Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wegmans Shopping

I apologize for not posting the Wegmans deals yet. This is the first week back to school here. My love is going to Kindergarten and I have had to stop pretending to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) and return to a WSAHM (add a wannabe to the front). Yes, it is back to teaching math! SO after finally finishing up with all of the roof craziness I have entered a new stage of craziness. Until I have found a way to balance out my time again, posts will be most likely appearing late at night when I finally get a few minutes. Sorry to all.

Now back to the shopping.

I spent around $63.00 at Wegmans this week and was able to stock up on a few things that we were running low on.

One of the items that I actually bought 4 (2 in picture) was the peanut butter. My hubby will only eat creamy Peter Pan... So I wanted to use the coupons before they expired. I don't see these coupons often.

$1.89 each and I used $1/2 to make each one $1.39
(some areas got $0.60 off one which would have doubled to be a sweet deal.)

I got 2 Shout wipes $1.19 each and used $2/2 to make them $.19 each.

Macaroni Grill Kit $3.49 on sale
I used $0.75 printable *doubled* to make it $1.99

I grabbed another 3 boxes of bandaids for $0.99 each
I used $3/3 to make all 3 free

And I had gotten a coupon to try the new Kraft Explosion Mac and Cheese for free. I kept waiting for a BOGO deal somewhere, but wasn't finding any. So I grabbed my free box before the coupon expired.

4 jars of Prego $1.98 each
used $1/2 from Campbell's website to make them $1.48 each. Prego coupons also do not show up often and I never find this on sale. So until I figure out how to make a good sauce, I grab these when I can.

It wasn't my best trip but there were some good prices to be had!


  1. Great Blog .... visiting you from Wednesday Frog Hop and are following you now via GFC ... would love if you can visit me over at
    Happy wednesday

  2. Found you from Welcome Wednesday. Now following you! Great blog! And OMG I MISS WEGMANS! I used to live outside of Buffalo and loved my wegmans! Now i live in Charlotte NC and am stuck with freaking Walmart and Harris Teeter!