Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Rite Aid Trip

Yes, I made another trip to Rite Aid. My son had destroyed his toothbrush and his sisters. So I was glad to make my trip pretty sweet thanks to a post from a great blogger at A Vacation Generator. So here is what I got:

2 Schick Razors $5.99 each ($11.98 total) - Yes they had them in stock.... finally

2 Kids Spinbrushes $7.99 (Arm and Hammer) BOGO Free

2 Rechargeable Spinbrushes $14.99 BOGO Free

Total $34.96

I used the following:

$5 off $25
2 - $5 off Schick Razors
2 - $2 off Spinbrush from 8/22 smartsource
2 - $4 off Sonic Rechargeable spinbrush printed from website (arm and hammer)
1 - $3 Video Values off Sonic Rechargeable
1 - $2 +up from last visit

That is $32 in coupons.

So my total was $2.96 plus tax. I paid with a gift card and then got a $5 +up for buying $20 worth of Arm & Hammer products.

This was a $2.04 money maker!!!! Plus I got things that we really needed. My hubby was a little mad that they only had girly kid toothbrushes. I don't think my 1 1/2 year old will notice. And I'm sure I'll find a new free one before he gets too big!!!!

How did you do this week at Rite Aid?


  1. Awesome trip, I wish we had a Rid Aid....

  2. Hello! Following you from Saturday Stalk for Savings!!!

  3. awe thank you, you are so sweet! :) I made another amazing trip this morning!!! Saved over $95!! it was $0.78 before tax, $4.30 OOP after tax! take a look! :) Happy I played a little part in your savings last week since your blog TAUGHT me how to use coupons!! If it werent for you and a couple other blogs out there I would never have saved ofver $800 since July 30th!! I owe a huge thanks to you!

  4. oops *over typing faster than I should have. :) have a wonderful Sunday.