Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wegmans Deals of the week

I am not sure how many of you are out there looking for Wegmans deals. Because their sales last soooooooo long, I usually update my list every two weeks. If this bothers anyone leave me a comment and I can update more regularly.

In addition, I use the actual store and the Wegmans site to make this list since the ads never post what's really on sale. The website has pages and pages that takes me quite a while to get through. So I will update as I continue to find more deals.

Here are some of the deals that caught my eye:

Wegmans Brand

Milk $1.98 (1 gallon)

8pk paper towels $4.99

Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwiches $1.99

Soda 12pk 5/$10 ($2 each)

64fl oz lemonade $0.99

Dressing $1.49

Slices America Cheese $1.99 (12oz??)

Yogurt fruit on the bottom 3/$.99

French Onion Dip $1.29

Other Deals

Nutrigrain Bars 2/$5
use 2 of the $1 off from insert to make them $1.50 each

Goldfish 2/$3
use $.50 printable *doubled* to make it $.50
there was a $.75 which would make it free, but I wasn't able to get this one at the time. I'm guessing that for most of these you would need to have already printed.
I also saw a $.35 printable that would make them $.80 each

Capri Sun $1.79

Doritos $1.99

Folgers 11.3oz coffee
use $1/2 to make them $1.49

Purex laundry detergent $1.99 50 fl oz

Heluva good bricks of cheese $2.49
use $2 off from Section A of Democrat and Chronicle to make it $0.49

Pepsi 2 liters $0.99

Hebrew National Beef hotdogs $2.99
use $1/2 to make the $2.49 a package

Eggo Waffles $1.99
use $1/2 from redplu to make these $1.49

Edy's Fruit Bars $2.99
use $.50 printable *doubled* to make it $1.99

Rinaldi pasta sauce $1.29

Suddenly Pasta Salad $1.99
use $1/2 to make it $1.49

Reach Crystal Clear Toothbrush $1.49
use $1 off coupon to make it $0.49

Townhouse Flatbread Crisps $1.99
I thought I saw $1/1 printable somewhere, but don't remember where to make it $0.99
There is also $1/2 from the inserts to make it $1.49 each

Healthy Choice Select Entrees $1.69

You can check out some of the previous Wegmans posts here for other deals that may be still going.

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