Saturday, July 3, 2010

Money Making Rite Aid Trips

So here is all that I got this week. I changed from my original plan a little. Plus one bag of Hershey Bliss was melted in the car and placed in the fridge during picture.

So here is what I did:

John Frieda deal x2 (8 bottles total)
paid $4 oop (plus tax)
got $20 in +up

Then got AA batteries $9.99, AAA $9.99 and D $4.99 plus one Dasani Water ($1.25) and 1 Hershey Bliss ($2.99)

I used $5 off 25
$20 in +up
$1 off duracell from booklet inside diapers... thought I had more but didn't
free dasani in ad coupon
$1 off hershey bliss VV
$1 off Hershey bliss from coupon insert
Total $29. 31 plus tax
After coupons $0.06
submitted for $10 rebate on batteries

Then I got

4 stayfree thin pads $3.99 each and BOGO ($7.98)
1 coppertone $8.99
1 got2b $6.49
1 Dasani $1.25
1 Hershey Bliss $2.99
Total $27.69 PLUS TAX

I used:
$5 off $25
2 bogo stayfree coupons
$2 off coppertone in ad
$3 off coppertone VV
$1 off coppertone printable
$2.50 off got2b from bzzagent
$3 off got2b VV
free Dasani in ad
$1 off Bliss coupon
$1 off bliss VV

I paid just tax and can finally submit for skin rebate $15!!!

SO I paid around $4 plus all the taxes and submitted for $25 in rebates.

I was bummed because my area always gets the short ad and I couldn't do the Crest White Strips deal. But I think I still did really well!

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