Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Garden - Lettuce & Spinach

I just love that our garden is already producing food that we can pick and eat. I am not sure if any of you have eaten fresh spinach or lettuce, but it has flavors that you would never know existed if you only ate the kind you can buy at a store.

Last night we had chicken kabobs, salt potatoes, and fresh salad.

Side note: I think kabobs are a great way to stretch meat. It can turn just a couple pieces of chicken into a meal for an entire family. Just load up with veggies and pick a good marinade!

Here are some tips to help get your leafy greens looking just as good if not better than mine:

* Lettuce should be started in the early spring. It is a cool weather veggie.

* When picking a spot, keep in mind that lettuce does well in partial shade. You can plant in a regular garden or use some sort of container or pot. Lettuce really does well in either.

* Water lettuce lightly throughout the day every few hours to help keep it fresh and keep the tips from burning.

Now when it comes time to pick remember:

- It is always best to pick when it is cooler out - cloudy days, early morning, or maybe the evening (We are usually eveing pickers and morning weeders...)

- For lettuce and spinach you'll want to pick while the leaves are still tender.

- I usually pick as soon as it looks big enough to eat. The plants respond well and make more right away. We always have lettuce to eat.

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