Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review: Under the Overpass

I recently was sent Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski through Blogging for Books. This is a story of a upper-middle class young guy who decided to live as a homeless person for over 5 months. He brought very little supplies and money on his planned journey with traveling companion Sam. They then lived as homeless people in 6 different cities, panhandling for money, eating out of dumpsters, and sleeping where ever they could find a safe place.

I absolutely loved this book and felt like I was meant to read it at this time in my life. Throughout Mike's journey he turns to different passages in the Bible that helped him get through different difficulties that arose. There was a certain part of the book where he mentions an argument that he and Sam were having during the trip duscussing whether or not good deeds/actions had any merit in your arriving in heaven or if it was just purely based on faith. I was amazed by his honesty in sharing how the argument changed from disagreement to not even wanting to be on the trip together. I won't tell you how the argument ends, but I will say it felt very human in the way he wrote it.

Mike and Sam set out to put their faith to the test. They wanted to see if they could trust that God would provide. And for my family working through our frugal adventures, trying to get back on God's path, it seemed like some of the struggles of being homeless and the struggles of living frugally were very similar. So much of what Mike wrote and the passages of the Bible he tied his stories to were uplifting and fitting to anyone struggling with life right now. It also opened my eyes to how I as a Christian interact with others and the judgements that I may wrongfully pass on to new people I meet. In the end, it has made me want to be better. It has reminded me of the many things God has told us about how we should treat and take care of each other.

Yankoski's way of writing is easy to read and very craftfully put together. Teenagers and up would be able to find interest in this book. And the book is also so moitvational and inspirational, I would recommend it to anyone struggling with different aspects of life or struggling with their faith or just wanting a great book to read.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

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