Friday, July 9, 2010

Wegmans Shopping

Just a few good items that our family picked up this week. There are other great prices and sales, but they didn't fit into our budget this week.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2/$4
I used 2 $0.60 coupons printed and *doubled* to make them $0.80 each

Chex Mix 7oz $1.99 x 2
used 2 printed $0.55 *doubled* to make them $0.89 each

Dole sliced peaches $2.39
used $0.75 from all you *doubled* to make it $.89

Most of the other items we purchased were the basics. We have been eating a lot of tuna, pb&j and eggsalad sandwiches around here for lunches. And I mentioned some of the dinners in another post. We are just keeping it simple. Although, I did find another reduced package of ground beef. It was marked down from $17 to $12. So I grabbed it. You can see that we are protein eaters here. My husband has started working out again to get back in shape from being in recovery so long. So he is always hungry. You'd never believe he had surgery if you saw him. And you wouldn't guess he was out of shape. His out of shape is everyone else's in shape I think.

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