Friday, July 30, 2010

Target Trip 7/30

My car is fixed!!!!!

So my first stop was to Target to try and find a new pool. My car, the pool, our roof, the broken things just pile up around here. My husband says we have such bad luck with things because it everything else in our life is so wonderful. He tells me it is the the Ying and the Yang. I am trying to believe him...

Anyways, here is my trip:

Pampers $8.99
used $2 coupon from P&G to make it $6.99
(I hate to pay that much but I was in a pinch and really needed them... now I'm on the hunt for some diaper deals)

2 Tide travel sized $0.97
used 2 - $1 off coupons from P&G to make free

Wonka candy bar $2.29
used $1 off target Q and $1 off printable to make it $0.29

Ritz Crakerfuls $2
used free coupon from Kraft First Taste

Miracle Whip $1.97
used $1 facebook coupon to make it $.97

4 Chef Boyardee $0.97 each $3.88
used 2 - $1 target coupons and $1.50/4 conagra coupon
made it $0.38 total or about 10 cents each

2 Bear Naked Granola $3.50 each
used BOGO coupon and 2 - $.50 off target coupons
$1.25 each

2 Juicy Juice 8pk $2.29 each
used 2 - $1 Target coupons and $1/2 from a calendar to make about 80 cents each

Kids Cuisine $1.75
used $1 target coupon made it $.75(I hate to give kids frozen foods like this, but told little love she could try it once... it made her sick today at lunch. Our tummies are just not made to each like that.)

2 Sobe Lifewaters $1 each
used BOGO and 2 $.50 target coupons to make it free

2 SOBE drinks $1.22 each
used bogo coupon to make them $0.61 each

2 Purell $1.37 each
used 2 $1 off coupons from sunday insert to make it $0.37 each

5 Satin Care $0.97 each
used 5 $1 off from P&G to make them free

3 Olay Soap Bars $0.97 each
used 3 - $1 off from P&G to make them free

2 boxes of crayons for $0.25 each (one missing from picture)

Kashi Deal - I bought 6 items
2 frozen meals $2.85 each
1 cookie $2.85
2 carckers $2.85
1 cereal bar $2.50
used 2 buy 2 get 1 free target coupons
$1/2 frozen target coupons
$1/3 crackers, bars, cereal target coupon
3 -$1 off any kashi item coupons I got from writing to the company
makes these items $6.05 total or about $1 a piece

So my total was $25.29 for everything pictured and I saved $45.83, a 64% saving.

If I take out the diapers, my total is $16.80 with $43.83 savings, which is 72% savings.

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  1. wow again so envious!! Good job and happy your car is fixed!! We could not walk around here in southern MS for 4 hours without dying in this humid 95 degree weather!