Friday, September 24, 2010

Rite Aid Trip

Well, after three trips to Rite Aid, I finally made a transaction. The first trip was cut short by a crazy four year old that couldn't handle herself and we had to walk out. Then I couldn't find Listerine Zero anywhere! The manager is so wonderful at the Rite Aid I always try first. And he let me replace the mouthwash with another, but rang it up as the Listerine Zero so that I could get the +ups and use my coupons.

After the first transaction, I tried to do the Huggies deal, but they literally didn't carry my son's size in the store. I am not even sure if they make Pure and Natural in his size....

So I brought home:

2 John Frieda Shampoos $10

2 Orville Red. popcorn $1.99 each ($3.98)

2 Crest Toothpastes $2.99 ($5.98)

2 Listerine Mouthwashes $2.99 each ($5.98)

2 NYC eye shadows $4.99 BOGO

I used:

$5 off $25
$2 off JOhn F
$3 off John F
$1 off $10 Hair Rite Aid email coupon
$1/2 popcorn
2 $1 off Crest
2 - $2 off Listerine zero
$1 listerine VV
BOGO NYC coupon

That's $23.49 in coupons
I paid the rest with $7 in +ups and the tax was put on a giftcard.

I got back $11 in +ups!!!!! Each time I bought 2 - I got 2 +ups!!

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