Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dumpster Diving

Well, I haven't gone in a few days and wonder if the bins have been emptied. They were just getting full enough for me to reach easily. I found a picture of the "dumpster" that I am willing to sift through. Again, it is not filled with disgusting, rotting, filth. It is just a paper dumpster used as a fund raiser. Since I started visiting this dumpster I have increased the number of coupons I have by about 300%. It is exciting because I find older inserts that have coupons that make items free that I was totally out of and had forgotten about. And who doesn't love a free box of pasta or package of pampers wipes????

I was hoping to find some Coke rewards points, but haven't been lucky. However, I did find these little workbooks for my daughter. The pages have not been written on, which makes it even better!!!!

If you are interested to see if there is a Paper retriever in your area check it out here.

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