Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Stuff for Babies

A dear loved one is expecting a baby in the near future. So I compiled this list with her in my heart.

You have probably seen in the pictures that I have two loves at this time. When I had my daughter, I had not known about all the free items available. By the time I had my son, I was just getting started. I sure do wish I had know about these sooner. So here are some of the things that I did to get free stuff for my babes:

While pregnant:
****First I signed up with different well known companies like

Enfamil (I breastfed, but still added my name for freebies just in case. We ended up giving the freebies to other families in need)
Gerber Start Healthy Stay Healthy
Beech Nut
American Baby
Baby Talk

*****I kept my eyes out for freebies at the OBGYN office. I received tons of samples, diaper bags, magazines, a journal. Usually things are left out with a sign that says you are free to take them. The diaper bags were given to me when I had about a month left to go.

****Plus I would start looking at the Drug Store Ads. I use Rite Aid because it is so close to my house. You can start scanning each week to see if it looks like a good deal and stock up now. Those babes use at least ten diapers a day in the beginning. You'll need a ton and probably won't want to leave the house too much in the beginning. Plus I often find deals on Johnson & Johnson bath time products at the drugstores as well. If you get really good at the drugstore game you could get free stuff even when it isn't priced that cheap. I'll be sure to mention when this happens in the scenarios I post.

I usually get Pampers because my children's bums just seem to leak less and get irritated less. If you can find diapers cheaper than this then buy and stock up:

Swaddlers and Cruisers
Price per diaper
New born: 22 cents
Size 1 20 cents
Size 2 22 cents
Size 3 25 cents
Size 4 29 cents
Size 5 34 cents
Size 6 40 cents

Go here for Penny Pinching Parents' list of all brands and sizes.

****When you choose a store to register with, you may want to look at what goodies they are offering. It might be worth your time to register with stores you don't usually shop if they are willing to hand you a tote full of freebies, coupons, or even a gift card (seen this recently in Target ads to name one company.)

While in the Hospital:

****When I was leaving the hospital with my second child one of the nurses came in and told me to take everything. Now she didn't quite mean everything, but she did mean that I could take the maxi pads, diapers, wipes, spray can of pain reliever for your bottom, little disposable underwear for the moms, etc. I wish I had known this with my first. I had just asked for more diapers and wipes right before we left. So we ended up with almost a whole package for free. It seems silly, but it all adds up.

When I got home:

****Any time we went to the pediatrician I would ask about samples. I was given butt paste, soap, and even infant medicine. The first visit came with a nice tote bag with goodies inside. Don't be shy, companies give this stuff to the doctors because they want it given out.

****While taking care of my new babes I began calling companies to ask for coupons and samples. You may want to do this while you are still pregnant. I just never got around to it until after.

Johnson & Johnson New Parent Pack 1 800 526 3967 or check out their website
Lansinoh (breast care)- they sent me a whole sample pack of nice items 1-800-292-4794
Balmex - I received coupons from them
Nature's Goodness - they sent coupons for free baby food (I prefer to make my own... which could be a whole other post, but it is nice to have some on hand when traveling or going somewhere different)1-800-usa-baby

Juicy Juice
- I was sent a water bottle and sippy cup. These were both very nice

I would also keep tabs on freebie sites like Chris has a baby section here that you can check out or just monitor the freebies that are posted each day. I would also join Vocal Point and other companies that have have baby products and are known for the great samples they provide.

Some of these companies, like Beech Nut, told me to call again in a couple months to get anotherset of coupons or samples for older babies.

****Last but not least, I think the best way to get freebies for your children is to trade items or just accept items from friends and family that some may call hand-me downs. If you don't have friends or family to borrow from there are some great communities online that give away things they are no longer using.

I personally use which is a yahoo group for trading anything you don't need or want anymore or there is also which is a site that you can join that has everything from maternity clothes to diapers. Most items have been gently used and parents are looking to pass it on to the next family.

This list is just some of the many possible freebies for babies out there. I am sure that you will be able to find good deals on the items you need for your little one.


  1. Thanks deal-licious debby! Great advice from a very knowledgeable source! I look forward to benefiting from more of your wisdom in the near future!

  2. Thank you for the kind comments. I'd like to think that this blog can help others out there too.