Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mix Pups

I was hinting to the fact that a week or two ago had been very exciting in the mail department, mostly for my daughter. One box we found on the porch had tons of Mix Pups. We were sent 10 2 -packs to share with friends at a party, 3 singles, 3 packs of accessories, and 1 little puppy salon. The puppies are quite cute.

So we excitedly invited a bunch of little friends to join us. I loved it because we invited them with no strings attached. They didn't have to bring anything or purchase anything. The girls got to come over and have fun, plus leave with a free toy!!! Everyone loved it.

I took a couple pictures but will not be including faces or names of those that are not my children. We were given this opportunity through MomSelect. And we are very thankful. It was my first "Mommy Party". I had been nervoud to sign up for something like this, but all went well!!!

So as for the MixPups... They are made or produced by a company called Jazware. The main idea is that the Pups can mix and match the accesories to be sporty, girly, out to the beach, etc. The girls loved the idea of changing the outfits, collars, and other pieces. My daughter has been carrying her pups around and playing whenever she gets the chance. There are tons of different characters and they even come with their own little puupy bed.

Some of the things I noticed:

To change the skirts you have to pop the leg off. Then the leg never seems to stay on. Plus the mommies had to change the clothes on the pups which was frustrating from both sides. I have found several legs around the house. Some of the sunglasses won't stay on even after tucking them under the "hair" which frustrated the girls. Plus there are lots of little pieces that can easily get lost. My daughter did not like the actual Salon that was sent because it was so tiny. She wanted to fit all the pups and the furniture inside and it just didn't work.

Over all I thought the toy had great potential and the girls really liked them!! My little love had the pups interact with each other but has lost interest in trying to change some of the more difficult pieces. We keep all of the small pieces in an empty diaper wipe container so that she can carry all the bits to where ever she wants to start playing.

I believe that they sell the Pups at Walmart for about $5.99 each.

I want to say thank you again to MomSelect for letting me host the party. It was soooooo much fun!

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