Monday, June 21, 2010

Wegmans Brand Items

I know that couponing can seem a little overwhelming when you start talking about stock piling and using more than one set of inserts each week. So for those of you with a Wegmans near by, there is a simple way to save and all you need is a shoppers club card. Wegmans has their own brand which I happen to love and purchase quite frequently for items that I either don't have a coupon for or items that are still more expensive with a coupon. They are of high quality and most are better than some of the name brands.... I'm thinking right now of their paper towels, ice cream, soups, etc.

Here is a list of current Wegmans brand items on sale:

Weg canned veggies $0.39 (corn, green beans, etc.)
Wegmans O's (like oreos) 2/$3
Weg Pepper jack cheese (and other flavors) 8oz $1.99
Weg French Onion Dip $1.29
Weg Juice 64 fl. oz $1.99
Weg Dressing $1.49
Weg marinade 2/$5
Weg Mayo 30 fl oz $1.99
Weg 12 packs of soda 5/$10 (yes $2 per 12 pack and it is good too!!!)
Weg tomato ketchup 40oz $.99
Weg lemonade $.99
Weg Antiseptic Oral Rinse 2/$3
Weg ice cream $1.99 (1.5qt)
Weg ice cream sandwiches $1.99
Weg Dinner roll crescents $1.59
Weg tortillas 20 oz $1.49
Weg apple sauce 6pk $1.19
Weg Cotton Balls 100ct $0.99
Weg fruit in cups (madarin oranges, pineapples, pears, etc) 2/$3
Weg Pie Crusts $1.99

There is no clipping required for these deals!!!! This is a great place to start saving money without a whole lot of work.

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