Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wegmans and Revlon Deal

I mentioned earlier last week that Wegmans has many Revlon items at clearance prices because they are being discontinued. They are also offering a free tote bag if you buy two Revlon Color Items. When I looked at some $2 off coupons I had (with Jessica Alba in the adviretisement) it mentioned color items and had nail polish and lipsticks in the picture.

So I got 1 nail polish on sale $2.99 (used $2 coupon) $.99.
And I got one lipstick on sale $3.99 (used $2 coupon) $1.99.

So then I could get the tote bag free. It rang up as $12.99 originally. It is pretty cute and a nice big size.
I wasn't sure which item qualified, but this deal went through without a glich. I hardly ever have trouble with coupons at Wegmans. Oh, I do love Wegmans....

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