Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In my Mailbox

It has been really slow in the mailbox department around here.

Last week the only things really metionable were

-a package from Similac (they somehow think I'm 9 months pregnant????) My son is 16 months and was breastfed and I've been told by hubby that we have to wait for number three. So I'll be giving this and the $5 coupons away
- free box of tortellini
- coupon for free jar of polaner fruit preserves

Have you gotten anything good lately?

Saving Money without Coupons

I think that the idea of clipping coupons, keeping track of prices, and searching for deals can seem over bearing to many. But there are ways to cut down your grocery bill without coupons. In an earlier post I listed some store brand items from Wegmans that could be purchased at a resonable price without a coupon clipped. Today I want to share another way you can save money.

I know that there are quite a few brilliant bloggers out there, that I love, but happen to almost never buy meat!!! There is no way my family could live like that. We are meat eaters. And nights when I have tried to get away with no meat, we have found ourselves hungry again at 9pm. Now, I have nothing against those of you that choose to not eat meat. I just choose to eat meat.

I have a feeling that many of the bloggers I read don't buy meat because of the price. And I'll be honest, meat takes up a huge portion of my grocery budget. So here's the deal: While shopping keep an eye on the use or freeze by dates. Get to know when your store usually puts out fresh product and more importantly, when your store marks down the meat that hasn't sold yet. This morning I found a bulk sized amount of ground beef with a price reduction because the use or freeze by dates was tomorrow. When I looked at all the other meats, they were dated for one day later. I am not encouraging you to eat bad meat or buy anything that looks or smells questionable. But, I am asking you to take the time to look around and see what deals you can find in hidden places. The meat I bought ended up saving me 22% off the original price.

Now, if you do buy price reduced meats, you have to be sure to use them or freeze them quickly. My plan for all that ground beef????? Well, I made a batch of meatballs, goulash, and shepherd's pie. All of these can be frozen and/or eaten this week. (It is going to be chilly here for a few days... Can you tell by what I'm cooking?)

Have any of you scored a great deal without using a coupon? Have any tricks for saving money on meat? Please share your ideas in the comments.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

This looks to be a fun week at Rite Aid. Although, I have to say that I am sad that my area did not get the M&M coupon. I had it in my scenarios too......

Plus, you should be aware that if you were printing more than one copy of the Video Values coupons that they are now programmed to beep if you try to use them more than once. I didn't even know you could do this before, so this doesn't change how I usually run things.

Transaction #1

Buy 4 john freida root awakening $20
use $5 off $20
use 4- $3 off john f
use $1 off $10 rite aid coupon

pay $2 plus tax
get $10 +up

Transaction #2

Buy as close to $20 of duracell batteries (some are $4.99 this week)
2- stayfree pads b1g1 free
use $5 off $25
use 4- $1 off duracell
use b1g1 free coupon for stayfree from today's paper
use $10 +up reward

pay a little over a dollar plus tax
submit for $10 rebate

Now, if I can come up with enough $5 off coupons I would do a third transaction just like the first. Then I'd do a fourth using the $10 +up reward to do the following:

Transaction #4

coppertone $8.99
got2b lotion $6.49
6 stayfree pads b1g1 free
use $5 off $25
$2 in ad coppertone
$1 printable coppertone
$2.50 bzzzagent coupon
$3 got2b video values
3 b1g1 stayfree coupon
$10 +up rewards

pay $.49 plus tax and submit for skin rebate to get $10 back

If I can pull it all off I'll make over $15!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to see some of the other great deals this week???? You can go here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Frugal Fun #5

With the great weather here, most local areas are planning parades. In our area most towns have firemen's carnivals to help raise money. We love going to the parade that kicks off the celebrations. It is free, fun, and this year the kids got candy, necklaces, and light-up sunglasses thrown from marching groups of people in the parade.

One of my favorite parts is that grandparents and great-grandparents come too. Grandma is pictured on the left and great-grandparents are pictured on the right with my loves.

Oh and did I mention that I just love marching bands???? I want to play the drums.....

Do you love parades? Do you have a favorite part???? I'd love to hear about it.

Rite Aid Trip 6/23

I made 3 transactions this week.

bought motrin pm $3
used $3 coupon to make free
got $3 +up reward

bought pampers $19.99
motrin pm $3
2 butterfingers $.88 and b1g1 free

used $5 off $25
$2 off pampers from 6/20 paper
$3 off pampers rite aid coupon from booklet
$3 off motrin pm
free butterfinger coupon
$3 +up
$1 +up

paid $6
got $3 +up

bought pampers at 50% off ($9)
used $2 off pampers
used $3 +up

paid $4

So got all for $10 and I used single check rebate to pay for all!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dumpster Diving

Well, I haven't gone in a few days and wonder if the bins have been emptied. They were just getting full enough for me to reach easily. I found a picture of the "dumpster" that I am willing to sift through. Again, it is not filled with disgusting, rotting, filth. It is just a paper dumpster used as a fund raiser. Since I started visiting this dumpster I have increased the number of coupons I have by about 300%. It is exciting because I find older inserts that have coupons that make items free that I was totally out of and had forgotten about. And who doesn't love a free box of pasta or package of pampers wipes????

I was hoping to find some Coke rewards points, but haven't been lucky. However, I did find these little workbooks for my daughter. The pages have not been written on, which makes it even better!!!!

If you are interested to see if there is a Paper retriever in your area check it out here.

Wegmans Deals

I haven't posted the items on sale at Wegmans in a while. This is partially because I am a crazy math teacher that hasn't had time to sit and look at the Wegmans site and also because Wegmans keeps the same things on sale for weeks and sometimes months at a time. You might notice that many of the items are still the same in the following list:

Produce Section
straberries 2lbs for $2.99

T Marzetti Veggie Dip $2.99
use $1 off coupon from smart source 5/23?? to make it $1.99

Health & Beauty
Topcare Hydrogen Peroxide orIsopropyl Alcohol 2/$1

Wegmans Cotton Balls 100ct $.99

Bandaids 2/$3
use either the $1 or $.50 *doubled* to make them $.50 each (redplum 5/16)

Degree 1.7 oz $1.29
use $1.00 off to get for $.29 - not free anymore but it is cheap if you need it
Or use $.75 printable from redplum *doubled* to get it free

For the BBQ
Lays Potato Chips $1.99

Wheat Thins, triscuits, Cheez-its $1.99
use $1 off Cheez-its from snackpicks website to make it $.99

Snyder pretzels 2/$5
use same ss insert from veggie dip to get $1/2 to make $2 each

Garden of Eatin chips 2/$4
use $1 coupons from website to make $1 each

Doritos $1.99

Heinz ketchup 40 oz $1.49
Weg 40 oz ketchup $.99

Weg mayo 30 fl oz $1.99

Weg marinades 2/$5

Weg dressings $1.49

Tribe Hummus $1.99
use printable from tribehummus.com

A1 Steak Sauce 10oz $2.99
use $1 off from insert (again not sure which one and can't find it in system since our coupons seem to be just a little different than the ones the other blogs post. I think it was a redplum insert)

Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce $2.19 (regular price)
use $.55 coupon *doubled* to make it $1.09

French's Mustard $1.69 20 oz
use $.50 coupon *doubled* to make it $.69 - try frenchs.com/promotions

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $1.99 (regular price)
use $.75 coupon *doubled* to make it $.49 each

Simply Potatos $1.99 for 1.25lbs

Betty Crocker Suddenly Sala $1.49
use $1/2 from same ss insert from 5/23 to make it $.99 each

macaroni grill kit $3.99 (regular price)
use $.75 printable *doubled* to make it $2.49

Wegmans 12pk of soda 5/$10 (or $2 each)

Pepsi 4/$10 (this is 12 pk of cans and I think 6 pk of 20oz bottles too)

Turkey Hill Iced Tea $1.49
use $1/2 from April???
use $1/2 weg coupon from receipt to make it $.49 each

One that I am excited about this week!

Wegmans tortillas 20oz $1.49

Zweigles $2.49 for 16 oz

Ball Park Frank 2/$3
there are a bunch of different coupons roaming around for this one, but I believe that the sale doesn't include the angus

Keebler Cookies $1.99
use $1 off from snackpicks.com to make $.99

This is the one I am most excited about this week... I know I'm silly. But I NEVER buy these and the kids would be so excited and it is too hot to bake!!

Cool whip $.99

Other Items:

Vintage Seltzer $.56

Polar Tonic Water 5/$4

Poptarts 3 $4.98
use $1 off ice cream shoppe - email exclusive
use $1 off two or $1/3 in redplum 3/28 - depending on location
printable on redplum $1/2 if still available or you printed already
or $1/2 from 6/12 rp

Eggos $1.99
use $1/2 from 6/20 redplum to amke them $1.49 each

Bagel Bites 9ct $2.19 (regular price
use $1 off from 6/12 ss and
use $1 off weg coupon from receipt to make it $.19

Weg dinner roll crescents $1.59

Weg pie crusts $1.99

Kellogs Cereals $1.99
use printables (some you can print from here) $1/2
use $1.50/3 from 5/23 redplum makes them $1.49 each

Pillsbury Brownies $.99

Purex 50 fl oz $1.99

Weg paper towels (8rolls?) $4.99 - I just love these

kleenex hand towels $2.99 (reg price)
use $1 off from 5/2 ss anduse $1 off from receipt to make it $.99

Egglands Best large eggs $2.99
use 50cent coupon from magazines (I saw in shape and better homes & gardens) *doubled* to make it $1.99

Dentyne ice $1.19
use $1 off to make it $.19

There are also a few other Wegmans brand items that mentioned before in an earlier post that are at a decent price.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Early Garbage Picking

Before I became a full-fledged dumpster diver, I started as just your run of the mill garbage picker. I know that some might think that this is terribly gross, but it doesn't have to be. People get rid of useful things in their garbage everyday!!! And I really think that some people put things by the side of the road because they don't have the time to sell or give away, but they know someone out there can use it. Now, I am not telling you to go through people's garbage cans in their yards in the middle of the night. However, I have "taken note" or the garbage nights for certain areas in my town and I might happen to drive by and see what is being offered.

As you can see in the pictures, all of these items were nice finds that my children enjoy. And not one of them required my touching other people's gross or dangerous garbage. They were simply left by the side of the road. This is a great way to start saving money without actually diving into a dumpster.

In the Garden - Lettuce & Spinach

I just love that our garden is already producing food that we can pick and eat. I am not sure if any of you have eaten fresh spinach or lettuce, but it has flavors that you would never know existed if you only ate the kind you can buy at a store.

Last night we had chicken kabobs, salt potatoes, and fresh salad.

Side note: I think kabobs are a great way to stretch meat. It can turn just a couple pieces of chicken into a meal for an entire family. Just load up with veggies and pick a good marinade!

Here are some tips to help get your leafy greens looking just as good if not better than mine:

* Lettuce should be started in the early spring. It is a cool weather veggie.

* When picking a spot, keep in mind that lettuce does well in partial shade. You can plant in a regular garden or use some sort of container or pot. Lettuce really does well in either.

* Water lettuce lightly throughout the day every few hours to help keep it fresh and keep the tips from burning.

Now when it comes time to pick remember:

- It is always best to pick when it is cooler out - cloudy days, early morning, or maybe the evening (We are usually eveing pickers and morning weeders...)

- For lettuce and spinach you'll want to pick while the leaves are still tender.

- I usually pick as soon as it looks big enough to eat. The plants respond well and make more right away. We always have lettuce to eat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

"Dumpster Diving"

For those of you that don't know me, I am a bit of an odd ball. I love to stay up late. I like to start projects at 10pm. I love for things to be neat and tidy, although you can't tell by looking at my house. I used to have NO DEBT. Yes, I had no debt before I became pregnant with my daughter. And I am pretty shy. My shyness goes to the point that it has been hard for me to ask even my family members to become followers of my blog.... So for me to admit that I have tried dumpster diving really takes a lot of guts.

I have to be honest. I was in a bit of a bind. I can't afford to pay for all of those coupon inserts that I use. I tried asking the local gas station for leftovers. But I had to wait until after midnight each Sunday (or should I say Monday) and then some of the weeks they were clear out of papers. So I couldn't depend on them. So I turned to the recycling bin. It isn't a dumpster full of disgusting garbage. In fact, it only has paper products. And I have found that I am hooked. I don't know if it is the fact that I feel like I'm being naughty and for a goody two shoes, I really needed a thrill, or that I just love getting a good deal and coupons sometimes get me to the deal, but I am hooked. I go there several times a week. And I have a ton to show for it. So I am going to start posting some of my divine dumpster diving finds. Look for the first post coming soon. And leave a comment if you have ever tried.... I'd love to hear about it.

Picture from frugalvillage.com

Rite Aid Scenario

Well, there are a couple of good deals to be had at Rite Aid.

I think that the +Up rewards on Colgate toothpaste and Motrin PM are really the big ones. But, I have to tell you, that I haven't seen much else that is blowing my skirt up this week.

Here is my plan:

Buy as many Motrin PMs as I have $3 off coupons for first.

Then use the $3+up reward to pay for a $20 box of Pampers.
So far I have only found 1 coupon. So my deal would be this:

1 box of pampers diapers
2 butterfinger candy bars(B1G1 free)

I would use:

$5 off $20
free butterfinger coupon from mail (yes that means two for free... I think it was a facebook freebie)
$2 off Pampers coupon from this week's sunday paper
$3 off pampers rite aid coupon from coupon booklet
$3 off +up reward
$1 off +up reward I haven't used yet.

Should be $6 plus tax.

I hope that I can find more coupons to make it even cheaper. And if I am really lucky and can find more of the coupons I will use towards skincare SCR I mentioned in a past post.

****This is a great week to use the +Up rewards on anything your family may need or want. I need diapers, but maybe your family needs something else.****

Please note: Some places are reporting chex mix at $1.29 a bag. My Rite Aid never has these little ones. But after 2 $.50 off coupons and the B1G1 these would be $.15.
And there are candy bar Video Value coupons for Mounds and Almond Joy to help with that B1G1 deal. I just don't happen to eat these, so don't plan to purchase. They could make a great filler if you need it.

To see all the great deals you can go here.

Wegmans Trip 6/20

(I had to take the pic after putting it all away, so many items didn't make it in the pic this time. Sorry!!)

Like I've said before, I like to stop at Wegmans after Walmart. It was another successful trip. I saved $42.34 with coupons and shoppers club card. I am finally getting better at this. Here is some of what I picked up:

4 - Turkey Hill Iced Teas $1.49 with SC (SC means shoppers club card)
I used 2 -$1 off coupons from old paper
I used 2 - $1 off Wegmans coupons from back of my receipt ($.49 each)

1- Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $3.49 with SC
I used free coupon from kraft first taste
1 - Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Ready Rice
I used free coupon that I got in the mail
2- boxes smart taste ronzoni pasta $1.49 each
I used $1 off coupons I found in mags like Better Homes and Gardens ($.49 each)
1- box ronzoni healthy harvest $1.49
I used $.75 coupon from insert I found in recycle bin
*doubled* to make it free

3- zone perfect bars $.99 with SC
I used 3 - $.55 coupons *doubled* to make them free
2 - Jack Daniels BBQ sauce $2.19 each
I used 2 - $.55 off coupons *doubled* to make them $1.09 each
3- dentyne ice gum (couldn't find this falvor at walmart) $1.19
I used 3 - $1 off coupons to make them $.19 each
1 bagel bites $2.19
I used $1 off coupon from last week's paper
I used $1 off weg coupon from receipt to make it $.19

1 tgif mozz stixs $3.49
I used $1.50 printed coupon
I used $1 off weg coupon from back of receipt to make $.99

1 - kleenex hand towels $2.99
I used $1 off from paper insert
and $1 off from Weg receipt

2 - wegmans ice cream $1.99
2- macaroni grill dinner kits $3.99
I used $.75 printed *doubled* to make it $2.49

Walmart Stop

I did the weekly shopping last night and I have to say, this has probably been the best yet. I don't usually do this good.

My total was $45.98 plus tax before coupons and I paid $15.70 plus tax after. For those of you wondering that is over 65% savings!!!!!!!!

Here is what I got:

6- Pampers Wipes $1.97 each
I used 6 $2 off coupons from 6/6 P&G FREE!
12- Scotch Brite Sponges $0.84 each (not pictured)
I used 6 $1/2 coupons - made them $.34 each
3- Dentyne Pure Gum $.96 each
I used 3 $1 off coupons from 6/13 paper
1- philly cream cheese minis $1.78
I used free coupon from kraftfirsttaste
1- catalina dressing (kraft) $1.50 on rollback
I wasn't lucky enough to get coupon for this...
2- hershey's choc syrups $1.68 each
I used $1/2 from past paper to make it $1.18 each
4 - wishbone dressings $1.88 each
I used 2-$1.25/2 from past paper to make it about $1.26 each
2 KC masterpiece BBQ sauce $1.78
I used 2 - $1 off from past paper to make $0.78 each
2 - French's Fried Onions $1.74
I used 2 - $1 off from past paper to make it $0.74 each

We are still in stock up mode for summer. So these are going in the pantry and I won't have to buy these items pretty much all summer.

Wegmans Brand Items

I know that couponing can seem a little overwhelming when you start talking about stock piling and using more than one set of inserts each week. So for those of you with a Wegmans near by, there is a simple way to save and all you need is a shoppers club card. Wegmans has their own brand which I happen to love and purchase quite frequently for items that I either don't have a coupon for or items that are still more expensive with a coupon. They are of high quality and most are better than some of the name brands.... I'm thinking right now of their paper towels, ice cream, soups, etc.

Here is a list of current Wegmans brand items on sale:

Weg canned veggies $0.39 (corn, green beans, etc.)
Wegmans O's (like oreos) 2/$3
Weg Pepper jack cheese (and other flavors) 8oz $1.99
Weg French Onion Dip $1.29
Weg Juice 64 fl. oz $1.99
Weg Dressing $1.49
Weg marinade 2/$5
Weg Mayo 30 fl oz $1.99
Weg 12 packs of soda 5/$10 (yes $2 per 12 pack and it is good too!!!)
Weg tomato ketchup 40oz $.99
Weg lemonade $.99
Weg Antiseptic Oral Rinse 2/$3
Weg ice cream $1.99 (1.5qt)
Weg ice cream sandwiches $1.99
Weg Dinner roll crescents $1.59
Weg tortillas 20 oz $1.49
Weg apple sauce 6pk $1.19
Weg Cotton Balls 100ct $0.99
Weg fruit in cups (madarin oranges, pineapples, pears, etc) 2/$3
Weg Pie Crusts $1.99

There is no clipping required for these deals!!!! This is a great place to start saving money without a whole lot of work.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In my Mailbox

Picture will need to be modified... thank you for the comments

I haven't posted a mailbox shot in a couple weeks because I hadn't really gotten anything good. Then yesterday my mailbox was full.

Here are some of the most recent fun things I've found inside:

1 revlon lipstick from walgreens (not pictured)
1 tote from earth grains - pretty green (not pictured)
1 tote from Disney - nice blue and has a zipper... looks more like purse
1 green first aid kit with coupons - mail in rebate I mentioned a few weeks ago
1 sample of biodegradable trash bags
1 pantene sample with coupons from vocal point
sample of flavored mayo from kraft

Rite Aid Trip 6/16

So my earlier scenario went perfectly. I submitted for pantene, gillette, and mailed in the schick rebate form. Plus I got a coupon booklet in the mail with a $2 off Pantene coupon inside from Rite Aid which I also used to help pay some of the tax. All in all, I made over 10 bucks with this purchase!!!!! You can read the details here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow

I've mentioned before that I use Pampers. I basically have to because my children will get a rash if I don't. Plus I think that they leak a ton less with pampers as well. To me, if I am going to use a product that offers rewards for using it, I'll participate in the program.

Pampers offers Gifts to Grow. Each product they sell, even the wipes, have a code that can be entered into their website for points that you can redeem for different gifts or prizes. Plus they often post freebie points to help boost your totals. They have had giftcards, toys, magazine subscriptions, photo prints, etc.

You can check it out here. And if you decide to join, add these codes to your total:

Let me know what you think in the comments!!!


So I have been sharing with you all the ways I save money. Here is a way I make money. Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you points when you search for different topics on their site. Out of all the sites I have tried taking surveys and clicking through e-mails, this is the fastest and easiest way to earn giftcards that I have found. I have only been on this site for a couple months now and have already earned 5 giftcards where other sites may take 6 months to a year to get anything mailed home.

I highly recommend it. It doesn't take any extra time and it might just help you shave off some diaper costs at Target or put a dent on Christmas shopping with the Amazon giftcards. Check it out here and tell me what you think.

***It usually takes about 3 searches or so before you get any points. So don't expect to get a point every time you type something in. Sometimes it is 5 points sometimes it could be 50. You never know.***

Free Stuff for Babies

A dear loved one is expecting a baby in the near future. So I compiled this list with her in my heart.

You have probably seen in the pictures that I have two loves at this time. When I had my daughter, I had not known about all the free items available. By the time I had my son, I was just getting started. I sure do wish I had know about these sooner. So here are some of the things that I did to get free stuff for my babes:

While pregnant:
****First I signed up with different well known companies like

Enfamil (I breastfed, but still added my name for freebies just in case. We ended up giving the freebies to other families in need)
Gerber Start Healthy Stay Healthy
Beech Nut
American Baby
Baby Talk

*****I kept my eyes out for freebies at the OBGYN office. I received tons of samples, diaper bags, magazines, a journal. Usually things are left out with a sign that says you are free to take them. The diaper bags were given to me when I had about a month left to go.

****Plus I would start looking at the Drug Store Ads. I use Rite Aid because it is so close to my house. You can start scanning each week to see if it looks like a good deal and stock up now. Those babes use at least ten diapers a day in the beginning. You'll need a ton and probably won't want to leave the house too much in the beginning. Plus I often find deals on Johnson & Johnson bath time products at the drugstores as well. If you get really good at the drugstore game you could get free stuff even when it isn't priced that cheap. I'll be sure to mention when this happens in the scenarios I post.

I usually get Pampers because my children's bums just seem to leak less and get irritated less. If you can find diapers cheaper than this then buy and stock up:

Swaddlers and Cruisers
Price per diaper
New born: 22 cents
Size 1 20 cents
Size 2 22 cents
Size 3 25 cents
Size 4 29 cents
Size 5 34 cents
Size 6 40 cents

Go here for Penny Pinching Parents' list of all brands and sizes.

****When you choose a store to register with, you may want to look at what goodies they are offering. It might be worth your time to register with stores you don't usually shop if they are willing to hand you a tote full of freebies, coupons, or even a gift card (seen this recently in Target ads to name one company.)

While in the Hospital:

****When I was leaving the hospital with my second child one of the nurses came in and told me to take everything. Now she didn't quite mean everything, but she did mean that I could take the maxi pads, diapers, wipes, spray can of pain reliever for your bottom, little disposable underwear for the moms, etc. I wish I had known this with my first. I had just asked for more diapers and wipes right before we left. So we ended up with almost a whole package for free. It seems silly, but it all adds up.

When I got home:

****Any time we went to the pediatrician I would ask about samples. I was given butt paste, soap, and even infant medicine. The first visit came with a nice tote bag with goodies inside. Don't be shy, companies give this stuff to the doctors because they want it given out.

****While taking care of my new babes I began calling companies to ask for coupons and samples. You may want to do this while you are still pregnant. I just never got around to it until after.

Johnson & Johnson New Parent Pack 1 800 526 3967 or check out their website
Lansinoh (breast care)- they sent me a whole sample pack of nice items 1-800-292-4794
Balmex - I received coupons from them
Nature's Goodness - they sent coupons for free baby food (I prefer to make my own... which could be a whole other post, but it is nice to have some on hand when traveling or going somewhere different)1-800-usa-baby

Juicy Juice
- I was sent a water bottle and sippy cup. These were both very nice

I would also keep tabs on freebie sites like freestufftimes.com. Chris has a baby section here that you can check out or just monitor the freebies that are posted each day. I would also join Vocal Point and other companies that have have baby products and are known for the great samples they provide.

Some of these companies, like Beech Nut, told me to call again in a couple months to get anotherset of coupons or samples for older babies.

****Last but not least, I think the best way to get freebies for your children is to trade items or just accept items from friends and family that some may call hand-me downs. If you don't have friends or family to borrow from there are some great communities online that give away things they are no longer using.

I personally use freecycle.org which is a yahoo group for trading anything you don't need or want anymore or there is also freepeats.org which is a site that you can join that has everything from maternity clothes to diapers. Most items have been gently used and parents are looking to pass it on to the next family.

This list is just some of the many possible freebies for babies out there. I am sure that you will be able to find good deals on the items you need for your little one.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the Garden

Last night we made BLTs for dinner. It was glorious to walk out to the garden and pick fresh lettuce and spinach for our sandwiches. And I think it tastes so much better when you are getting it fresh.

(The above pictures are the latest changes in our beautiful garden. It is really flourishing!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pampers Extra Protection Sample

I love to order these samples because 1) it is great to get free diapers and 2) they usually come with good coupons. Check it out here.

Want a new bathrobe????

Dove is offering a free luxury bathrobe in return for your review of the new reinvented Dove Hair Care. It has to be 30 to 90 seconds long of video or you can submit a photo with text on both the shampoo and conditioner. You have to have the bottles in the picture which is the one glitch to this freebie. But if you happen to have some already, this is a great find. You can go here for more info.

Rite Aid Deal just got better

There is a Schick Hydro mail in rebate so that you can try it for free. I'd go here and print the form now.

You have to purchase between 6/14 and 8/18!!! SO this is the perfect time with the deals at Rite Aid this week. You can get up to $10.99 back.

You can make $6 dollars this week at Rite Aid just in this offer alone. Yippeeeee....

Walmart stop

I am embarrassed to show how poorly I did. Like I said before, I was very disorganized with my coupons and deals this week. Plus, I see deals posted in other states that are not the same price here. I was ready to get some free BBQ sauce to then find that is wasn't at price cut. Ugh!

I am still in stock up mode for summer when I don't get a paycheck.

I got:

2 Pampers wipes $1.97 each (all they had in the store.......)
* I used $2 off coupons to get for free
2 Hershey's Chocolate Syrups $1.68 each
* I used $1 off 2 to make $1.18 each
2 Italian Dressings $1.88
* I used $1.25 off 2 to make them around $1.25 each
2 Taco Bell seasoning sauce $1 each
* I used $1 off 2 printed coupon to make $.50 each
2 Crest Toothpastes $1.50 each
* I used $1 off 2 to make $1 (I just love the scope flavor)
1 Sargento reduced sodium cheese $2.83
* I used $1 off coupon to make $1.83
Plus I picked up a bunch of pasta at $.61 per box. We were low and I didn't have anymore ronzoni coupons for free pasta at Wegmans.

While I was there, I noticed that Infusium was on rollback to $4.97. This would be a great time to use the $3 off coupon if you still have it. And some of the John Freida root awakening was marked as clearance at $4.50

Rite Aid Scenarios

I have to be honest. I have gotten a bit disorganized. It is the end of the school year here. Students have one week left and teachers have two. And I have to tell you I am just a little overwhelmed. Ugh....

I can't wait to just be a stay at home mom for a couple of months.

So my thoughts are a bit disorganized, but bear with me.

Idea #1:

I would buy
2 Pantene Nature Fusion $3.50 each $7.00 total
2 Gillette Body Wash $3.00 each $6.00 total
1 Schick Hydro Razor $7.00
1 Veet $6.60

Total $26.60

SO then I would use:
$5 off 25
$4 off Pantene (2-$2 off mailers from vocal point)
$3 off Pantene rebate (e-mailed to me from Rite Aid)
$5 off Schick coupon in paper
$1 off Schick coupon from VV
B1G1 coupon for Gillete (is there an old $2 off coupon too still around???)
$3 rebate for Gillette
$3 off veet printable
$3 off veet VV
$1 off veet in-ad(if they'll let me use it...)

That is $31 off... which means it's a money maker when the rebate check is in the mailbox.

I'll have to pay $1.60 + tax out of pocket. But that sounds fine to me.

I am working on a second scenario and will have to update. My kids would just love the play tent for sale this week for $15 and I am trying to find a way to make it even cheaper. If you have ideas leave it in the comments please. I'd love to hear from you.

For more great deals at Rite Aid go here.

Frugal Fun #4

Here we are doing one of our favorite things! We are beginning the picking season. And here it is time for strawberries. We love to get excercise and actually pick the food that will be going into our bodies.

We are working on getting berry bushes in our yard, but until then we will enjoy the drive out to the farm. We usually pick all the berries we need for the year during the next couple of months. Then we freeze them to have all year at the peak of freshness and the best price. Plus I am glad to be giving our money to a local farmer rather than a stranger.

I'll have to share some of the tastey treats we come up with!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rite Aid Trip 6/9 and 6/10

I felt like I didn't have as good of luck at Rite Aid this week. Both trips ended up with unexpected glitches that I wasn't planned for.

Trip #1:

1 pack of Pampers $9.99
6 packs of Pampers wipes $2.49 each (14.94)
2 Dawn Dish soaps (1 was hand renewal) $.99
Total $26.91 plus tax

I used:
$5 off $25
$1.50 off diapers (P&G 6/6)
$2 off x 6 ($12) off wipes (P&G 6/6)
$1 off Dawn Hand Renewal (booklet)
$.20 off any Dawn (P&G 6/6)

Total $7.21 plus tax
Note: I had to get the dish soaps because the manager said that I could not get money back from using my SCR. I have gotten money back in the past, but I didn't want to fight it since they are always so nice with all my coupons and just went back and grabbed the dish soap. Oh well.

Trip #2:

This trip did not go at all as planned in earlier post. They did not have enough of the items I wanted. The prices were different than I saw on other blogs. I kind of wish I had just left and regrouped with new info to make a better trip, but didn't want ot drag kids there again. I had to get got2b for a bzzcampaign to start writing reports and my daughter has wanted these Princess Tiana sunglasses for months. We don't usually go to the Rite Aid that carries them so I just got them for her and called it a win because she was so sticken excited.

1 got2b smooth operator $6.49
1 veet $6.69
3 Dawn Dish soaps $.99 each
1 SS kids sunglasses $7.99 (not pictured)

Total: about $24.20 plus tax

I used
$5 off $25
1 free got2b coupon from bzzagent
$3 off veet printable
$3 off Veet video values
3 - $.20 off Dawn

Total in the end: $2.70 plus tax

$4 off Style Science kids vv

Wegmans shopping

I shopped on Sunday and just haven't gotten a chance to post. Some of the highlights from my Wegmans stop include:

Big pack of chicken breasts $1.99 per pound (not pictured)
4 packs of Seeds for my garden $.32 cents each on clearance
2 Turkey hill Iced Teas w/ scc $1.49 (I got for $.49)
* I used $1 off Wegmans coupon from my receipt
* I also used $1/2 coupon from old Sunday Paper
4 Zone Pefect Nutritional Bars w/ scc $.99 (I got for free)
* I used $.55 coupon *doubled* from old paper (5/13???)
1 Softsoap Bodywash $1.69 (I paid $.19)
* I used $.75 printed coupon from colgate website *doubled*
1 Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce $2.19 ( I got for $1.09)
* I used $.55 off coupon *doubled*

Friday, June 11, 2010

Poptart Sprinklings

A few days ago we got this great little package in the mail from Poptarts Sprinklings program. I hadn't been really all that impressed with the program since I had been a member for months and never received anything... yes... anything... not even a survey to fill out, let alone a free sample.

So anyways, the other day the box came for my daughter and it was a half-birthday celebration. It had a free package of poptarts, a card, and a banner. It was really cute and made her day.

If you are interested in signing up you can go here.

Contest Wins

I had never won anything until I started my frugal living. When I started looking for ways to get things for free, one of the ways I found was to try to win the items. I don't have time to play all the time because I do work full time, have two children and a husband to care for, and I have to sleep at some point. So my winnings aren't great. They are however, better than nothing.

Places I use to find games:
- freestufftimes.com/contests
- freebies4mom.com and click on sweeps
- I have used sweeties sweeps, but it isn't my favorite set-up

So you may be wondering what I've won. Here are just a few of the things I have won in the past few months. You'll notice it isn't $50,000 or a new car. I have gotten a few things that my kids have enjoyed and some free items that we regularly use.
- diamond and sapphire necklace from jewelry.com's daily giveaway
- $50 from a Cheerios instant win $5 at a time.
- free glade candel
- free jar of pace salsa
- hamburger shaped timer (mostly played for the coupon off ground beef)
- tote bags
- budweiser mini soccer ball
- cookbook picture above

I try to enter games or contests that I have a better chance of winning, but there are a few I've entered just because they looked fun. I also usually play the instant win games very early in the morning ... Yes, we're talking 3am - 5am. Ouch

Good luck to all who try.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where to use the Pampers Coupon

Did you get the $2 off Pampers Wipe Coupon? Well, I sure did. Here are some places to use it:

Walmart $1.97
*Makes it free* But my Walmart was all out on Sunday already....ugh

Wegmans $2.49 (this is the regular price without the Shoppers Club
*makes it $.49

Rite Aid $2.49 (regularly $3.69, but on sale this week)
*makes it $.49

Target between $1.98 and $2.39 depending on location
* free to $.39

To me, it really looks like anywhere you go you are getting a good deal!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Got2b Smooth Operator

I've mentioned before that I am a bzzagent. I recently posted about the Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless. Now I have been given coupons and samples for got2b smooth operator. I haven't gotten a chance to purchase this yet with the freebie coupon, but plan to this week. I already put it in my Rite Aid scenario below.

Once I try I'll be sure to share the details. I have frizzy, crazy, and very thick hair so I cannot wait to see what it will do.

Here are some of the facts sent to me from the BzzCampaign:
- recently reformulated with indulgent cashmere infusion
- protects against heat damage
- soft as a cloud
- non-greasy
- smooths frizzies and flyaways for a touchable finish
- they do make a serum with UV protection
- perfect for all hair types whether wet or dry
- the bottle is pretty cool looking too
- you should be able to find at drug store like Walgreen's, CVS, and Rite Aid

Rite Aid Scenario

Here is my plan for Rite Aid this week:

Transaction #1
1 - Pampers $9.99
6 - Diaper Wipes $2.49 ($14.94)

Total: $24.93 or $26.92 with tax
I'll use
$5 off $25
$1.50 off diapers P&G 6/6/10
$12 off wipes (6 x $2) P & G 6/6/10

I'll pay $6.50 and get $1 +up

Transaction #2

2 - Smooth operation from got2b ($6.29 each) ~$12.60
1 - veet $5.35
1 - Physician's Formula $5.50
8 Dawn Dish Soaps $.99 each
Total: $31.45

I'll use
$5 0ff $25
One free got2b from bzzagent
1- $2.50 off got2b bzz agent
1- $3 off V V got2b
1- $3 off Veet printable
1 - $3 off Veet V V
1 - $5 Physician's Rite Aid printable
2 - $1 off Dawn Hand renewal from booklet mailed
6 - $.20 off dawn from P& G 6/6/10
1 - $1 +up reward??? not sure if that is how you use it yet...

$31.45- $31 = $.45 for all!!!!!!!!!!!

****Or you could replace the got2b with two pairs of kids sunglasses ($7.99 each and they are B1G1 half off this week) If you get one foster&grant and one style science you can use the V V coupons for $5 and $4 off. Your total will be 2 to 3 dollars more in the end, but still a nice deal!

Now I still have to find a way to get more of the #555 rebate in skin care. But I have until July 24, so I might wait for a better deal or better coupons to come around.

For more rite aid deals go here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Rite Aid Trip

So I ended up doing the deal I mentioned here twice. So I spent $6.50 oop. Then I also got 2 pairs of sunglasses. One was the polarized Style Sciecne that was on sale for $12.99. I used the $10 off V V coupon. I got a apir of Ariel sunglasses for my little love for $7.99 and used the $5 off Foster & Grant V V. Plus I used 5 off $20 coupon. So I ended up spending about $2 there after tax. I submitted for the $10 sunglass rebate and almost have enough for the skincare rebate. So all in all I made money. Yippee. I love when that happens!!!!!!!

In my Garden

I wanted to share some pics of my beautiful rose bushes.

Here are a few tips to help yours do well:
- make sure to plant your roses in a sunny area
We have ours planted on the east side of our house. Whenever I check it seems that there is sun just pouring on them.
- we chop the bushes down
Each year we chop it down and it seems to grow higher and higher
- get rid of old dead flowers
I make sure to cut them off as soon as they start to look sad and we always have flowers blooming from spring to fall

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rite Aid Scenario

I am finally going to try and get to Rite Aid this week. I haven't shopped there in weeks because they just didn't have anything my family needed at a decent price.

So here is my idea:

Buy 2 Children's Benedryl $4.99 each ($9.98)
Buy 1 Coppertone Sun Lotion $8.99
Buy 1 Clearasil $5.29
Buy 1 Stayfree pads $1.99
Total $26.25

I'll use
$5 off $25
$5 off 2 benedryl coupon
$1 coppertone print
$2 in-ad coppertone
$3 VV coppertone
$2 clearasil print
$3 VV clearasil
$2 stayfree coupon

$26.25 - $23 = 3.25 total

And some of these will qualify towards different rite aid rebates.
I'll probably do this scenario twice to help stock up on benedryl for my little ones and their swollen mosquito bites.

Frugal Fun #3

Check it out... free ice cream again! This time it is at Friendly's from noon to 5 on Saturday. I know where I'll be this weekend.

Wegmans and Revlon Deal

I mentioned earlier last week that Wegmans has many Revlon items at clearance prices because they are being discontinued. They are also offering a free tote bag if you buy two Revlon Color Items. When I looked at some $2 off coupons I had (with Jessica Alba in the adviretisement) it mentioned color items and had nail polish and lipsticks in the picture.

So I got 1 nail polish on sale $2.99 (used $2 coupon) $.99.
And I got one lipstick on sale $3.99 (used $2 coupon) $1.99.

So then I could get the tote bag free. It rang up as $12.99 originally. It is pretty cute and a nice big size.
I wasn't sure which item qualified, but this deal went through without a glich. I hardly ever have trouble with coupons at Wegmans. Oh, I do love Wegmans....