Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes, I went to Walmart

To simplify my life, I mentioned I wasn't going to Walmart each week. The penny here and there just didn't seem worth the hour that I usually ended up spending there each week while shopping with 2 kids.

Well, my hubby needed ear plugs for work and I decided to grab a couple other things:

4 Athenos Greek Yogurts $1 each

used 2 - $2/2 printable coupons

all free

2 Hershey's Choc Syrup $1.98 each

used $1/2 Facebook coupon to make $1.48 each

1 Good Earth Kit $3.74

used $1/1 peelie to make $2.74

Glad Flex Force Trash Bags $6.74

use $2 printbale to make $4.74

1 comment:

  1. Do you have another of the Hersheys coupon? At Rite Aid the $1 food +Up is printing for the Hersheys syrup (the month long reward for certain food items through 1-22-11). The syrups are $2.49. If you have the 10% or 20% discount, it's cheaper. I bought 2 last week (paid $1.99 w/ 20% discount each) and used $1/2 coupon and got two $1 +Ups back. So $.49 each. Even without the coupon, after +Ups, it's only $.99 each. Not bad!

    Just a tip to stock up more on Hersheys syrup. Love your blog. =)