Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mable's Labels Review

I know I mentioned that I'm a Buzz Mama for Mabel's Labels quite some time ago. I never got a chance to really get into all the things that Mabel's has to offer.

Mabel's Labels sent me some awesome products to try in a Welcome Kit. There was a canvas bag, higlighter/pens, notepads of different sorts and lots of coupons to offer others that are interested.

Now I fell in love with these labels and stationary. Here are some reasons why:

* Mabel's makes labels that won't fall off and look cute.
For someone that doesn't have time to sew on a label, but needs to mark items clearly, Mabel's has great labels for clothing. Plus they have labels that can go on water bottles and other containers that won't fall off.
You might think that the price looks high, but keep in mind that these labels last forever! You do not have to constantly replace and they save you time.

* There are great combo packs.
Maybe you don't want 45 of the same label, you can pick up a combo pack with all the best selling labels so that you have just a few of the ones you want and nothing wasted.

* These labels are actually attractive. I am a bargain shopper, but I want my home to look put together (and my classroom too). So I can get the cheap containers, but put a cute label on them that won't fall apart to help any space look decorative and organized.

If you are at all interested in Mabel's Labels please contact me so that I can share a coupon code with you to help you save money.

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