Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Planning

I still haven't gotten my check from the extra summer days. That was almost a month ago. I was planning on that money... so we have to eat what I can find in freezer and cupboards for another week. Here is our plan for the week!


hubby always has bagel and egg sandwiches everyday no matter what
scrambled eggs
yogurt & waffels


hubby takes sandwiches
mac and cheese
egg salad
pb & j


veggies and dip
frozen yogurt
Kashi crackers from target visit
I baked homemade choc chip cookies
chocolate chip zucchini muffins (from freezer)


macaroni grill kit
frozen goulash
english muffin pizzas
chicken kabobs with fresh veggies from garden and new potatoes
hot dogs and corn on the cob
tuna sandwiches

This isn't the healthies week or the most exciting, but I can get buy with only purchasing a few items like eggs, milk, bread, etc.

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  1. Hey! coming back to you from Friday's post. Sorry it took me so long! I was horribly sick. Back in the saddle again!!!