Monday, June 21, 2010

Rite Aid Scenario

Well, there are a couple of good deals to be had at Rite Aid.

I think that the +Up rewards on Colgate toothpaste and Motrin PM are really the big ones. But, I have to tell you, that I haven't seen much else that is blowing my skirt up this week.

Here is my plan:

Buy as many Motrin PMs as I have $3 off coupons for first.

Then use the $3+up reward to pay for a $20 box of Pampers.
So far I have only found 1 coupon. So my deal would be this:

1 box of pampers diapers
2 butterfinger candy bars(B1G1 free)

I would use:

$5 off $20
free butterfinger coupon from mail (yes that means two for free... I think it was a facebook freebie)
$2 off Pampers coupon from this week's sunday paper
$3 off pampers rite aid coupon from coupon booklet
$3 off +up reward
$1 off +up reward I haven't used yet.

Should be $6 plus tax.

I hope that I can find more coupons to make it even cheaper. And if I am really lucky and can find more of the coupons I will use towards skincare SCR I mentioned in a past post.

****This is a great week to use the +Up rewards on anything your family may need or want. I need diapers, but maybe your family needs something else.****

Please note: Some places are reporting chex mix at $1.29 a bag. My Rite Aid never has these little ones. But after 2 $.50 off coupons and the B1G1 these would be $.15.
And there are candy bar Video Value coupons for Mounds and Almond Joy to help with that B1G1 deal. I just don't happen to eat these, so don't plan to purchase. They could make a great filler if you need it.

To see all the great deals you can go here.

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