Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Awesome Wegmans Trip

****Not everything is in the picture... Some needed to be put away right away in the heat! And others didn't fit on counter at the time (bread, eggs, ice cream, etc.)****

My husband started work on Monday, but he won't see a paycheck until next Friday. With all the different things that came up this year, I wasn't able to get a whole lot saved for summer this time around. Last summer just killed our finances. My husband lost his job and my work had messed up my paychecks.... It was a mess. So, in our attempts to keep from touching a credit card, here is my grocery shopping trip:

Bread $1.99

Kraft 100 Calories Snack Cheese $2.99
Free with Kraft First Taste (KFT) Coupon

Wegmans Mozzarella $3.69
saved $.70 with SSC $2.99

Wegmans parm cheese $2.79
(thought my husband was going to cry the other night when we ran out... funny story... he went into our pantry and stole the parm cheese out of one of the Macaroni Grill Kits...)

Weg sliced cheese $2.69

Weg large eggs (18 pack) $1.48

Helluva Good Colby jack Cheese $2.49
used $2 coupon from page 3A of Democrat and Chronicle a few Sun ago

Oscar Mayer Shaved Turkey $2.99
free with KFT coupon

2 Bagel Bites $2.19
used 2 $1 off coupons to make $1.19

Mrs. T spinach & feta pierogies $2.49
saved $.50 with SSC
used $1 coupon to make it $.99

2 Ice Creams at $1.99 each

2 Cinn Toast Crunch 2/$4 with SSC
used 2 $0.55 from smartsource *doubled* to make them $0.90 each

2 Folgers Coffee $1.99 each with SSC
used $1/2 to make them $1.49 each

French Mustard $1.69 with SSC
used $.50 *doubled* from to make it $0.69

French's Worcestershire Sauce $1.29
used $.50 *doubled* from to make it $.29

2 jars of Prego sauce $1.99 each
used $1/2 from campbells site to make it $1.49 each

Nabisco Crackerfulls $2.99
used free coupon from KFT

Noxzema Original Cream $1.99
used $.75 from this Sunday's paper *doubled* to make it $.49

2 Summers Eve Cloths $1.69 with SSC
used 2 $.75 printed from *doubled* to make them $.19 each

bananas 1.78 lbs for $.87

celery for $1.49

All in all, I spent around $30 and saved $33.55... It is really rare that I am able to do that at Wegmans. But you have also noticed I didn't really buy any meat this week. We are eating whatever meat I have saved in the freezer for the next two weeks. And we had just bought milk on Sunday when we ran out...

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