Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rite Aid Stop 1/30

I went to two different Rite Aids today. And I actually made sure I was out the door early this time. I've been bad the past couple weeks. Sometimes I won't get there until Tuesday. But we are down to one vehicle for a little while, so it is a little harder to get around.

First deal:

4 Edy's Ice creams $2.99 each

4 Lay's Stax $1

2 Charmin 2/$6

Coricidin $5.99

I used:

$2 off Video Values

2 - $1/1 Charmin from mailers and coupon booklets

$2 off Coricidin

$2 off Coricidin Video Values

I then paid with $19 in +ups and $1.40 oop.

I got back 4- $2 +ups for Edy's, 4- $1 +ups for lays, $5 +up for spending $15, $1 +up for Charmin, and $4 +up for Coricidin. That's $22 in +ups.

I then went to the other Rite Aid across town and did the same ice cream and chips deal. I did not get a second $5 +up.
I also grabbed the Afrin at $5.99. I used a $3 coupon from a past insert and a $2 Video Value. I had to pay the $0.99 but I got back $4 in +ups.
And I got 2 bags of Halls 2/$3. I used $1/2 coupon from an insert and 2 - $0.50 Video Value coupons. I paid $1 and then I got back a $1+up and my $20 reward.
I will probably be back before the end of the week.... How did you do?

Best Wegmans Savings Ever

I know that I've said this before, but I did sooooo great at Wegmans today. I tried to take a picture of my receipt to prove it but it just kept coming out white.

So, I saved $62.94 after coupons and shoppers club!!!! I know that some of you have crazy stores out there with katalina deals and triple coupon days and can walk out with hundreds

of dollars worth of stuff for pennies. Well, Wegmans isn't like that. And I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love Wegmans.

Anyways, there are some deals that you might want in on. Some of the coupons are expiring tomorrow.

Sinex $4.89

used $4off from P&G exp 1/31

(If you didn't get it free at the drug stores)

Folgers $2.49

used $1/2 from old insert exp 1/31

made these $1.99 each

(This keeps my hubby nice in the morning. I can't drink coffee. I mostly drink water and my fav- chocolate milk.... but I will buy as many coffees as I can just to keep him happy... haha)

Cheez-Its $2/4

used $1/2 from today's insert

made these $1.50 each

I bought 8 toothbrushes (Oral B Advantage - bin near registers) $1.50/2

used 8 - $1/1 from several P&G inserts

made these all free.

4 -Wegmans pasta (Shellls) were $0.99 but they were marked down to $0.79

(I could have sworn some of the pasta was $0.69 recently....)

Hostess Raspberry Smart Baked Stresel $2.50

used $0.50 printed coupon *doubled*

made these $1.50

Orvilleredenbacker 6pk $2.99

used $1/1 from All You

made this $1.99

I also noticed that Maalox is $4.69. If you still have the $5 off coupon you can get this for free.

My Wegmans has also had these great bags of apples for $0.75/lb. My kids eat several apples a day. So these bags with a $1 off produce coupon make a great deal. I love apples with peanut butter as an afternoon snack. Wegmans peanut butter is at $1.19. So put those two together and you've got a healthy, tasty, and cheap treat.

Now, obviously, everything I bought isn't in the picture. I got a club pack of chicken, yogurt, lots of produce, milk, eggs, etc. I also had some expiring soon coupons that I couldn't afford to use. I hope that one of you finds them as I placed them all over the store!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rite Aid Stops

I stopped at a couple of different Rite Aids looking for the really small bottles of CoQ10 for the Heart Healthy deal scenario posted by Shannon at For the Mommas. But I could never find two in one store. So I did two separate similar transactions with the next size up:

1 Fish Oil $10.99
1 CoQ10 $23.99

After my discount it came to $31.03.

used $4 off $20 from Video Values
used $3 Video Values from January
used $6 off from All You
used $4 off from all you
used $14 in +ups
I paid $0.03 oop

Then I got the $10 and $16 +ups.

I repeated the same thing again, bu this time with the Feb Video Values, and the $5 and $3 from All you that was left. And I used a $16 +up that I just got. I paid $0.03 again and received the $10 and $16 +up.

Not only did I make $21 in +ups, but I also have about $62 towards the rewards.

I also got 4 packs of lightbulbs earlier in the week for free. They were on sale for $1.99 and you got back $1.99 in +ups.

I am starting to build some scenarios for next week and I'll let you know if I come up with anything good! What's got you excited for next week's Rite Aid deals? I'd love to hear...

Trying Out CVS

A new CVS opened last week just down the road from me. With their grand opening, they sent our mailers with coupons. There was a $5 off $15, a coupon from any free CVS brand item up to $3, and a coupon for a free 2 liter of Coke.

So I wasn't going to let some free stuff go. I also wanted to stock up on soda for games and get togethers we have coming up and of course for my migraines. I tell ya, if I start to feel one coming on and I catch it early enough, coke can really do the trick... well sometimes.

So I grabbed my two freebies and then bought 5 12pks of Coke for $15. I used the $5 off coupon. So I paid $10 oop and then got back a $5 Register Reward for the next time I go in. So I'll have to start looking for more CVS deals.

I kind of felt bad going in there though. I love Rite Aid and sort of felt like I was "cheating" on them. Rite Aids deals are so much better.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pamper Gifts to Grow

Here is a code worth 42 points: VMF776C7HMXXT4A

Remember, you don't have to have a babe in diapers to enjoy some of the great freebies Pampers offers!!!

Go here to get started.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wegmans Shop

Here are a couple of picks from my latest stop at Wegmans.

I grabbed:

1 Weg dressing $1.79
used $1/1 wegmans coupon from email
makes it $0.79

1 Kraft dressing $2.19
used $1/1 printable
makes it $1.19
(this is cheaper at Walmart but would have cost more than the $0.19 extra cents to drive there just for that)

5 cans of green beans $0.39 each

2 Folgers coffees $2.49 each
used $1/2 to make it $1.99 each

Hellman's $2.89???
used $0.75 printable *doubled*
makes this $1.49

2 Go-gurts $1.99 each
used $0.75 printable *doubled*
makes these $1.24 each

celery $1.49???
used $1/1 produce coupon
makes this $0.49

Lean pockets $1.99
used $0.50 printable *doubled*
makes this $0.99

Healthy Choice $1.99 each
finally remember to use my snail mail BOGO coupon
makes these about $0.99 each

Coke 12pk
used free coupon from mycokerewards

egglands best eggs 18count $2.99
used $0.50 *doubled* from better homes and gardens mag
makes these $1.99
(the wegmans brand is $1.93 for 18count. I thought I'd try these farm fresh eggs and see what I thought)

Oral B toothbrushes 2/$1.50
I used a $0.75/2 indicators or one advantage coupon from a booklet. I thought it would double, but it didn't. It is because I am a idiot. I thought they were indicator toothbrushes, but they were advantage. So I could have used 2 coupons and gotten both for free.

*If you have $1/1 for the advantage coupons you should be able to get them free as well. Wegmans registers usually take the amount of the coupon down automatically when they are scanned. They don't allow overage from coupons.

Lesser Evil Snacks

With the Super Bowl around the corner, I know that many of you are probably planning snacks and goodies for the game day parties. I have been trying to find some healthier options to offer my family this year which reminded me of one of many favorite snacks. The makers of this snack are called Lesser Evil. The main idea is that you want something crunchy, salty, or even chocolaty, but you don't want all of the bad stuff. You could grab a celery stick or a carrot, but we all know that sometimes you just want something to munch on. That is where Lesser Evil comes in.

I love these snacks because they taste GREAT. I love to give them to my family because they are all natural, some are gluten free, low in fat, no artificial flavors, no trans fat,and no high fructose corn syrup. You would think that something like this would not taste like a snack, but they do. And they are good.

Below is a pic of my little love chowing down on veggie krinkle sticks. He begs for them. He was giggling while he ate, but the timer on digital cameras takes so long that I just couldn't capture the moment.

I really like the black and white kettle corn myself. But they do offer some other flavors pictured above as well to pretty much meat any taste buds desires!

You can check out Lesser Evil here. And be sure to read their philosophy. Some of the quotes are just too funny! And remember that these are on sale this week at Wegmans 2/$5 in the Nature's Market section. So they are reasonably priced and better for you!!!

Please note *All opinions are 100% mine. I was not compensated for this review.*

Great Coupon

I am at work and can't even try to see if this coupon is still available. It went live at 9... so good chance it is gone. But it can't hurt to try.

Go here to get $3.99 off a bag of New York Style Snacks. (Through whollyfoods.)

Double the Points

Fo today only you can get double the points for all my coke rewards. I just entered a couple codes and 6 for the caps instead of 3 and 20 for 12pks insead of 10. I haven't paid for coke in a long time thanks to my coke rewards and the deals they had on freebie coupons in December!!!. This is only good for today. So be sure to enter your codes if you have any!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just for fun!

So this is just for fun. I told you that I am a Steelers fan the other day. I had made cupcakes to enjoy during the game. And here are my loves more than enjoying their cupcakes while my team WON!!!!!

Rite Aid Trip (last week)

I can't wait to see the monthly deals for the next buy and save at Rite Aid. I am going to wander around tonight and see if any of the signs are posted yet. I'll keep you updated.

I didn't get a picture of my last visit. But I did stop by one more time last week.

I got:

3 boxes of facial tissue
$0.99 each
got 3 - $1 +ups (free)

2 foamies $2.29 ($2.06 with discount)
used $5/2 Video Values
got $5 +up
(money maker)

and one last box of barilla $1.79 ($1.61 with discount)
used $1 off $1 from VV
got $1 +up
(money maker)

It was a great little trip to my favorite drug store!

All I've seen so far for this week is the light bulbs. I hope that other deals pop up. I am going to look into the vitamin deal, but that will take me having the ALL YOU coupons...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Coupons that will double!!

Here are some of the most recently released coupons. If you have a store that doubles (like Wegmans) these will be a nice addition to your coupon pile.

Skittles or Starburst $0.55/2

Shake n Bake $0.75/1

Jello pudding or gelatin $0.55/3

Vlasic pickles, peppers, or relish $0.55/1

Dannon light & fit 4pk $0.50/1

new Nestle toll house coupons (cookie dough, morsels, etc.)

And don't forget: If it is a coupon you can print through swagbucks and get 10swagbucks per redeemed coupon!!!!

I will update with some Wegmans match-ups to help you plan your shopping trip.

Venison Stroganoff

I think the picture came out kind of weird for this tasty meal.

One of the ways we save money on meat is hunting. I am sure that this brings mixed feelings from those of you that read this, but it works for us. You could substitute another meat in this meal if you don't use venison.

When my hubby first started hunting deer I was nervous how I would cook it. I had grown up with a father that hunted but we only had two different meals that were made with the meat. I knew that would get kind of boring after a while. So I am trying to find some new ways to use the meat.

Here is one of my family's new favorites:

I first brown about 2lbs of venison with 1.5 tbsp of oil and 1.5 onions chopped.

When the meat is brown I add a bag of wide egg noodles, 2 cubes of beef bouillon, and a package of fresh mushrooms (8oz???). And I add 2.5 cups of water. Then bring this to a boil.

After it comes to a boil, I let it simmer until the noodles are soft. At this point I add about 2cups sour cream and stir it through.

The meal feeds our family at least twice and heats up fairly well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have you signed up with Wegmans?

Sorry for yet another Wegmans post. It seems that every time I turn around I am finding yet another great deal at my favorite grocery store.
I know that I asked this before.... but have I talked you into signing up for the Wegmans emails yet? Last week there was an awesome coupon for $1 off Wegmans dressing. The dressings start at $1.79!!!! How can you beat that???
This week I got a $1 off an produce coupon. I am a huge veggie/fruit eater and was soooooo excited to see this coupon. It means free cucumbers or free salad. I am going to use one to make the price of the beefstake tomatoes fit into my budget!
Go to and scroll to the bottom. There you will see where you can sign up for fresh news e-mails!

New Coupons on mamboSprouts with Wegmans Match-Ups

I got an email from MamboSprouts yesterday with a bunch of organic food coupons. Wegmans happens to carry many of the products in the Nature's Market section.

Please note that many of these items are not on sale right now. You may want to wait and see if they go on sale to make the price even less.

Also note, I don't know the prices at Whole Foods stores and other places that sell organic food because there is no store like that near by.... So it might be cheaper somewhere else.

Here are some of the products:

Mary's Gone Crackers $3.69
uses $1/1 ti make it $2.69

Jane's Krazy $1.99 (seasonings and spices)
use $0.20 *doubled* to make it $1.59

Celestial Seasonings Tea $2.69
use $0.50 *doubled* to make it $1.69

Imagine Gravy $2.19
use $1/2 to make it $1.69

Lundberg Rice Cakes $2.89
use $0.75 *doubled* to make it $1.39

Santa Cruz (prices start at $2.49)
use $0.75 *doubled* to make it $0.99

Frontera (prices start at $3.49 - guacomole mix)
use $0.55 *doubled* to make it $2.39

San-J (cooking sauces) prices start at $2.79
use $0.55 *doubled* to make it $1.69

Oikos yogurt $1.79
use $1/2 to make it $1.29 each

Here are some items that siad they might be in stores that you could look for. I don't have prices because that section of the website just says it may or may not be available (according to Wegmans website)

Divine Chocolate 3.5oz bar
use $1/1

Arrowhead Mills pancake or waffle mix
use $1/1

RW Knudsen Sparkling Ess. 4pk
$0.75 *doubled* to be $1.50 off 1

Udi's muffins

You can go here to print coupons from MamboSprouts.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wholly Guacamole

Have I mentioned that I LOVE football. Well, I do. I am a huge Steelers fan, so you know where I'll be Sunday night. My whole family gets into it, even the babe. And what family doesn't have snacks when they are watching football? I try hard to find healthy snacks that we can all enjoy. One of our favorites is Wholly Guacamole.

I love the guacamole because it is healthy and it is a great time saver. I grab it from the store and it is ready to go. But you can even add it to recipes if you don't want to use it as a dip. I've added the guacamole to chicken wraps, tacos, and rice dishes.

There is also the salsa and queso. I had not tried these before until Wholly Guacamole sent it to me through their blogger program. Wow, are they good. The salsa tastes fresh, like the kind you get at a great restaurant. And the cheese dip has just enough spice to make it tasty and not burn your mouth. But hey, if you want to burn your mouth they do have different levels of spicy-ness. (Is that a word??? hehe)

You can sign up for coupons on their site when you "join the party." While you're there check out the ingredients too. I bet you can say each one of them. Yep - no extras in this stuff. Must be the reason that it tastes so fresh.

For my Wegmans shoppers:
They have the 100cal snack packs 2/$5. So if you got the $1/1 or the $1/2 in the
1/2/11 Smartsource you can get some cheap snacks to add to your football party or your snacking adventures! Or the 14oz packages are $3.99 before the coupon.

**I was not compensated for this review. I was sent free products to try. All opinions are 100% mine**

And to think I even rotated the stockpile...

I know you can't read this coupon. So I'll explain. I was making hot chocolate and found a coupon in the box. It was a $0.50 off. I am thinking, "Sweet, I can double this at Wegmans." Then I read the expiration date: 2007. Hmmmm. I am glad it was in the front of the stockpile, but my goodness. I need to be better about using things in a timely manner or sharing them with someone who needs them....

Book Review: The Goodness of God

I love to read, but have never had the money to get books. The library sometimes works, but if you are a blogger, Blogging for Books is awesome. Waterbrook Multnomah sent me this book for free to review through their blogging for books program.

Please note that this has nothing to do with saving money.

So here is a personal note. If you are at all like me, you have at one point or many felt like the world was against you, like everything was going wrong. Well, for me things seem to come in 3s. I had a flat tire, then my hubby got laid off, and then my car wouldn't even start. And that was just last week. So now put this three pattern into work over the past 5 years. I won't even get into the list. I know that this happens and it happens to all of us. But I was starting to break down.

Then this book was dropped off. It is called The Goodness of God, by Randy Alcorn. There were so many points that I loved and that brought me back to my faith. I started marking the pages I wanted to read again. It wasn't that the author, Randy Alcorn had said anything new, it was just the way he put it and at a time that I really needed to read it.
Randy went through all the arguments of why some believe that there is no god and how they use suffering to prove it. And he had great rebuttals for all of them. One of the best pieces that I gained in this section of the book was a reminder that God never said that being Christian was going to be easy. He never promised that we would make all of our bills on time and live in prosperity. In fact, the Bible puts the life of a Christian in quite a different light. Have you read some of the disciples life stories? But I believe that in my hear that there is a reason for everything and that God will work it all out. This came out loud and clear throughout the book.

I really like the book and here are some reasons why. It reminded me that when I am given a little extra I should give to those that don't have it. I was reminded that God is not at fault. He gave me free will and I should suck it up and take responsibility for my actions. Alcorn showed through examples that suffering and tragedy really can be used for the positive. We might not be able to see it now or even ever, but it is there and might be for someone else's life. And most of all it reminded me that even when times are bad, trust God and pray.

Now, I am not sure that I agreed 100% with every sentence in this book. There was a part about how any one of us could be a serial killer or rapist given different circumstances. I want to read this over again because maybe I interpreted what he was saying incorrectly. But in the end I think he was just trying to prove the point that a sinner is a sinner no matter what the crime. Evil is evil.

Overall, if you are suffering and starting to lose hope and lose faith, or if you just need the words to share with someone that you know is going through a rough time, this is the book. It is an easy read and full of provoking stories and scripture.

Resolution Reward

**Picture Coming Soon**

I decided to use my $20 +up to get..... DIAPERS! I know ... boring.

I paid $.02 oop for all and $0.32 on a gift card that I wanted to use up.

Pampers Cruisers $19.97 (mine rang up as $17.99 - I wasn't expecting the discount since it was on sale)
I used $1.50 from P&G
got back $1 +up

2 Halls 2/$3
used 2-$1/1 coupons (printed)
got back a $1+up

2 Barilla Pastas $1.79 (mine rang up as $1.61 with discount)
got back 2 - $1 +ups ($.61 for pasta beats having to go to Walmart)

2 boxes of cereal (Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks) $1.99 each
used $1.50/2 old printable

2 Dixie Ultra Plates $3.99 BOGO
used $3/2 Video Value Coupon

I also used a video values coupon and my $20 +up to get all for free. I handed the cashier my 2 cents and got back $4 in +ups.

Now, my Resoultion Reward was not too exciting. I would love to hear your's. I'll even post them here with pic if you'd like. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Wegmans Deals

I wish that Wegmans had a better way of listing out all of their sales. I do love that they have set up the website, but there are just thousands of pages to check.
Here are some more match-ups to add to my last list:

Nature's Market

Garden of Eatin' Tortilla chips (Focaccia flavored only) $1.39

use $1/1 from old insert or some of the blue and red bags have $1/1 peelies right on them

makes these $0.39

Kashi TLC granola bars & snack crackers 2/$5

Lesser Evil Krinkle Sticks 2/$5

Some Luna & Clif Bars $0.49

Genisoy Sweet Crisps $1.34

Genisoy Soy Nuts $0.89


Crushed Tomatoes $0.69

Nissin Ramen Noodles 6pk $0.99

Hormel Chili w/ beans 15oz $0.99
use $0.55/2 *doubled* from
makes these $0.44

Nature Valley 2/$5
use $0.50/1 from *doubled*
makes these $1.50

Cinn Toast Crunch 2/$5
use $0.55/1 *doubled* from
makes these $1.40 each

Quaker Oatmeal 2/$5
use $1/1 from 1/2 RP (I think some got $1/2)
makes these $1.50 each

Orville Redenb. 6pk popcorn $2.99
use $1/1 from All you
makes these $1.99


Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars and Sandwiches $3.99
use $1/1 from ALL YOU
makes these $2.99

Turkey Hill Italian Ice $1.49
(I got a calendar from them, not sure if there were coupons...)

Birds Eye Veggies rnage from $0.99 to $1.49
use $0.50/2 *doubled* from 12/12 SS

$15 Sweater at Ann Taylor Loft

I love The LOFT. But it can be very pricey. This sweater is on sale for $15 right now. If you have a Loft nearby I'd pick it up in store. Otherwise shipping is around $9.

I got this sweater for Christmas from my hubby and LOVE it. It is so soft and comfy. (We got it after Christmas when it was cheaper, but it wasn't $15!!! Oh well.) I checked the sizes and colors available on line and there were still quite a few to pick from.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rite Aid: Free Simply Asia

I have been stopping at several "new to me" Rite Aids this week just to try them out. One I walked out of because they had nothing on sale left. But the second one I tried I found these Simply Asia noodle bowls. They are $1.99 with a $1 +up. Plus I found $1 coupons on them that I used to make them them free!!! I just found these yesterday so there is a chance you might have some luck if you are out and about today.

Please note that out of 4 different Rite Aids I went to, I only found the coupons on the packages at one!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wegmans Deals

Here are some currect Wegmans deals. I have included some of the dates that these deals expire to help you in your planning.

Wegmans Brand

Cotton Swabs 375ct $1.50

Juice 64oz $1.99

Peanut Butter 18oz $1.19

Potato Chips 2/$3
(Kettle cooked and other flavors)

2L of soda $0.79 (exp 3/26)

1 gallon of milk $1.79 (exp 2/5)

Paper Towels (8 rolls?) $4.99 (exp 3/26)

Tortillas 16oz $2.49

Cream Cheese 8oz $1.29 (exp 1/22)

Shredded Cheese or block 8oz 2/$4

Dips (including French Onion) $1.20 (exp 1/29)

FYFGA yogurt 6oz 3/$0.99

Pasta Sauce 24oz $0.99

Tomato Soup 2/$1

And here are other deals:


Heluva Good Dip 2/$3 (exp 3/29)
use $1/2 to make it $1 each
or there was another printable that is not available any more that may make it $0.50 each

Tribe Hummus $1.99
use $1 printable from their webiste
makes this $0.99

6packs of 20oz Coke 4/$9 (exp 1/29)

Cheez Its 2/$4

Lay's Chips $1.99

Goldfish 2/$3

Garden of Eatin' Chips 2/$4
use $1/1 from old insert to make $1 each
may be a coupon on their website as well.

Organic Foods

TamboBamba Jamiacan Rice & Beans $1.74

Nasoya Sandwich Spread $1.99 (14fl oz)
go to and take the pledge to get $1 coupon
$0.99 after coupon

Annie's Thousand Island Dressing 8oz $1.64

Salba Smart Torilla (Organic Blue Corn) $1.59

Nature's Path Cereals 2/$5

Lifeway Kefir Smoothies 32fl oz $2.99
use $1/2 from mambosprouts to make them $2.49 each

Imagine Organic Soups 2/$5
I think that there is $1/2 on their website as well

MaraNatha Almond Butter 12oz $4.99
use $1/1 if you sign up for their newsletter or take the quiz to make it $3.99

Health and Beauty

Secret 1.7oz $0.99
$1/2 from P&G (not sure if these are the trial sized)

Crest 6.2 oz $1.99
use $1 off from P&G
makes it $0.99 (or same price as the 3.5oz haha)

Motrin PM 20ct $3.29
buy 2 and use $6/2 printable or insert from 1/9 if you got it
pay $0.29 each

Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick $2.99
use $1 off P&G from MIR booklet
or $1/1 or $2.50/2 from P&G insert
makes this $1.99

Lady Speedstick $1.88
use $0.75 printable from *doubled* to make it $0.08


Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent $1.99 50fl oz

use $1/2 printable to make it $1.49

Air Wick Winter candle (Fire and warm spice $2.49
use $2/1 from Jan All You
or $2/1 printable from their website
or $2/1 from 12/12 SS
makes this $0.49 each

Renuzit Adjustables $0.79
buy 6 and use B3G3 Free to make these about $0.40 each

More to come....

***Please note: My prices are based on a store in the Rochester, NY area. Your prices and availability may differ. Also, the Wegmans in my area will double any coupon with a value less than $1. So $0.75 becomes $1.50. You can stack a Wegmans coupon with a manufacturer coupon. You can not use printed coupons with the word FREE.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

$10 credit & Free shipping at 24hr Fitness

Update: Looks like this deal is a no-go. Just got an email that it was only for people that had ordered a whey-protein product previously and they will not be honoring the coupon code.

Sorry guys!!!
SO here is a great deal. You can either get free stuff or dicounted items with this $10 credit and free shipping. I just ordered a 55cm workout ball. It was priced at $9.98 in the hot deals section. There are also mixing bottles and jump ropes.

Here is what you do:

First Create an online account here..

Then go shopping.

Use code myOW2424 at checkout.

I did have to enter credit card info even though the total was $0.00. I used a giftcard/credit card and it went through fine.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I found the Sharpies

As a teacher, I have to tell you, free (or close to it) sharpies are a glorious thing.

So I tried another Rite Aid today. I found the bonus pack sharpies and some pasta. I was so excited (Thanks Tina). I had the babes with me and they were so patient as I did 3 transactions to ensure I would get all of my +ups.

First I got the sharpies. Remember they are on sale Bogo 50%
8pack (with bonus) $8.99 and $4.49
the single sharpies $1.99 and $0.99
I used a $1 off $1 video value and +ups to pay. I gave just a little out of pocket. $1.46 plus tax. (I didn't have another $1 +up...)
And then I got back $5 and 2-$4 +ups.

Then I bought the pasta. 4/$5
I used another $1 off $1 and $4 +up to make it free.
I got back 5-$1 +ups. No money our of pocket!!!!

Last I grabbed 4 Finish Powerball 20ct BOGO Free $6.49
So the total was $13.98. I gave the cashier 4 - $2.25 coupons making the new total $3.98. I used 3-$1 +ups that I had just gotten to make my oop $0.98 plus tax.
This finally got me to the $100 total for the Buy and Save so the $20 +up printed out on my receipt.

Oh what a glorious trip. It made up for my total flop yesterday. Plus, my hubby is home with the babe today and says to me this morning, "Hey if you feel like going to Rite Aid by yourself today on the way home that would be just find. Have a few minutes alone!" If the roads clear up here in Rochester, I might just try out a new to me Rite Aid by my work. Oh I love him!!!! And Rite Aid!

And the best part is that I have $32 left in +ups to try and snag some more future deals!!

Is it bad that I am already trying to plan out next week and this week isn't even half over???

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Rite Aid Trip

First of all, I just love Rite Aid and the awesome managers they have there. Life here at our crazy house has just been, well, crazy. I'll have more to say on that in a future post. To say the least, I had to put my blog on hold and catch up on some of the home, family, and work stuff.

So I ran in on Saturday to do the Airwick deal. And one of the managers hugged me. I've known him a long time, went to school with his son.... I just thought it was great. So I got some free air fresheners, $19 in +ups and almost $40 more towards that Buy and Save program.

Then, I wanted to get in on some of the great deals Sunday, but it didn't happen. I clipped coupons at red lights today to make it in there today, and in the parking lot, and in the store.... I would have separated this into two transactions, but after a long day and two cranky kids, I just wanted to get out of there.

Here's what I got:

4 boxes Special K BOGO
used 2 - bogo coupons
paid change for each
got $4 +ups

2 Sharpies $8.99 and $4.49
1 sharpie $1.89
(got back a $5 +up)
I would have gotten back $8 more if I had bought the right ones. You have to get the fat ones. SO I will be going back

4 Spic and Span items $0.50
used 2-$1/2 printables
made these free

2 packs of gum bogo
I got the wrong size and couldn't use the coupon.

2 jet puff marsh. $2/2
got back a $1 +up

2 Hershey Syrups $2.49 each
used $1/2 printable
got $2 in plus ups
(makes them about $0.99 each if you don't get discount)
thanks Felicia!!

Hormel $1.99
used $0.75 printable and $0.50 Video Value
made this $0.74
got back $1 +up

2 boxes of Ziploc bags 2/$4
used $1/2 coupon
made these $1.50 each
we really needed these and it went towards buy and save

I used the $4 off $20 coupon from the Beauty Video Values. So I got back $14 in +ups and I almost have enough for the Buy and Save $20!!! It wasn't the best deal in the world, but we really needed some of the items. Plus, I can make back some +ups when the next order comes in.

I did not get the $6/2 coupon for Motrin in my paper (but it is a great moneymaker for those of you that did). I couldn't find any Barilla or the foamies (craft suppplies), but the great manager on tonight said she could order them and have them for me on Saturday!!! They are so good to me!!!

I am going to try the other Rite Aid in town tomorrow to see what they have left.

(Mu game plan:

buy $15 more of Sharpies - this time getting the fat ones so that I get a total of $13 +ups. I'll use a $1 off $1 and the old +ups to pay.

Then I want to try and find 4 of the Finish BOGO deal $6.49. That will be about $13 - 4- $2.25 coupons. I'll end up paying around $4 with plus ups and will get my $20 buy and save reward.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Coupons

I always struggle with ways of getting enough coupons. I am too cheap to buy 20 papers a week. I don't want to use our money on clipping services. I know many people love the clipping services and trading services through A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World, but I don't have the time to find just the right person with the coupons I need and then spend money on shipping. An envelope full of coupons for the price of a stamp is great if I can use all the coupons.

So you know that I dumpster dive. That sometimes works. And sometimes it doesn't. I have had great finds and then not so much....

I have also stayed up late and went to local gas stations on Sunday night to ask for the papers they were going to throw out. That became weird. At first they were happy to help and then they started puting them in the dumpster before I got there... and I was not about to go through that dumpster...yuck. And now, I'm getting too old to stay up. I keep falling asleep...

So I read in the comments on another blog that some libraries have coupon trading tables. I thought that this was sooooo cool. I am about to call the local libraries near me. But how great would it be to meet other couponers in the area?!?! We could trade without the shipping payment. I could bring the coupons I don't want and look for the coupons I need. And maybe even make a friend or two in the process.

Has anyone else tried this or know of it happening in their area? Has it been successful for you?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Postcards from your Cellphone

Here is another great opportunity through bzzagent. I've been trying products through bzzagent for a while now and it is great. This recent trial from bzzagent sent me with info to a company lets you send pictures from your cell phone as postcards. You can set up an address book on line so that you can send a text/picture message through your phone to friends and family. I was able to get 10 free trial postcards and I believe that anyone can too. They have it posted right on the website.

I have had some trouble getting the pictures to send from my phone, but the company thinks that it may just be my phone. You can also send the postcards from your computer. You just upload a pic and off you go. Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review: Under the Overpass

I recently was sent Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski through Blogging for Books. This is a story of a upper-middle class young guy who decided to live as a homeless person for over 5 months. He brought very little supplies and money on his planned journey with traveling companion Sam. They then lived as homeless people in 6 different cities, panhandling for money, eating out of dumpsters, and sleeping where ever they could find a safe place.

I absolutely loved this book and felt like I was meant to read it at this time in my life. Throughout Mike's journey he turns to different passages in the Bible that helped him get through different difficulties that arose. There was a certain part of the book where he mentions an argument that he and Sam were having during the trip duscussing whether or not good deeds/actions had any merit in your arriving in heaven or if it was just purely based on faith. I was amazed by his honesty in sharing how the argument changed from disagreement to not even wanting to be on the trip together. I won't tell you how the argument ends, but I will say it felt very human in the way he wrote it.

Mike and Sam set out to put their faith to the test. They wanted to see if they could trust that God would provide. And for my family working through our frugal adventures, trying to get back on God's path, it seemed like some of the struggles of being homeless and the struggles of living frugally were very similar. So much of what Mike wrote and the passages of the Bible he tied his stories to were uplifting and fitting to anyone struggling with life right now. It also opened my eyes to how I as a Christian interact with others and the judgements that I may wrongfully pass on to new people I meet. In the end, it has made me want to be better. It has reminded me of the many things God has told us about how we should treat and take care of each other.

Yankoski's way of writing is easy to read and very craftfully put together. Teenagers and up would be able to find interest in this book. And the book is also so moitvational and inspirational, I would recommend it to anyone struggling with different aspects of life or struggling with their faith or just wanting a great book to read.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

Wegmans Shop

Here are just some of the items I grabbed at Wegmans. Not all made it to the picture.

Polly-o mozz cheese $4.29
used $1/1 from
$3.29 (cheaper than Weg brand)

Cinn Toast Crunch 2/$5
used 2- $0.55 off printable (coupons or smartsource) *doubled*
$2.80 for both or $1.40 each

Tomato Puree $0.69 each

Sugar 5lb $1.99 (last week for sale)

Flour 5lb $0.99 (last week)

Tollhouse morsels $1.69
used $0.50/2 printable *doubled*
$1.19 each

Frosting $1.49 w/ Shoppers Club

Shredded Cheese $2 per bag

Ziploc containers 2/$5
used $1.50/2 (expired now) but there is a new printable on
$1.75 each

Prego $1.99
used $1/3 from 01/02 insert
$1.66 each

Terra Chips
used free coupons I got in mail

Food Should Taste Good chips
used free coupon I got in mail

Eggs $1.29 a dozen
used $0.55 off 2 printable *doubled*
$0.74 a dozen

McCormick Vanilla Extract (bigger bottle) $3.99
used $0.50 printable *doubled*
$2.99 each

I also printed the through Swagbucks in hope to get some points. You should get 10 for each coupon you use. But it takes a long time to go through.

I'll have more Wegmans match-ups soon!!!

Making lemonade out of lemons

One of the things that I love the most about my hubby is that when things start to go wrong, and at some point they do, he and I always make the best team.

My daughter has been very sick and I have been taking care of her 24/7 the past few days. There is laundry, dishes, and Christmas exploding all over the house. Her fever finally started to come down yesterday so I decided to go grocery shopping.

When I came home, I brought some of the goods down to the basement to place in our pantry and found this site...

Water coming from my freezer. When I opened the door I found fruits and veggies thawing and dripping and making a mess. There was venison my husband had gotten and organic turkey that we had gotten more than 50% off. Somehow the freezer got unplugged!?!?! Unplugged! How does this happen. My hubby didn't have a answer. It just seems bizarre.

SO after I almost threw up at the site of our harvest and savings getting destroyed. I fought back the tears, looked at my hubby, and said, "This stuff isn't totally thawed out yet. I bet it would be safe to cook it up now and try to save it.

So now, after several nights of little to no sleep, I started cooking and baking up a storm trying to save our food. We were thinking we could turn it in to meals and re-freeze now that the freezer was plugged in again. I was exhausted and jittery. It was after 8 and I hadn't even eaten dinner yet. I didn't know how I was going to get it all down. And there is my hubby putting his boots on to go to the store and get needed supplies. When he got home, he started chopping up veggies and filling cupcake holders.

Here is a pick of just a fraction of what we made last night:

I had to stay up and do sub plans for school since I was going to be staying home with the sick babe. When I finally got up this morning, I found that he had cleaned up a ton of our cooking mess. I am just so thankful that we were able to work together and change this situation to an unplanned freezer cooking day that turned out to be quite successful. We have meals for all of this week already cooked and even some muffins now freezing that will make some great snacks.

Yes, I went to Walmart

To simplify my life, I mentioned I wasn't going to Walmart each week. The penny here and there just didn't seem worth the hour that I usually ended up spending there each week while shopping with 2 kids.

Well, my hubby needed ear plugs for work and I decided to grab a couple other things:

4 Athenos Greek Yogurts $1 each

used 2 - $2/2 printable coupons

all free

2 Hershey's Choc Syrup $1.98 each

used $1/2 Facebook coupon to make $1.48 each

1 Good Earth Kit $3.74

used $1/1 peelie to make $2.74

Glad Flex Force Trash Bags $6.74

use $2 printbale to make $4.74

Rite Aid Stop

Here are some uneventful shopping trips to Rite Aid from last week and this week.

Last week I grabed Tide and Diapers. I didn't pay a cent because I used my SCR and a giftcard. Then I got back +ups for the Tide and the diapers.

I went in this week and grabbed:

6 bags of Peanut M&Ms 75% off $0.99 each

(I used plus ups from previous transactions to pay for these, except for tax.)

2 bags of Kisses 75% off $0.89 each

used $1/2 printable

used $1 Video Values

better than free

2 boxes of Kashi Go Lean 2/$5

used $3 and $1 coupon from Vocal Point

got back a $1 +up reward

both for free

I may go back and do the Airwick deal if I can get my hands on 2 more coupons. The ladies at my work give me coupons, so I'll just have to wait for them to come in.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pamper Gifts to Grow

Here are a couple new codes to enter for Pampers Gifts to Grow.






Haven't signed up yet? You don't have to have kids in diapers to earn points. There are new codes every month given out for free. And you can turn these points into free products through Shutterfly, coupons for or even a P&G coupon boooklet.

And while you are entering points, you can go to Disney Movie Rewards to enter this code for 50pts.
This is another great way to get free gifts whether it be something Disney related or one of their many free products through Snapfish. I used my points to order my Christmas Photo Cards this year. You've gotta love free.


Do you want to earn 8 more swagbucks? They have a code posted on the swabucks blog. Go here to get it and enter it in to get more free stuff.

Are you new to swagbucks 've mentioned before that it is a search engine that gives you points while you search. For more detailed info you can go here.

Have you signed up yet? It is free and it is easy. Go here to get started.

Gaggle of Chicks Deal

Gaggle of Chicks is offering the kitchen utensils again. I think these are so cute. The kitchen untensil above are selling for $20 (originally $30) and if you use the $10 credit it should only be $10. I haven't ordered from them yet, so I am not sure about shipping. I will look to see what I can find out.

If you are interested you can go here to sign up and get your $10 credit.