Thursday, July 22, 2010

In my Mailbox

Here are some of the latest finds in my mailbox. Not everything made it into the picture.

All Bran Summer pack

-sample of cereal
-sample of bran
-eye cover - kids ran off with it, but it was really cute on them

Sample of Hamburger Helper

Sample of Fiber One Cereal

Sample of Pampers Cruisers from Vocal Point

Sample of Overnight Pampers

Glass or goblet from Johnny Walker

Sample of Feminine Maxi Pad - I think it was Stayfree

And my mom stopped by and give me her Kraft First Taste Coupons... She is so good to me!!!!

Plus I did get my All You for August. It isn't free, but pays for itself in the coupons I use out of it!!!!

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