Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

This looks to be a fun week at Rite Aid. Although, I have to say that I am sad that my area did not get the M&M coupon. I had it in my scenarios too......

Plus, you should be aware that if you were printing more than one copy of the Video Values coupons that they are now programmed to beep if you try to use them more than once. I didn't even know you could do this before, so this doesn't change how I usually run things.

Transaction #1

Buy 4 john freida root awakening $20
use $5 off $20
use 4- $3 off john f
use $1 off $10 rite aid coupon

pay $2 plus tax
get $10 +up

Transaction #2

Buy as close to $20 of duracell batteries (some are $4.99 this week)
2- stayfree pads b1g1 free
use $5 off $25
use 4- $1 off duracell
use b1g1 free coupon for stayfree from today's paper
use $10 +up reward

pay a little over a dollar plus tax
submit for $10 rebate

Now, if I can come up with enough $5 off coupons I would do a third transaction just like the first. Then I'd do a fourth using the $10 +up reward to do the following:

Transaction #4

coppertone $8.99
got2b lotion $6.49
6 stayfree pads b1g1 free
use $5 off $25
$2 in ad coppertone
$1 printable coppertone
$2.50 bzzzagent coupon
$3 got2b video values
3 b1g1 stayfree coupon
$10 +up rewards

pay $.49 plus tax and submit for skin rebate to get $10 back

If I can pull it all off I'll make over $15!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to see some of the other great deals this week???? You can go here.

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