Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Frugal Fun #12

My love thinks this is fun.... probably because she is almost 5 and not old enough to realize that chores aren't always fun...

Anyways, we created a chore chart for my love so that she can help out around the house in small ways. She has to make sure she puts dirty clothes in hamper, put away toys, put away her socks and undies, she dusts, she puts some of the dishes away, and other special mommy assignments. She likes the idea of putting a mark or sticker on the chart to show she helped and and this point I think that this is enough of a reward for her.

We went to DLTK's Custom Chart site and created a personal chart with lots of options in under 5 minutes. She loves it. We chose Mr. happy as our picture and were able to type in what chores she was able to do with several fonts and colors to choose from.

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