Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quality over Quantity

My hubby is a hard working mason. He gets his butt kicked at work just about everyday. And his boots don't last long. At first, we bought the cheap $50 work boots thinking that we would make them work for as long as possible. Well, as long as possible turned into only a couple weeks. Then he had holes and leaks. That just isn't safe in his line of work. So we had to come up with another $50 for more boots. Well, this just wouldn't do. We couldn't afford $50 every month or so - or $600 a year on boots. So we talked to other co-workers and friends to find out where they got their boots. That is when we found this great deal. We bought the boots pictured for $170. Ouch at the time... and we also bought a $15 certificate that said that my hubby could get a new pair of boots if these boot ever fell apart within the first year. With the certificate my hubby was guaranteed a new pair of boots no questions asked. So here is a case where we spent almost 4 times as much for the quality boots. But 4 pairs of boots would have only lasted maybe 4 months. We bit the bullet, and spent the big bucks up front. He bought those new boots a year ago. Just yesterday he redeemed his certificate for his new pair. So now on to a second year of great boots. Yes - we saved over one thousand dollars. For two years of the cheap boots it would have been about $1200. And we paid $185. This is a great example of how buying quality is better than quantity and will really save you in the long run.

Pictured is my littlest love trying them on and terrorizing my house with his tornado like behaviors. You gotta love it!

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  1. My hubby wears steel toe work boots too! His employer gives them 2 $150 vouchers towards workboots every year - THANK GOD!! then they have a distributer come out and sell at the plant. They last all year, but we cant pass up the almost free boots so we have a couple extra pairs in the closet! its true what they say most of the time though ... you get what you pay for.