Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

There are quite a few oral care deals this week at Rite Aid along with some great freebies and money makers.

I usually check out Shannon's posts at For the Mommas. She truly is the queen of Rite Aid. If you want to see her complete list of deals check it out here.

My scenario:

4 bottles of Nivea for Men $1.99 each ($7.96)
2 Reach Toothbrushes $3.99 each ($7.98)
6 Reach Floss $.99 each ($5.94)
8 SOBE lifewaters $1 ($8)

Total $29.88

I will use:
$5 off $25
2 - $4/2 printable on Nivea
6 - $1 off Reach Floss
1 B1G1 Free Reach Toothbrushes
4 B1G1 Free Sobe from heads or tails games

This leaves about $2.90 oop which I'll pay with previous +ups.

I will get a $2.99 SCR for the toothbrushes and 2-$1 +ups for the toothbrushes as well. I should get 4-$1 +ups for Nivea which I missed the first time through to make it even better. I think my math is better now too...oops!

So this is definitely a money maker.

Now if you remember last week, I mentioned that snapple and M&Ms would be on sale this week. They are, but not for me. I got the short ad. But lucky for you if the long ad came your way. There are some great deals in the wrap around.


  1. We actually have a Rite Aid in town! I am trying to learn how to coupon shop but it's not easy when you have no grocery stores for miles and miles. We have a Walmart in town. They say they honor all competitor coupons, but I have never tried that yet. The only other grocery stores we have near us are Winn Dixie about 18 miles away and Rouses about 8 miles away. Rouses is so expensive I never go there and its so hot I hate to drive to Winn Dixie and have the cold items go bad. Walgreens recently opened in town too so I am looking forward to seeing what they offer as well. One thing I am afraid of though is if I print my own coupon they may not accept it or will the cost of the ink to print these coupons cancel out the actual savings. Ink is so expensive!

  2. I print tons of coupons and only have to buy ink once a year. I buy the the recycled ink cartiridges at walmart.com and have them ship to store so I don't pay shipping. It was way cheaper than any of the options in store. I save more in a month using the coupons than I pay for ink all year.

    I have heard of some Walgreens being picky about coupons, but it just depends on the Cashier. I have seen posts on deals for Winn Dixie. I am going to pick the one I think is the best and send to you to help.