Friday, July 2, 2010

In the Garden

Our garden really looks fantastic. Almost everything is growing well. It seems that anything we started ourselves from seeds is doing fine, but a few of the items that we bought already growing have a fungus or something. It is a good thing that we grew 90% of the garden from our own seeds.

My husband and I have been reading about canning and jarring to help us try some new things this year with some of our produce. As it gets closer to the harvest season I'll share any tips or recipes that we find and enjoy!

Below are some pictures of the flowers that have started to appear on our plants. I love to watch them grow, but I am always so nervous that we won't get any food from them. These flowers help me chill out. I took them a few days ago and actually am already seeing baby cucumbers and little green beans on some of the plants.

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