Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wegmans Deals

I haven't posted the items on sale at Wegmans in a while. This is partially because I am a crazy math teacher that hasn't had time to sit and look at the Wegmans site and also because Wegmans keeps the same things on sale for weeks and sometimes months at a time. You might notice that many of the items are still the same in the following list:

Produce Section
straberries 2lbs for $2.99

T Marzetti Veggie Dip $2.99
use $1 off coupon from smart source 5/23?? to make it $1.99

Health & Beauty
Topcare Hydrogen Peroxide orIsopropyl Alcohol 2/$1

Wegmans Cotton Balls 100ct $.99

Bandaids 2/$3
use either the $1 or $.50 *doubled* to make them $.50 each (redplum 5/16)

Degree 1.7 oz $1.29
use $1.00 off to get for $.29 - not free anymore but it is cheap if you need it
Or use $.75 printable from redplum *doubled* to get it free

For the BBQ
Lays Potato Chips $1.99

Wheat Thins, triscuits, Cheez-its $1.99
use $1 off Cheez-its from snackpicks website to make it $.99

Snyder pretzels 2/$5
use same ss insert from veggie dip to get $1/2 to make $2 each

Garden of Eatin chips 2/$4
use $1 coupons from website to make $1 each

Doritos $1.99

Heinz ketchup 40 oz $1.49
Weg 40 oz ketchup $.99

Weg mayo 30 fl oz $1.99

Weg marinades 2/$5

Weg dressings $1.49

Tribe Hummus $1.99
use printable from

A1 Steak Sauce 10oz $2.99
use $1 off from insert (again not sure which one and can't find it in system since our coupons seem to be just a little different than the ones the other blogs post. I think it was a redplum insert)

Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce $2.19 (regular price)
use $.55 coupon *doubled* to make it $1.09

French's Mustard $1.69 20 oz
use $.50 coupon *doubled* to make it $.69 - try

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $1.99 (regular price)
use $.75 coupon *doubled* to make it $.49 each

Simply Potatos $1.99 for 1.25lbs

Betty Crocker Suddenly Sala $1.49
use $1/2 from same ss insert from 5/23 to make it $.99 each

macaroni grill kit $3.99 (regular price)
use $.75 printable *doubled* to make it $2.49

Wegmans 12pk of soda 5/$10 (or $2 each)

Pepsi 4/$10 (this is 12 pk of cans and I think 6 pk of 20oz bottles too)

Turkey Hill Iced Tea $1.49
use $1/2 from April???
use $1/2 weg coupon from receipt to make it $.49 each

One that I am excited about this week!

Wegmans tortillas 20oz $1.49

Zweigles $2.49 for 16 oz

Ball Park Frank 2/$3
there are a bunch of different coupons roaming around for this one, but I believe that the sale doesn't include the angus

Keebler Cookies $1.99
use $1 off from to make $.99

This is the one I am most excited about this week... I know I'm silly. But I NEVER buy these and the kids would be so excited and it is too hot to bake!!

Cool whip $.99

Other Items:

Vintage Seltzer $.56

Polar Tonic Water 5/$4

Poptarts 3 $4.98
use $1 off ice cream shoppe - email exclusive
use $1 off two or $1/3 in redplum 3/28 - depending on location
printable on redplum $1/2 if still available or you printed already
or $1/2 from 6/12 rp

Eggos $1.99
use $1/2 from 6/20 redplum to amke them $1.49 each

Bagel Bites 9ct $2.19 (regular price
use $1 off from 6/12 ss and
use $1 off weg coupon from receipt to make it $.19

Weg dinner roll crescents $1.59

Weg pie crusts $1.99

Kellogs Cereals $1.99
use printables (some you can print from here) $1/2
use $1.50/3 from 5/23 redplum makes them $1.49 each

Pillsbury Brownies $.99

Purex 50 fl oz $1.99

Weg paper towels (8rolls?) $4.99 - I just love these

kleenex hand towels $2.99 (reg price)
use $1 off from 5/2 ss anduse $1 off from receipt to make it $.99

Egglands Best large eggs $2.99
use 50cent coupon from magazines (I saw in shape and better homes & gardens) *doubled* to make it $1.99

Dentyne ice $1.19
use $1 off to make it $.19

There are also a few other Wegmans brand items that mentioned before in an earlier post that are at a decent price.

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