Friday, August 13, 2010

Wegmans Shop

Living simply and on a very small budget doesn't have to always be about using coupons.
I only had $20 to buy groceries this week. It has been a tough week and my mom was nice enough to lend me the $20. Anyways, I only used 4 coupons in this purchase and was still able to keep within my budget.

Here are a couple of reasons that this worked out:

1.) I planned. When the budget is this tight, I first look to my stockpile and then plan the menu. I stick to the menu firmly when making my list and when shopping.

2.) I had a stockpile. When prices were great and there were coupons to match-up I loaded up on items that we use all the time like condiments and canned items.

3.) We have produce from our garden and cheap produce from the farmer's market.

4.) I use drugstore deals to get the toiletries and diapers that can often eat up all the money.

5.) I used bottle returns. I mentioned that I discreetly pick up cans and bottles while exercising. This week we took them in for returns to the tune of $10!!! So now I had $30 to work with.

So I used the freebie coupons on the mac and cheese and the koolaid fizz things.

Then the other items were the things we needed to complete the meals that I planned for the week. There is lunch meat for my hubby, but chicken and ground beef are coming from my freezer this week.

We came in just under $20 and we have been eating pretty well. My husband is having a tough time living like this, but I keep reminding him that we are getting out of debt so that we can enjoy the money we make by fixing up our house and traveling or just doing something fun in the future.

How did you do this week?

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  1. I had $80 to work with and I did well. I went to walmart and price matched! you can see my blog. I was pretty proud. Its not $110 for $12 but the food we eat they really dont give coupons for. I did price match and used $3.65 in coupons with a total savings of $33.95! Which kept me tight at $77 for the groceries. I realized I forgot a couple things when I got home, but we will survive lol ... one was the frozen vegetables and I have enough for about 3 meals left ... so the kids will be thrilled :)