Friday, July 9, 2010

Rite Aid Trip 7/9

Well, here is the start of my Rite Aid trips. I only made one trip this week so far and did two transactions. I try to plan my trips around things that my family needs and sometimes wants, not just the money makers. So I am sure that there are better deals out there than the ones I did, but these were things we needed... and wanted.

Transaction #1
3 Pampers at $8.97 each $26.91
1 Oral B Advantage Toothbrush $2.49

Total 29.40 plus tax

I used $5 off 25
3 x $2 off pampers ($6)
$2 off any oral b toothbrush from last week's inserts

Paid $16.40 plus tax
Got $5 +up for pampers and $2 +up for toothbrush
Will get $2 rebate for pampers

According to Rite Aid this is like paying $7.40 plus tax for all. I hate the way they put that on the ads though. I really had to hand them a lot more than that and won't see the savings from the other $9 until I use the +up or get the rebate in the mail... Oh well, I am still saving money.

Transaction #2

Another oral b toothbrush $2.49
2 Dentyne Gums $0.69 ($1.38)
Dove chocolate $2.99
(this was the wants... not needs)
Total $6.86 plus tax

I used:

$2 +up from previous transaction
$1 x 2 for dentyne gum
$1 dove printable
$.50 VV Dove from Rite Aid
$1 Oral B toothbrush coupon from P&G insert.

Paid $1.36 plus tax
Got another $2 +up

So according to Rite Aid this is like paying -$.64.

I haven't been able to get a hold of any more of the $2 toothbrush coupons. If I find some in the dumpster tonight I am going to go back to stock up on toothbrushes. My son likes to drop things in the toilet. So I want to have extras ready to go... But that is a whole other story.

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