper and -$2.00 VV)

2 packs of ziploc freezer bags ($1.99 each - $1.00 MQ from Sunday paper)

2 packs of Ester C vitamins B1G1 free ($11.49 - $10 in coupons from old sunday paper)

I also used a $5 off $25 coupon at the beginning when my total was $27.21

This would have been even better if they had had the smaller packs of vitamins for
$8.49, but they were out...

I am planning another trip to get the fairly cheap Pepsi 3 for $10 and more cereal. We need to stock up because I just took some out of the summer reserve. Once I figure out the deal I will post!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta

Trying to eat healthy and inexpensively can seem tough. We eat a lot of pasta in my house. I am a runner and my husband works in construction, so we both need the carbs to fuel our body. So after getting some coupons for Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta in the Sunday paper a few months ago, my family decided to give it a try. I was afraid. I thought it was going to be hard, chewy, and taste bad. And the truth couldn't have been more different. This pasta was delicious and you would never know that it wasn't your run of the mill everyday pasta. I actually didn't tell my family the night we had it to see if anyone would comment. There wasn't a word. They would have never known the difference if I hadn't told them. The part that I love is that it has calcium, vitamin D, and fiber that the other pastas don't have. So it tastes great and it is good for my family. Trust me, Ronzoni didn't put me up to this, I am posting because I really think it is Good!!! Plus, with all the coupons out there now and the sale at Wegmans for $1.00, this couldn't be a better time to try it!
go to or to get your own coupons and give it a try.

Target Trip in Planning

My last trip to Target was a total disaster. I was not prepared with a list that matched my coupons, I had two cranky kids, and I didn't have a goal. (If you've read my rite aid trip posts, I don't just go to waste money on cheap stuff, I make a goal; a purpose for using my time at the store.) So my goal is to get some cheap toiletries and games for Easter Baskets.

Here are the things I will be hunting for:
1.) Pocket Connect 4 - there are coupons $4 off and some are claiming it is on clearance for $4.98
2.) travel sized bop-it - there is a $5 off hasbro coupon and a $3 off target coupon making it just $2.99 and my Hannah loves bop-it
3.) Dial Nutriskin handsoap $1.37 - target coupon for a $1 off
4.) travel size clearasil $.97 - I have $1 off coupons and I've heard there are $2 off coupons lurking about on the internet
5.) dove shampoo $3.44 - there is a $1 target Q and a $2 printable so that it would be $.44 each
6.) airwick imotion $6 - $5 Q in paper and $1 target printable - so it's free
7.) Benadryl Itch Relief Stick - $2.29 - there is a $4 off 2 coupon if I can still get prints
8.) Clever kids fruit snacks - I have a $1.50 off coupon so it should be less than a dollar ($.38????)
9.)crest toothpaste or toothbrush - should be free after p&g coupons and target Qs combined
10.) pampers sensitive wipes - because we need them and it's cheaper than Wegmans and I won't have to set a foot into walmart... ahhhhh

Rite Aid Trip 3/17

It seems that I end up visiting Rite Aid at least twice a week if not more. It has become my favorite store. This week I stopped by twice. I have a picture to share from my first adventure. And I'll give you the transactions I made.

First trip

2 mega packs of pampers $17.99 each (B1G1 1/2 off, and two $2 off cruisers made them $17.99 total)
8 dawn hand renewal dish soaps $.79 each (I had two $1.00 off and three $1.00 off two coupons that I used)
In addition, I had a 5 off of $25 coupon so that I paid $20 and change for all. It wasn't the best deal of all but my son's bum only seems to like pampers so I have to get them. And we were out!!! I tried to do the Ten Dollar giftcard deal last week, but after visiting 4 different Rite Aids and not finding his diapers in stock, I gave up.

Then I went again to get visine and my husband's beer. Rite Aid really has the best price on Budweiser around here. Plus with visine at $4.99 I got that for free ($3 off in ad coupon and $2 off coupon from Sunday paper). This got my total over $20 so that I could use a $5 off $20 coupon to lessen the price of the much needed beer!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wegmans Shopping List

If you are a huge Wegmans fan and are planning an upcoming trip I would include a few items:

1.) Milk @ $1.68 a gallon
2.) dark choc reeses peanut butter cups $.75 , but free after coupon in last Sun paper
3.) simply gogurt - $1.99 w/ SC and there is a $1.10 bricks coupon you can get. Just go to for link
4.)ronzoni smart taste pasta $1.00 w/ SC, but free after coupon on ronzoni webpage for taking smart taste challenge (

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Honey can we get a pizza...

These are my husband's famous words. And my saying NO, no matter how tough, has saved us tons of money. I have learned over the past nine months that if I plan out our meals and start cooking them before he comes home I keep him from begging and keep myself from giving in. Planning takes time, so I try to start as early as Thursday for the following week. I try to see what we have left over, what coupons I have saved up, and what cravings we might have had this week that weren't in the plan. That way we are still eating good things that we like, but we are keeping it cheap.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All the little extras...

When I started searching for free stuff I ran into a ton of spam and a bunch of fakes. To save you the heart ache and time here are some of my favorite legit websites that offer coupons samples and more:

For coupons, smaples, and sometimes full sized freebies:
Kraft First Taste ( ??? I think)

Some of the best freebies and contests (and even coupons)
This is by far one of my favorite sites, but lately it has been getting hit hard by trojans and other nasty things that can really merss up your computer. The "Money" section is great. It gives you deals at different stores and a look at coming coupons. I also love the contest section and the "what I got" feature. It is fun to see all the other free things people are getting, especially people that really need the help!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You can save money at Wegmans

Wegmans in my area is in some heavy competition with the local Super WalMart. I can often find things at Wegmans on sale cheaper than Walmart or regularly priced about a cent cheaper. When you add in that they double coupons.... it is a win win situation. My Wegmans will double a $0.75 coupon to $1.50 off. Not all Wegmans stores do this, so check with yours.

In this photo we have:
2 gallons of milk @ 1.68 per gallon
1 free yoplait smoothie with psst coupon
2 free softsoaps - on sale at 99 cents but I had 50 cent off coupons that were doubled
2 free bottles of greenworks laundry detergent - on sale $3.99 and I had $4 off Qs
1 free double stuffed oreos golden - got coupon from facebook
4 boxes of Ronzoni (50 cents each) - on sale for $1 and I had 2 coupons for $1 off 2
several jars of dole peaches on sale for $2 - I had some 75 cents and 50 cents off Qs that were doubled.

Later on I used 2 brownie and 2 cake mix coupons - 50 cents off from that got me 4 boxes of free Betty Crocker mixes while they were on sale for 99 cents. I just love how coupons double at Wegmans!

Rite Aid Trip 3/2

So in planning this trip I had two goals. #1 get cheap beer because my husband was out and #2 get cheap gummy vitamins because my daughter was out of those. Whenever I plan my Rite Aid trips I keep two things in mind, what can I get for free and how can I reach the coupon mark like $25 to use the $5 off $25 coupon.

So here are my scenarios:

Transaction #1 (Beer Goal)
1 - 18 pack bottles of Budweiser ($12.99)
2 - Dentyne "Bowls" of gum (2/$5)
2 - Renu contact solution ($0.99 each)
2 - Boxes of Kashi Heart to Heart (B1G1 free - one box $4.99)

Approximate total: $25 before taxes
I used:
$5 off $25
2 - $1.50 off Dentyne from this sun paper
2 - $1 off Renu from internet
1 free box of Kashi Heart to Heart and $1.50 off Kashi - both from Vocal Point
25 - 16.50 in coupons = $8.50 plus tax and deposit

Transaction #2 (Vitamin Goal)
2 - Disney Princess Vitamins (b1g1 free - one is $7)
2 - Carefree Ultra Liners ($0.99 each)
3 - Kotex Liners ($0.99 each)
2 - Sally Hansen Lip Glosses - 75% off clearance ($1.57 each)

Appr total: $15.14 plus tax
I used: $3 off $15
2 - $1 off vitamins
2 - $1 off carefree liners
3 - $1 off Kotex liners
2 - $1 off Sally Hansen lip products
$15.14 - 12 = $3.14 plus tax.

All in all, goals were met and I brought home several other useful products.