Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rite Aid Deals of the Week

I cannot believe how great the deals have been at Rite Aid.

Just to note a few:

Free combos Buy 2/$1 use $1/2 from last Sunday

Free Oreos Buy 2/$1 use $1/2 from video values

Free maybelline mascara $5.19 on sale 40% off. use $2 video values and $1 coupon from last sunday's paper. Then get $1 +up

Cheap maybelline lipgloss. depends on type you get. 40% off, $2 from Sun paper, and $2 from video values

pampers $19.99 get $5+up and use $1 off coupon from P&G

Some stores now have cleaning supplies marked down to 75%. Mine still said 50%, but I've heard that although the signs haven't changed it might ring up at 75% off. Yippee.

Free Nivea Hand Lotion Buy two for $1.48 and then get $2+up (these are little!!!)

Shout Spray $2.50 each, use $2/2 and get $1+up to make it $0.50 each after Q and +up if it prints 2 +ups.... not sure on this one.

Free Noxzema Razors $1.99 use $2 off coupon from a long time ago that expires 9/30

I will post picture soon of my following deal that I did on Monday:


Pampers $19.99

Maybelline Mascara $4.73 (I grabbed the wrong one... well it was marked with wrong price.. said $5.19 org so it would have been $3.11 oh well)

Maybelline Lipgloss $3.41

Noxzema Razors $1.99

Oreos and Nutter Butters $1 (2/$1 deal)

Total $31.12 plus tax

I used:

$5 off $25
$1 off pampers
$2 vv for maybelline
$1 off maybelline mascara
$2 vv for maybelline (showed up two months in a row :)
$2 off maybelline lipgloss
$2 off noxzema razors
$1/2 nabisco single serve vv
$5 +up from arm & hammer deal last week

That is $21 in coupons making my total $10.12 plus tax. I paid with a giftcard so no money out of pocket for me and got back $5 +up for pampers and $1 +up for mascara.

So total cost would be $4.12 plus tax. Just for the diapers alone I think this was great. And if I had grabbed the right mascara it would have been even better!!!

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