Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

So far here is what I've come up with:

2 John Freida Root Awakening ($5 each) $10

2 Orville Fed. Popcorn ($1.99 each) $3.98

3 Quaker Oats (1.99 each) $5.97

1 Listerine Zero Mouthwash $2.99

1 Crest Toothpaste $2.99

Total: $25.93

I will use:

$5 off $25
2 $3 off John Frieda from 8/22 SS
2 - $1 off popcorn from Aug All You
3 - $1 off Quaker from 9/12 RP
$2 off listerine from 9/19 RP
$1 off listerine zero VV
$1 off Crest from 8/29 P&G

That brings my total to $5.93 plus tax which I'll pay with $5 plus up from last week's diapers and my gift card.

Then I will get back $3 for John Frieda, $2 for Popcorn, $3 for Quaker Oats, $2 for Crest, and $1 for Listerine. That is $11 in +ups making this a great money maker!!!!!

***Update*** I did not get the Quaker coupons in my insert :(. I made this scenario before I looked. My region never gets the good ones....

So I am going to try buying 2 listerines and 2 crests instead. Should be about the same in price and the same +ups. I have heard that some places are printing multiple +ups but I will let you know after I try.

And do remember that there are lots of ways to get free diapers this week. My kids get bad rashes unless I use Pampers, but have been able to get away with the Huggies Pure and Naturals if I sneak them in between the Pampers. I think these could also make great baby shower gifts as well!!!

I might buy 3 Pure and Naturals at $8.99 each

I'll use:

$5 off $25
3 - $3 off
1 - $1 off Huggies from VV

I'll pay $11.97 which I'll use my first transaction's +ups to help with. Then I will get $10 in SCR for buying at least $25 worth of Kimberly Clark products. And I should get some +ups. We'll have to see how many I get!!! With the chubby love in a size 6 I could sure use some free diapers. Let's just hope his bum doesn't turn red!!!


  1. I missed the Quaker Oats... maybe I will go pick those up this week if the coupons are in my ads this week. Were you able to do all this in one transaction and get the 3 +ups? Here is my sort of uneventful Rite Aid deal this morning.

  2. ohhh I just realized you didnt do the big diaper deal this week! Free diapers!!