Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Rite Aid Scenario

I know that lots of people are excited about Rite Aid deals this week, but I'm not feeling it. There are a ton of free items after Single Check Rebate, but that takes money out of your pocket that I just don't have this week. Plus, most of that stuff we don't use. So I'm struggling with what I will do this week.

Here is my first idea:

2 Tides on clearance $3.09 each ($6.18)

2 Dove Chocolates 2/$6 (now we are at $12.18 total)

2 Marathon Bars BOGO $1.20??? ($13.38 total)

3 Pilot Easy Touch Pen 3/$3 ($16.38)

3 bags of M&Ms 9.9 - 12.6 oz $7.50 (on sale 2/$5) ($23.88 total)

1 Reeses candy of some sort ($little over $25 total plus tax) You could use any filler you wanted.

So then I will use:

$5 off $25 (drops the total to $21.87)
2 - $1.50 off tide coupons from last sunday ($18.87)
1 - $1/2 Dove VV coupon ($17.87)
2 - $1 off Dove coupons from 8/15 redplum($15.87)
1 - Snickers marathon BOGO coupon from All You ($14.67)
2 - $1 Pilot printable ($12.67)
1 - B2G1 free M&Ms coupon ($10.17)
1- free reeses couon ($8.92) got this coupon in mail... said I won a contest

I will receive:

$1 +up for Dove chocolates
$1 +up for pilot pens
$1 SCR for pilot pens

So that sort of makes the total $5.92 for all. Not the best scenario. I hate to spend that much oop just for Tide when the other items are wants not needs. The Tides alone would be around $6- $3 in coupons = $3. So not sure if I can justify spending the extra to get some much wanted chocolate!

Here is another idea:

Buy 3 John Freida Root Awakening 3/$15

2 Dove Chocolates 2/$6 (now at $21)

2 Tide detergents on clearance (notice I'm trying to stock up on these....) (now at $27.20)
2 snickers marathon bars BOGO $1.20 each??? (now around $28.40 plus tax)

I will use:

$5/$25 ($23.40)
3 - $3 off John Freida from 8/22 insert ($14.40)
2 $1 off Dove chocolates ($12.40)
1- $1/2 Dove chocolate Rite Aid Video Value ($11.40)
2 - $1.50 off Tide ($8.40)
1 - BOGO marathon coupon from All You ($7.20 plus tax)

I will get back:
$5 SCR for John Freida
$1 +Up for Dove

So now you can sort of think of the ending total as $1.20 once you've received the +ups and SCRs. For me the OOP is more important because than is money that I have to have right now!

I like this scenario better because I will also get shampoo and conditioner that I can add to my stockpile while getting some chocolate too. Plus the overall spending is much less.

If you have money to spend on items and want to get a larger return there are several options with all the free after rebate options. You can see some of them here and here.

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