Thursday, September 2, 2010

American Consumer Opinion Panel

To make a little extra money I like to take surveys. I can do it whenever I want... mostly the middle of the night or on lunch. I save the money up until summer when I don't get paid and Christmas time when we need help with presents. I wanted to share with you another company that I take surveys for today. My favorite company is American Consumer Opinion Panel (acop). I love them because they make it worth your time. I just finished a survey that took 15 minutes and got paid $6. Although I love Ipsos and Synovate, the time I put in never returns that much. Acop will not send as many surveys, but you'll make more and get interesting product test as well. Plus they send surveys that they are almost 100% sure that you will qualify for. So you don't have to waste your time with screener questions to find out you don't qualify. The best part is that when you request your money they send it right away. Other companies can take months to send you the check, where ACOP took less than 5 days to get my check to me. You won't get rich, but maybe you'll be able to make things a little nicer at birthdays, Christmas, or maybe a date night. I feel that every little bit helps!!

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