Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

This was one of those surprising weeks where I got my ad, poured through each item picturing the coupons I had, and becoming discouraged. I was thinking about just grabbing Dawn Dish Soup and being done with it. And then I started noticing all the great deals that were hiding away. I am hoping it isn't too late when I stop there tomorrow.

I actually went to Rite Aid twice this week already. On Sunday I got the 3 Dawns, then on Tuesday I had to get diapers. Pampers Cruisers were on sale and I had over $30 in +ups and SCR. So I bought 3 packages. I paid $9.99 each or $29.97. Then I used $5 off $25 and 3-$1 off coupons to bring my total to $21.97 plus tax. I handed over $20 in SCR and some +ups to cover it all and got back $6 in +ups. So I still have $14 in +ups and money on the gift card.

I was going to go back for the following deal, but my love lost her tooth today and that was quite a big deal for her. Suddenly it was bed time. I guess that is the joy of working full time. The nights go way too fast.

Anyways, here is my plan:

2 Nexxus shampoo & conditioners BOGO 50% off ($5.99 and $2.99)
Aveeno shampoo $5.99
2 Hershey Bliss Chocolates 2/$6
EOS lipgloss $2.99
Small filler: maybe clearance binder or toothbrush or a pack of gum????

Total around $25

I will use $5 off $25
$6/2 Nexxus VV coupon
$3 off Nexxus from a sample i got in the mail
$4 off Aveeno VV
$1 printable off any Aveeno
2 -$1 Hershey Bliss VV (one from Sept and another from Oct)
$1/2 Hershey Bliss from last sunday's insert

$22 in coupons (depending on what I find for a filler)
That leaves 3 plus tax to pay for with +ups and gift cards.

Then I will get $1 +up for Nexxus, $2 SCR for EOS....

So I just pay tax in the end!!!! And this it totally worth it to me because I love Nexxus shampoo.

There is a great deal on P&G products this week as well. You can buy $30 and get $10 +up back. The applicable products were kind of limited so I don't plan to do this deal at the time. It would take too much money out of pocket and we just don't have it at this time.

I think it is also a great week to start loading up on candy.
You can get 3 bags for $7.50 of the good stuff (snickers, milky way, etc.) Here was my idea:

Buy 9 bags of "the good stuff" (my name for it)$22.50

use $4 off $20 from Video Values
use 3-$1 off 3 coupons from last Sunday's inserts

Total $15.50 plus tax

You'll get back $1.50 +up for every 3 bags. So if it prints 3 times you'll get $4.50 back, making the total $11 for 9 bags of candy or about $1.22 per bag.

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  1. I missed out on so many awesome deals this week because I just dont have the time! Its homecoming week and I have been running around helping my daughter get things done, cleaning houses and life. So Yesterday I had so many coupons expire that I forgot to use and I couldnt be more depressed. I had a whole scenario planned out, coupons ready and all I needed was like $0.90 + tax. I forgot to go!!! Now my 6 Secret Expressions deodorants, 2 Olay face washes, 2 Olay toners and a couple other things are lost. I could not be more depressed about it either!! WHY oh WHY did I not stop at Rite Aid yesterday??? I really needed the deodorant too. I think we are down to our last 3 right now (all being used and probably less than 1/2 left in each!!!) All I have in my stash are MENS deodorant because those are always on special! Seriously I am so upset. It would have been like a $9 money maker. :(