Thursday, September 30, 2010

I WON!!!!!!!!

I have been posting the names of the winners to some of the giveaways I have had the chance to host. Now I want to share with you a win that I was lucky enough to score.

WARNING: This will prove the level of dork that I have achieved. Remember I am a math teacher... that already gives me a dork value.

Anyways, I have been wanting the new TI-Nspire (it is a graphing calculator but not just any graphing calculator... the sweetest one). I told my husband about it and I just kept on dreaming about a chance to get this calculator. But it is expensive...we are talking $185. He said that maybe we could get it for Christmas. I told him it was way too much money and there was no way we could swing it.

So I found a bunch of great bloggers that were doing a back to school bash in August. They were giving away the TI-Nspire (thanks to Texas Instruments). I, of course, entered them as I began to pray that I might win. A couple weeks later I got an email that I won. It finally came the same week we got the MixPups, adding to the incredible week of mail we received.

So the main point is, if you see a giveaway that you want or are interested in, be sure to enter. You never know!!!

I won this on Mommin' It Up. Moms Need to Know was another host to the Back to School Bash.

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