Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rite Aid Trip 7/22

Although I am starting to enjoy the +Up rewards, I really haven't seen too much at Rite Aid that my family needed at a decent price. So I didn't shop last week. Then I noticed that my plus up rewards were expiring this week. So, I didn't want to lose 7 bucks!!! I couldn't figure out how best to help my family. Should I get diapers? Was there something I was running out of... Then my husband mentions how he just really wants some snacks in the house. He mentions Doritos and M&Ms specifically. I checked the deals with and to see what was on sale this week and what was on sale in the coming weeks to make my plan.

I did 2 transactions:

Transaction #1
Zegerid $10
Used $4 from smartsource insert
used $3 from in-ad
used $3 VV coupon

So I got it free and it printed a $7 +up reward

Transaction #2
Zegerid $10
2 Doritos $2.99 each ($5.98)
2 Chex Mix bogo $2.99???
2 M&Ms 2/$1
1 Peanut Butter Cups (My love already ate this on the way home... She was in tears because she loves one of the female managers who was too busy to come out and give her a hug.... She is so sweet, but gets all worked up about her hugs.)
Total was $20.47 after tax

I used:
$5 off $20
$4 off Zegerid from Smartsource
$3 in ad for Zegerid
$1/2 Chex Mix
$5 and $2 +up rewards from previous transactions

I paid $0.47 for all and got another $7 +up for Zegerid and 2-$1 +up for Doritos.
Then I am going to mail in for Zegerid rebate. I am not sure if they will send me $10 or $6.

So I figure I will get anywhere from $22 to $26 from this purchase to use on future transactions.

My husband will be partially happy. I did get his Doritos. But the bigger bags of M&Ms will be on sale next week. So I will get them then with my new +up Rewards.

This is a win to me because I was able to get non-necessities for almost nothing out of pocket and my family is happy too!

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