Thursday, September 30, 2010

So this post has nothing to do with getting anything for free. I just have to vent....

Let me start by saying that I don't me to offend anyone that is currently looking for a job. I am very thankful that the Lord has blessed me with a way of taking care of my family. However, I just never pictured it like this. I thought I'd have all these babies and then stay home to raise them. Instead, I hurry the whole day to get my teacher duties done... don't get me wrong - I love teaching math- I just want to be home with my babes... So I hurry just to see my babes. But when we finally come through the door there is cleaning, dishes, dinner, bathes, and then lesson plans, papers to grade, and my beloved blog. So I was rushing around and didn't realize that my hubby left the butter out when he made his breakfast. And of course my son found that butter on the table. He also found my keys.... And yes that is my car key lovingly placed inside the butter.

Anything exciting in your home?

I WON!!!!!!!!

I have been posting the names of the winners to some of the giveaways I have had the chance to host. Now I want to share with you a win that I was lucky enough to score.

WARNING: This will prove the level of dork that I have achieved. Remember I am a math teacher... that already gives me a dork value.

Anyways, I have been wanting the new TI-Nspire (it is a graphing calculator but not just any graphing calculator... the sweetest one). I told my husband about it and I just kept on dreaming about a chance to get this calculator. But it is expensive...we are talking $185. He said that maybe we could get it for Christmas. I told him it was way too much money and there was no way we could swing it.

So I found a bunch of great bloggers that were doing a back to school bash in August. They were giving away the TI-Nspire (thanks to Texas Instruments). I, of course, entered them as I began to pray that I might win. A couple weeks later I got an email that I won. It finally came the same week we got the MixPups, adding to the incredible week of mail we received.

So the main point is, if you see a giveaway that you want or are interested in, be sure to enter. You never know!!!

I won this on Mommin' It Up. Moms Need to Know was another host to the Back to School Bash.

Rite Aid Scenarios

This was one of those surprising weeks where I got my ad, poured through each item picturing the coupons I had, and becoming discouraged. I was thinking about just grabbing Dawn Dish Soup and being done with it. And then I started noticing all the great deals that were hiding away. I am hoping it isn't too late when I stop there tomorrow.

I actually went to Rite Aid twice this week already. On Sunday I got the 3 Dawns, then on Tuesday I had to get diapers. Pampers Cruisers were on sale and I had over $30 in +ups and SCR. So I bought 3 packages. I paid $9.99 each or $29.97. Then I used $5 off $25 and 3-$1 off coupons to bring my total to $21.97 plus tax. I handed over $20 in SCR and some +ups to cover it all and got back $6 in +ups. So I still have $14 in +ups and money on the gift card.

I was going to go back for the following deal, but my love lost her tooth today and that was quite a big deal for her. Suddenly it was bed time. I guess that is the joy of working full time. The nights go way too fast.

Anyways, here is my plan:

2 Nexxus shampoo & conditioners BOGO 50% off ($5.99 and $2.99)
Aveeno shampoo $5.99
2 Hershey Bliss Chocolates 2/$6
EOS lipgloss $2.99
Small filler: maybe clearance binder or toothbrush or a pack of gum????

Total around $25

I will use $5 off $25
$6/2 Nexxus VV coupon
$3 off Nexxus from a sample i got in the mail
$4 off Aveeno VV
$1 printable off any Aveeno
2 -$1 Hershey Bliss VV (one from Sept and another from Oct)
$1/2 Hershey Bliss from last sunday's insert

$22 in coupons (depending on what I find for a filler)
That leaves 3 plus tax to pay for with +ups and gift cards.

Then I will get $1 +up for Nexxus, $2 SCR for EOS....

So I just pay tax in the end!!!! And this it totally worth it to me because I love Nexxus shampoo.

There is a great deal on P&G products this week as well. You can buy $30 and get $10 +up back. The applicable products were kind of limited so I don't plan to do this deal at the time. It would take too much money out of pocket and we just don't have it at this time.

I think it is also a great week to start loading up on candy.
You can get 3 bags for $7.50 of the good stuff (snickers, milky way, etc.) Here was my idea:

Buy 9 bags of "the good stuff" (my name for it)$22.50

use $4 off $20 from Video Values
use 3-$1 off 3 coupons from last Sunday's inserts

Total $15.50 plus tax

You'll get back $1.50 +up for every 3 bags. So if it prints 3 times you'll get $4.50 back, making the total $11 for 9 bags of candy or about $1.22 per bag.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mix Pups

I was hinting to the fact that a week or two ago had been very exciting in the mail department, mostly for my daughter. One box we found on the porch had tons of Mix Pups. We were sent 10 2 -packs to share with friends at a party, 3 singles, 3 packs of accessories, and 1 little puppy salon. The puppies are quite cute.

So we excitedly invited a bunch of little friends to join us. I loved it because we invited them with no strings attached. They didn't have to bring anything or purchase anything. The girls got to come over and have fun, plus leave with a free toy!!! Everyone loved it.

I took a couple pictures but will not be including faces or names of those that are not my children. We were given this opportunity through MomSelect. And we are very thankful. It was my first "Mommy Party". I had been nervoud to sign up for something like this, but all went well!!!

So as for the MixPups... They are made or produced by a company called Jazware. The main idea is that the Pups can mix and match the accesories to be sporty, girly, out to the beach, etc. The girls loved the idea of changing the outfits, collars, and other pieces. My daughter has been carrying her pups around and playing whenever she gets the chance. There are tons of different characters and they even come with their own little puupy bed.

Some of the things I noticed:

To change the skirts you have to pop the leg off. Then the leg never seems to stay on. Plus the mommies had to change the clothes on the pups which was frustrating from both sides. I have found several legs around the house. Some of the sunglasses won't stay on even after tucking them under the "hair" which frustrated the girls. Plus there are lots of little pieces that can easily get lost. My daughter did not like the actual Salon that was sent because it was so tiny. She wanted to fit all the pups and the furniture inside and it just didn't work.

Over all I thought the toy had great potential and the girls really liked them!! My little love had the pups interact with each other but has lost interest in trying to change some of the more difficult pieces. We keep all of the small pieces in an empty diaper wipe container so that she can carry all the bits to where ever she wants to start playing.

I believe that they sell the Pups at Walmart for about $5.99 each.

I want to say thank you again to MomSelect for letting me host the party. It was soooooo much fun!

Saved $40 at Wegmans

I had a great trip at Wegmans on Sunday! Not everything fit in the picture.

I got ....

2 gallons of milk @ $1.79 each with SCC (Shoppers Club Card)

Danimals Crush Cups $1.99 with SCC
used $1/1 to make $0.99

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake $0.88 w/ SCC

8 cans of Campbell's Tomato soup 2/$1 w/ SCC
used 2 $1.50/3 printables &$0.50 off 2 which doubled to make all free

8 cans of Healthy Request Chunky Soup 4/$5 w/ SCC
used $1/2, $2/4 and 2 - $.50 /1 (these doubled) printables to make it 8/$5

2 Thai Kitchen Soup $1.25 w/ SCC
used $.50 *doubled* from snail mail to make $0.25

2 Uncle Ben's WHITE Rice 2/$3 w/ SCC
used 2 -$1/1 from insert to make $0.50 each

2 Luna bars $.99
used 2- $.50 printables *doubled* to make free

2 Quaker Granola Bars 2/$4 w/ SCC
used $1/2 to make $1.50 each

Maxwell House Coffee $1.99 w/ SCC
used $0.75 coupon from snail mail *doubled* to make it $0.49
Wheat Thin Sticks $2.69
used free coupon from Kraft First Taste

Macaroni & Cheese $2.99
used free coupon from Kraft First Taste

I got a few other items like sliced cheese, bread, lunch meat, and even a roast! I think there were some other things but I can't think of them right now. I started at $90 or so and ended up at $51!!!!!! I think this is a great example of waiting to use coupons when they lined up with a sale!

Rite Aid & Walmart Trip

So I hurried over to Rite Aid to use my $1 off Dawn Coupons to get free dish soap. These usually go fast. Don't worry, I didn't forget about all the other great Rite Aid deals.... future post to come. Then I had all the regular grocery shopping to do which generally includes Walmart and then Wegmans. So I get to Walmart. I had just a few things to get. I look in my bag to check the details on a coupons and..... the coupons for Walmart aren't there. I happened to have a Gain coupon in my Rite Aid envelope, so I grabbed that and left. I was super annoyed with my self, but will have to go back.... ugh

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And another winner!!!!!!!

Natalia is the winner of the Good Boy Roy T-shirt Giveaway. Thank you so much to all the followers for entering the giveaways!!!

More giveaways are to come in the near future.

Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Free Cans of Tomato Soup

Here is a great deal at Wegmans.

Campbell's Tomato Soup is 2/$1.

Go to and print 2 of the $1.50 off 3 great for cooking soups. Your store doesn't even have to double to get these for free!!

And the winner is.....

Adalia is the winner of the Rattles CD. She should get an email from me sometime today with all the info. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all who entered and don't forget to enter the t-shirt giveaway that ends tonight!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Blog Hop

Just Married with Coupons

Here is another great chance to meet new bloggers! I hope you can check it out. If you are new - WELCOME- and thanks for visiting. Be sure to leave a comment so that I can follow you back. (it may take a few days now that I am working again, but I will follow back!!!!!)

And also be sure to enter the giveaways. Both have very LOW entries and are ending soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Elmer's and Xacto

Here is another great campaign from Bzzagent. They sent me all of these great crafty tools to try and tell everyone about. I haven't gotten a chance to try them out yet, but wanted to at least share with you so basic info.

So here is some great info:

- You can find all of these here at Wal*Mart

- Elmer's products priced between $2 and $9 which include all sorts of great ways to get your projects to stick.
(I have always been a hot glue fan, but it isn't easy to get out with little ones around. So this is exciting!)

- Xacto prices range from $2 to $20 for trimmers, quality scissors, rulers, punches, knives, and cutting mats.

I am really excited to try these because the last set of decorative scissors I had were garbage and never cut well. I'll let you know if the new ones pass the test!

To find out more you can go,, or

Have you used any other these before? What did you think?

In my Mailbox

For a while it seemed that there wasn't much mail. And them all of a sudden it seems that everything is coming in the mail. I have a ton to show you, but I am going to start with some of the little freebies. I know some people think that samples are silly, but they make great snacks for the kids, travel sized toiletries, and they often come with high value coupons.

I recently got:

Rite Aid Glam Bag with a few samples

Downy from Vocal Point

Tom of Maine toothpaste (not pictured)

SoyJoy bar (not pictured)

Everlast Bar

Coloring Books about Germany (not pictured)

I also got a coupon for a free 2 liter of soda (refreshe???)

I will be sharing more of the big packages I've gotten over the next few days.

Have you gotten anything good lately?

Friday, September 24, 2010

In my Garden

I haven't written about my garden in so long... And it has been so good to me. We have tomatoes coming out of everywhere. I also have zucc, eggplants, carrots, peppers, etc still coming up/out. Plus, I hope that you all have planted your fall crops. I wanted to mention this weeks ago, but fall is a great time for lettuce, spinach, garlic, broccoli.... I planted some new plants a little while ago for some fresh crops. I hope they come up!

Rite Aid Trip

Well, after three trips to Rite Aid, I finally made a transaction. The first trip was cut short by a crazy four year old that couldn't handle herself and we had to walk out. Then I couldn't find Listerine Zero anywhere! The manager is so wonderful at the Rite Aid I always try first. And he let me replace the mouthwash with another, but rang it up as the Listerine Zero so that I could get the +ups and use my coupons.

After the first transaction, I tried to do the Huggies deal, but they literally didn't carry my son's size in the store. I am not even sure if they make Pure and Natural in his size....

So I brought home:

2 John Frieda Shampoos $10

2 Orville Red. popcorn $1.99 each ($3.98)

2 Crest Toothpastes $2.99 ($5.98)

2 Listerine Mouthwashes $2.99 each ($5.98)

2 NYC eye shadows $4.99 BOGO

I used:

$5 off $25
$2 off JOhn F
$3 off John F
$1 off $10 Hair Rite Aid email coupon
$1/2 popcorn
2 $1 off Crest
2 - $2 off Listerine zero
$1 listerine VV
BOGO NYC coupon

That's $23.49 in coupons
I paid the rest with $7 in +ups and the tax was put on a giftcard.

I got back $11 in +ups!!!!! Each time I bought 2 - I got 2 +ups!!

Friendship Cottage Cheese

I recently was given the opportunity to try Friendship Cottage Cheese through Bzzagent. At first I thought back to my childhood days. My mother only ever gave us pickles and cottage cheese. I love her dearly, but come on.... there must be something else you can do with cottage cheese. Then as I left the house to live on my own I didn't regualarly buy cottage cheese because I just didn't know what to do with it.

Well, Friendship Dairies has three great recipes they are featuring that are great uses of cottage cheese:

Cottage Style Pancakes
Pumpkin Cheesecake

And I am going to be making some dishes with cottage cheese with pictures and all the gooey details of what my picky eaters (hubby especially) thought!

There are some great reasons to choose Friendship Dairies. Here are a few:

1.) Their cottage cheese has protein and calcium

2.) There are no artificial preservatives added

3.) Lower in fat and calories than rocotta cheese

4.) Friendship is less watery and comes in larger sizes than other brands

And what's better? Grab a coupon while you are checking out the recipes.

Have any recipes to share? I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Friday

Hello to all and happy weekend!!!! It is a Mega Swagbucks Day!

Have you signed up yet? It is free and it is easy. Go here to get started.

If you are joining me from a blog hop, welcome and I'm glad you came!!!

If you decide to follow me I will follow you back and be sure to enter my giveaway for the Good Boy Roy T-shirt.
Enjoy your day and your weekend!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free Clif and Luna Bars at Wegmans

These bars are priced at $0.99
Go to Mambo Sprouts to print a $0.50 coupons which will double to make these free.


I bought way more than what is in picture. And some of it really should be in there because Wegmans has been keeping the prices on meat and milk at a great deal.

Chicken Breasts $1.99 per lb

90% Ground Beef $1.99 per lb

(I try to buy the bulk packs of chicken and beef on alternating weeks so that meat won't make up so much of the total! And then I use it over the two week time period.)

1 gallon on milk $1.79

I grabbed the danimals at $1.99
used $1/1 to make it $0.99

Nestle candy $2.50
used $0.50 coupons *doubled* to make it $1.50

Bandaids $0.99
used $3/3 to make them free (stocking up as I can on these cute character ones)

Folgers $1.99
used $1/2 to make $1.49

Folgers Special Roast $1.99
used $1/1 to make $0.99 (forcing hubby to try new with it being so cheap.)

Uncle Ben's WHITE 2/$3
used 2 - $1 off to make them $0.50 each

Wegmans Brand

So I have finally gotten a chance to start looking over the Wegmans deals. Many are looking the same as a month ago. Although I know a few have ended that I hoped would be back.

So far here is what I've found for Wegmans brand deals (remember for these deals you don't need a coupon...):

Cotton Balls $0.99

Cotton Swabs 375ct $1.50

Milk $1.79

Fruit Juice 64fl oz $1.99

Orange Juice $2.49 (refrig.)

Paper Towels $4.99

Mac and Cheese 3/$0.99

Peanut Butter $0.99

20 fl oz sodas $0.79

Cereals (around 16oz) $1.69

Tomato and Chicken Noodle Soups 2/$1

Pasta Sauce 24oz $0.99

Alfredo Sauce $1.99

French Onion Dip $1.29

Mandarin Oranges (canned) 2/$1

And just a couple others:

Folgers $1.99 (last week for this deal- and new coupon just came out)
use $1/2 to make $1.49 from 9/19 insert
or $1/1 Special Roast from 9/19 to make it $.99

Doritos $1.99

Coke 2 liters 3/$3.33

Chips Ahoy 2/$4

Capri Sun $1.79

(use $1 off both Chips Ahoy and Capri Sun - found in store to make both $2.79 total)

Pepsi 12pk 3/$9.99

Oral B toothbrushes 2/$1.50
use $1/2 from P&G insert to make them 25 cents each
or use $0.75 off from P&G mailer

Hunt's manwich Sloppy Joes $0.99

Tony's Party Time Pizza $0.99

Campbell's Chunk Soup 4/$5
there have been tons of $1/4, $1/3 and even printables on the campbell's website to get some cheap soup!

Danimals - Crush cups and other varieties $1.99
use $1/1 from 9/12 Smart Source to make it $0.99

Uncle Ben's WHITE whole grain 2/$3
use $1/1 from mid aug redplum??? to make it $0.50 each

As I get time to find more I'll update!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walmart stop

You can see here that I am still stocking up on the syrup while there is a coupon.

Hershey's $1.68 - $1.98 depending on flavor
used $1/2 to make them $1.18 - $1.48

Polaner Sugar Free Preserves $1.98
used free coupon that came through snail mail
(Even if you don't like brand these could be a great idea for donations!)

Shout Wipes $.97
used $2/2 from Insert to make these free (this coupon expires 9/25!!!!)

Gain $0.97
used $1/1 from P&G insert to make free

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wegmans - Cheap Uncle Ben's

I was able to get the new Uncle Ben's WHITE rice for $0.50.

They have it on sale 2/$3. I used 2 - $1 that were recently in the Sunday inserts on the same page as Welch's fruit snacks. My store only had a broccoli and cheese flavor. But this would be a nice donation to a food shelf too!

More Wegmans match ups coming soon!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

So far here is what I've come up with:

2 John Freida Root Awakening ($5 each) $10

2 Orville Fed. Popcorn ($1.99 each) $3.98

3 Quaker Oats (1.99 each) $5.97

1 Listerine Zero Mouthwash $2.99

1 Crest Toothpaste $2.99

Total: $25.93

I will use:

$5 off $25
2 $3 off John Frieda from 8/22 SS
2 - $1 off popcorn from Aug All You
3 - $1 off Quaker from 9/12 RP
$2 off listerine from 9/19 RP
$1 off listerine zero VV
$1 off Crest from 8/29 P&G

That brings my total to $5.93 plus tax which I'll pay with $5 plus up from last week's diapers and my gift card.

Then I will get back $3 for John Frieda, $2 for Popcorn, $3 for Quaker Oats, $2 for Crest, and $1 for Listerine. That is $11 in +ups making this a great money maker!!!!!

***Update*** I did not get the Quaker coupons in my insert :(. I made this scenario before I looked. My region never gets the good ones....

So I am going to try buying 2 listerines and 2 crests instead. Should be about the same in price and the same +ups. I have heard that some places are printing multiple +ups but I will let you know after I try.

And do remember that there are lots of ways to get free diapers this week. My kids get bad rashes unless I use Pampers, but have been able to get away with the Huggies Pure and Naturals if I sneak them in between the Pampers. I think these could also make great baby shower gifts as well!!!

I might buy 3 Pure and Naturals at $8.99 each

I'll use:

$5 off $25
3 - $3 off
1 - $1 off Huggies from VV

I'll pay $11.97 which I'll use my first transaction's +ups to help with. Then I will get $10 in SCR for buying at least $25 worth of Kimberly Clark products. And I should get some +ups. We'll have to see how many I get!!! With the chubby love in a size 6 I could sure use some free diapers. Let's just hope his bum doesn't turn red!!!

Rite Aid Stops last week

I quickly mentioned my first scenario earlier last week and then forgot to update with pictures and my second scenario. Working full time is just killing me. I wish I could blog and actually make money because I would much rather spend my time organizing my coupons and planning deals. Do you think there are people that would pay me to plan out there deals???? Hahaha!!!! Wouldn't that be sweet?


First transaction you can read about here.

Second transaction - I have a slight obsession with lip gloss and that is what prompted this stop.

I bought:

4 Maybelline lip glosses for $3.41 each after 40% discount
2 Maybelline mascaras $3.11
3 Tides with bleach 75% off $1.54
4 Nabisco cookies $0.50 each

Total was $26.48 plus tax

So then I used:

$5 off $25
4 - $2 off maybelline lip
2 - $1 off maybelline mascara
2 - $2 off VV maybelline
$1 off $10 beauty purchase Rite Aid coupon from an email
3 - $1 off Tide P&G coupons
2 - $1 off cookies from VV

That is $25 in coupons.

Grand total: $1.48 plus tax. And then I got back $2 in plus ups for next purchase from the mascaras.

All in all this was a money maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quality over Quantity

My hubby is a hard working mason. He gets his butt kicked at work just about everyday. And his boots don't last long. At first, we bought the cheap $50 work boots thinking that we would make them work for as long as possible. Well, as long as possible turned into only a couple weeks. Then he had holes and leaks. That just isn't safe in his line of work. So we had to come up with another $50 for more boots. Well, this just wouldn't do. We couldn't afford $50 every month or so - or $600 a year on boots. So we talked to other co-workers and friends to find out where they got their boots. That is when we found this great deal. We bought the boots pictured for $170. Ouch at the time... and we also bought a $15 certificate that said that my hubby could get a new pair of boots if these boot ever fell apart within the first year. With the certificate my hubby was guaranteed a new pair of boots no questions asked. So here is a case where we spent almost 4 times as much for the quality boots. But 4 pairs of boots would have only lasted maybe 4 months. We bit the bullet, and spent the big bucks up front. He bought those new boots a year ago. Just yesterday he redeemed his certificate for his new pair. So now on to a second year of great boots. Yes - we saved over one thousand dollars. For two years of the cheap boots it would have been about $1200. And we paid $185. This is a great example of how buying quality is better than quantity and will really save you in the long run.

Pictured is my littlest love trying them on and terrorizing my house with his tornado like behaviors. You gotta love it!

Saturday Blog Hop

Just Married with Coupons

Here is another great chance to meet new bloggers! I hope you can check it out. If you are new - WELCOME- and thanks for visiting. Be sure to leave a comment so that I can follow you back.

And also be sure to enter the giveaways. Both have very LOW entries and are ending soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Free Uncrustables

As a teacher I often miss out on freebies given out during the day. Well, here is the working mama's chance. You can go here to score a coupon for Free Smuckers Uncrustables. All you have to do is enter a tip on after-school organizing.

When should you check this out:
Saturday at 2pm ET or Sunday 9am ET

Walmart stop

This is a pick of a few things I grabbed at Walmart last weekend. I haven't been seeing amazing deals to go running for, but I do beleive in stocking up when you can get things the cheapest.

I love chocolate milk and am a little paticular on how I make it, so with the $1.68 price and the $1/2 coupon I have been getting as many as I can. I did this right before summer too and didn't have to buy any for 3 months while I waited for another coupon. (Makes these $1.18 each)

I also grabbed chocolate chips. I believe they were also on price cut for $2.28 and I had $1/2 coupons. I didn't find too many of this when going through the recylcle bin. All the inserts I found had this one clipped!! (Makes these $1.78 each

And I picked up free Hood Sour Cream from a coupon that came in snail mail. (not pictured)

Finally, I grabbed the Dole Fruit Crisps priced at $2 with a $1 coupon so that means we tried them for $1. I thought it might be fun in school lunches.

Wegmans Shop

I had mentioned that Wegmans had Pyrex on sale. Paired with the $1 off coupon, I was able to get all of these for around $10 total. I love Pyrex because it can be used in so many ways without having to change containers.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello to all and happy weekend!!!!

If you are joining me from a blog hop, welcome and I'm glad you came!!!

If you decide to follow me I will follow you back and be sure to enter my giveaways for the children's CD by The Rattles or the Good Boy Roy T-shirt.
Enjoy your day and your weekend!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Is anyone else feeling absolutely exhausted? I have finished the second week of work now. So I apologize now if there is a lack of posts as I am settling in to the new routine. I will be back to normal soon. Thank you for visiting and be looking for more regular updates and deal posts soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rite Aid Deals of the Week

I cannot believe how great the deals have been at Rite Aid.

Just to note a few:

Free combos Buy 2/$1 use $1/2 from last Sunday

Free Oreos Buy 2/$1 use $1/2 from video values

Free maybelline mascara $5.19 on sale 40% off. use $2 video values and $1 coupon from last sunday's paper. Then get $1 +up

Cheap maybelline lipgloss. depends on type you get. 40% off, $2 from Sun paper, and $2 from video values

pampers $19.99 get $5+up and use $1 off coupon from P&G

Some stores now have cleaning supplies marked down to 75%. Mine still said 50%, but I've heard that although the signs haven't changed it might ring up at 75% off. Yippee.

Free Nivea Hand Lotion Buy two for $1.48 and then get $2+up (these are little!!!)

Shout Spray $2.50 each, use $2/2 and get $1+up to make it $0.50 each after Q and +up if it prints 2 +ups.... not sure on this one.

Free Noxzema Razors $1.99 use $2 off coupon from a long time ago that expires 9/30

I will post picture soon of my following deal that I did on Monday:


Pampers $19.99

Maybelline Mascara $4.73 (I grabbed the wrong one... well it was marked with wrong price.. said $5.19 org so it would have been $3.11 oh well)

Maybelline Lipgloss $3.41

Noxzema Razors $1.99

Oreos and Nutter Butters $1 (2/$1 deal)

Total $31.12 plus tax

I used:

$5 off $25
$1 off pampers
$2 vv for maybelline
$1 off maybelline mascara
$2 vv for maybelline (showed up two months in a row :)
$2 off maybelline lipgloss
$2 off noxzema razors
$1/2 nabisco single serve vv
$5 +up from arm & hammer deal last week

That is $21 in coupons making my total $10.12 plus tax. I paid with a giftcard so no money out of pocket for me and got back $5 +up for pampers and $1 +up for mascara.

So total cost would be $4.12 plus tax. Just for the diapers alone I think this was great. And if I had grabbed the right mascara it would have been even better!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Dish Soap for Survey.

This very short survey (2 minutes) is still avaible. And you can score a free bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal for answering a couple questions. Sweet isn't it????

You can go here to check it out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Rite Aid Trip

Yes, I made another trip to Rite Aid. My son had destroyed his toothbrush and his sisters. So I was glad to make my trip pretty sweet thanks to a post from a great blogger at A Vacation Generator. So here is what I got:

2 Schick Razors $5.99 each ($11.98 total) - Yes they had them in stock.... finally

2 Kids Spinbrushes $7.99 (Arm and Hammer) BOGO Free

2 Rechargeable Spinbrushes $14.99 BOGO Free

Total $34.96

I used the following:

$5 off $25
2 - $5 off Schick Razors
2 - $2 off Spinbrush from 8/22 smartsource
2 - $4 off Sonic Rechargeable spinbrush printed from website (arm and hammer)
1 - $3 Video Values off Sonic Rechargeable
1 - $2 +up from last visit

That is $32 in coupons.

So my total was $2.96 plus tax. I paid with a gift card and then got a $5 +up for buying $20 worth of Arm & Hammer products.

This was a $2.04 money maker!!!! Plus I got things that we really needed. My hubby was a little mad that they only had girly kid toothbrushes. I don't think my 1 1/2 year old will notice. And I'm sure I'll find a new free one before he gets too big!!!!

How did you do this week at Rite Aid?

More Gifts to Grow Points

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What are you saving your points for?

Saturday Blog Hop

Just Married with Coupons

Here is another great chance to meet new bloggers! I hope you can check it out. If you are new - WELCOME- and thanks for visiting. Be sure to leave a comment so that I can follow you back.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reminder: Giveaways

I have two great giveaways that are ending soon. Right now there are super low entires. So get your entry in. You have a great chance of winning!!!!

Good Boy Roy T-shirt 9/25

The Rattles CD (children's music) 9/21

You can enter by clicking on the link in the upper left hand corner of this page.

Well, it's Friday. And that means mega swagbucks day. Today you have a better chance of getting higher amounts when you search. I got eleven bucks for my search this morning and will try for more later. I seem to get swagbucks when I search for some of my favorite blogs. It works almost everytime. You might have to do three searches before you get rewarded, but that only takes a couple minutes. I have earned thousands of swagbucks in just a few months. I used them to earn Amazon giftcards and just made my first order... totally free.

Be sure to search often. I get points three times a day - most days! Good Luck.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rite Aid Trip and Scenarios

I stopped at Rite Aid on Monday in hopes to find the razors. They never have them when I am there. Oh well....

This trip wasn't the best, but without the razors my deal was blown and I wasn't prepared. I was going to just walk out, but I really wanted the pens for work (I hate grading in red) and my babes needed the vitamins.

So we got:

2 Pilot pens $11.99 each (BOGO Free)

2 Disney vitamins $7.49 each (BOGO Free)

2 Got2b mousse $6.49 and $3.24 (BOGO 50% off)

Total $29.21

I used

$5 off $25 from Video Values

2 - $1 off Pilot Pens printable

2 - $1 off Disney Vitamins

2 - $2.50 off got2b from bzzagent

$4 in +ups

I paid $11.21 for almost $30 worth of stuff. It isn't the best deals, but it was cheaper than all would have cost at Wal*Mart. And I got $2 in +ups for spending $6 or more on Pilot pens. I have tons of Rite Aid gift cards from previous SCR deals that I keep forgetting to use.... This could have been totally free for me. Plus there is a $1 off $10 in school supplies that I probably could have used on the pens that some are getting in an email. I forgot about this one.

I am going to try another Rite Aid for the razors and give this deal a whirl:

2 Schick Hydro razors $5.99 each ($11.98)

4 Arm & Hammer Spin toothbrushes $8.99 each (BOGO Free) $17.98

6 Arm & Hammer Baking Soda $.99 each (BOGO Free) $2.97

Total $32.93

I'll use:

$5 off $25
2 - $5 off razors
4 - $2 off spin brushes from 8/22 Smart Source
$2 +up from last purchase

So the total will be $7.93 and I'll use my gift cards to pay for these. Then I will get back $5 +up for $20 worth of Arm & Hammer products. So it is like paying $2.93 for all.

To see other deals you can go here.

Wegmans Shopping

I apologize for not posting the Wegmans deals yet. This is the first week back to school here. My love is going to Kindergarten and I have had to stop pretending to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) and return to a WSAHM (add a wannabe to the front). Yes, it is back to teaching math! SO after finally finishing up with all of the roof craziness I have entered a new stage of craziness. Until I have found a way to balance out my time again, posts will be most likely appearing late at night when I finally get a few minutes. Sorry to all.

Now back to the shopping.

I spent around $63.00 at Wegmans this week and was able to stock up on a few things that we were running low on.

One of the items that I actually bought 4 (2 in picture) was the peanut butter. My hubby will only eat creamy Peter Pan... So I wanted to use the coupons before they expired. I don't see these coupons often.

$1.89 each and I used $1/2 to make each one $1.39
(some areas got $0.60 off one which would have doubled to be a sweet deal.)

I got 2 Shout wipes $1.19 each and used $2/2 to make them $.19 each.

Macaroni Grill Kit $3.49 on sale
I used $0.75 printable *doubled* to make it $1.99

I grabbed another 3 boxes of bandaids for $0.99 each
I used $3/3 to make all 3 free

And I had gotten a coupon to try the new Kraft Explosion Mac and Cheese for free. I kept waiting for a BOGO deal somewhere, but wasn't finding any. So I grabbed my free box before the coupon expired.

4 jars of Prego $1.98 each
used $1/2 from Campbell's website to make them $1.48 each. Prego coupons also do not show up often and I never find this on sale. So until I figure out how to make a good sauce, I grab these when I can.

It wasn't my best trip but there were some good prices to be had!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Freebie

So this wasn't in the dumpster, but we did score it for free. Some friends of ours aquired land and this was on it. They did not want the twisty slide and gave it to us. My hubby cannot wait to build my loves a little tree house in the back yard. And now we are one step closer in obtaining the supplies. I love freebies!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Boy Roy Giveaway

I have a great company to tell you about. I discovered this company through Giveaway Blogs. And I am really glad that I did. Good Boy Roy is a fun and unique t-shirt company created by 15 year old Zack. The t-shirts are awesome. The characters are hilarious and yet so perfectly fitting. I teach in a Middle School and can see my students thinking these are "sweet" and also finding a character that they can relate to. And the shirts aren't just for kids, but the statement made by Good Boy Roy also says for the kids at heart. I found this to be totally true when I opened the package they sent to me. I had the chance to pick a shirt to review and chose Zman. He reminded me of one of my students. When I opened it up my husband instantly said, "Why didn't you get it in my size?" And he truly is a kid... at heart!!! So basically, these shirts are for everyone.

You can check out all the shirts that Zack has drawn here and pick which character you like best. And if you have a special group event or a sports or academic team you would like shirts for Good Boy Roy can take care of that too. Zack has been known to make special designs for these group purchases. I know I'm hoping to talk some of my colleagues into going in with me to see if Zack can create a "math geek" character for us. It would be so cool. (You'll need 12 or more for a special order. And I hope to have an example of one to show you soon!!!)

So go check out Zack with his amazing talents at Good Boy Roy. See all the fun in his great designs.
If you love them as much as I do you can:

1.) Buy one while you stop at the site


2.) Enter to win a t-shirt of your choice here at Deal-licious Debby

How can you enter?

Be sure to follow Deal-licious Debby and leave a comment as to which of Zacks's t-shirt designs is your favorite and your email address so that I can contact you if you've won.

You'll have until 9/25 to enter. At that point I will use to select a winner.

All opinions shared are 100% mine. I was not compensated or paid to give a positive review, but was given a t-shirt to review so that I could give my first hand opinions on the product. Prizes will be sent out by the company, not me.